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Seeking Verification About

The Tommy Shelton Child Molestation Allegations

As Requested by Dr. Walt Thompson

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On November 27, 2006, Dr. Walt Thompson cited Danny Shelton as the only named source for certain erroneous information about the Tommy Shelton child molestation allegations. Walt closed his email with a request to Bob to verify that information, a request that came after Walt's being put on notice that these communications would not be kept confidential.

This is Danny's defiant reply to the appeal he had just received, a reply that it appears someone else may have written.

One of the most concerning parts of this reply from Danny or his penman is his apparent accusation that Dr. Walt Thompson, his ardent defender and staunch supporter, is lying. When Danny calls all allegations lies, including the allegations that are based on Dr. Thompson's testimony, then he in essence is calling Dr. Thompson a liar.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Bob
CC:  Walt Thompson
Subject:  RE: Truce?
Date:  Wed, 6 Dec 2006 23:18:59 -0600


If you really are a pastor I feel sorry for you. You should know better than to listen to rumors and false accusations and judge those are doing the work of God. It seems your time would be better spent winning souls than trying to destroy people.

Please don't feel sorry for me. I am very happy. I have spent the last 22 years of my life doing what God has called me to do.

God's word does not tell us that serving Jesus will be easy. Look what happened to the Son of God when he walked among people. They wrongly judged Jesus just as you and Gailon and others are doing with me and the 3ABN board and others as you see fit. You are a pawn in Linda's hand and you apparently don't even know it or maybe it's just that you don't care. I don't know.

You might want to ask yourself how you would have stood had you lived on earth when Jesus was here. Would you have judged Him also and found Him wanting?

I feel sorry for you and Gailon and others who have fallen for lies. I am very confident that an unbiased ASI group will see truth when it is presented to them.

You and Gailon have judged me based on rumors and lies. The ASI group will judge me and Linda based on evidence. I have told you all along that I have evidence that I have not presented to you because I didn't need to. I was saving it for the right time if necessary. I believe that now is the time to present eye witnesses and evidence at the ASI hearing.

3ABN has always had check and balances. Our financial records are in perfect order. We have nothing to hide. It's just that we don't have to show every one who comes along all our records just because he thinks he is a Sherlock Holmes as you and Gailon seem to think you are.

You have bought Linda's lie hook line and sinker because you have believed a few people who claim to "know" certain things.

You will ultimately find you are wrong even tho you may never admit it. Linda knows all the bad seeds she has planted about the management of 3ABN is not true. It is all a smoke screen. If all this wrong doing had been going on all these years then she would also be accountable as she was the VP of 3ABN. Yes, she was privy to all facets of this ministry. No secrets were kept from her.

Why is she now "spilling the beans". If she honestly saw such terrible mis management why didn't she do the right thing and bring glory to God by giving everyone a chance to correct wrong doing or as a last resort "spill the beans" to the right authorities. We are supposed to love God more than father mother sister or brother. I realize all this is going over your head, but for some reason I'm writing it anyway.

3ABN is God's ministry. He will take care of us as He has for the last 22 years.

I'm amazed that if those of us in leadership are so crooked and such awful liars as you and your group seem to think, that God would continue to bless us in every way.

This has been our best year ever financially. Our wills and trust department has brought in more money this year than ever before also. Virtually every day I hear from or about people around the whole world who have given their life to Jesus by watching 3ABN and others who have already joined the SDA church because of the ministry of 3ABN.

The bible says we will know people by their fruits. The fruit of 3ABN's labor under the direction of our 3ABN board, with God's added blessings, has been wonderfully successful in the last 22 years. But the truth is we have never grown so fast as we have the last 2 1/2 years.

Bob, you are trying to look at the physical side of the controversy between good and evil. Satan is the prince of the flesh. Those who follow after flesh will/have been deceived. You will only make it through to the kingdom of God when you begin to live in the spiritual world

If I lived in the physical realm I might be troubled and discouraged and might even want to quit. But because the picture that God shows all of us when we look at the spiritual realm is,,, that God has us in the palm of His hand! He will never leave us or forsake us. In the spiritual realm one praises God for trials and tribulation thrown at him. This is the Jesus treatment. We all deserve this kind of treatment. It purifies us as gold in the fire.

No Bob, the last thing on my mind right now is resigning from 3ABN. I will resign when the Lord is ready for it.

Most of the complainers are not the prayer warriors and financial contributors to 3ABN. You have a few people following the deception road you are traveling, but for the most part, people support those who are giving them spiritual food.

You can believe Gailon and Linda if you choose. But I know first hand about their lies they have told. Barb Kerr just wrote me and told me that Gailon is voicing that he has uncovered at least 8-10 affairs that I have had since I married Linda. God knows and I know that is lie. There has never been one!

I have talked to church leaders who tell me that Gailon Joy could not be Christian. They judge him by his fruits, his emails he sends them. He is not making an impact on responsible SDA's for the good. Quite the contrary. To the spiritually discerning Christian, it is easy to read Gailon's arrogance, his pride, his hatred towards me and any who oppose his views. In the long run, I'm predicting that he will be no help to Linda's cause. I shocked that you as a pastor, if you are one, would rally behind someone with so un Christian of a spirit. It seems it would be easy for you to see. Most people I have talked to that he has sent emails to them, say things like "This guy is a nut". Some have said he is obviously led by the Devil, ect, ect. When you wake up outside your little chatroom world you will find he has no credibility. People finding out that he is a convicted embezzler has helped your little group also.

You don't need to answer this email to you.

Ps. I didn't read the last two emails from you. I just deleted them so I don't know what story you are talking about, but you don't need to bother to re send it.


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