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2011 Form 990

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3ABN sued
over Tommy!

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Can 3ABN Survive?

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Judge Rejects
Plea Deal

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Tommy Shelton

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The Actual Lawsuit
IRS Criminal Investigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven't the Save 3ABN websites been updated?

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Our last update on the Save 3ABN websites was May 23, 2008. It is now August 18, 2009. Why has it taken so long to post any updates? Simply put, the litigation has lasted much longer than it should have, and has required much more effort and time than it should have.

All court papers filed thus far, except for items filed under seal, are available at

When Danny Shelton's cover up of the child molestation allegations against Tommy Shelton was reported on in December 2007, Danny started threatening suit. (CCoG Board of Trustees Meeting minutes of December 14, 2006, p. 2, and minutes of December 31, 2006, p. 1). Rather than simply apologize, Danny Shelton filed suit in April 2007, and by the end of that year, 3ABN had spent more than $752,000 on the two law firms involved in that case. (3ABN 2007 Form 990 p. 2, Sched. A p. 1).

But the main point to note is that Danny never intended to take the case to trial. He never really intended to litigate. This can be seen from the fact that Danny never produced key documents requested by the defense.

For example, since Danny had put at issue in the suit whether he had biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage (Complaint ¶ 50), the defense requested Danny to produce the evidence he claimed he had that proved that Linda Shelton had committed adultery. (Requests to Produce #'s 40, 34). But Danny never produced a single thing.

Danny's game plan was to drag things out as long as possible, to refuse to produce any substantive documents, to object to various subpoenas, and to encourage his allies to do the same. Thus:

  • Danny and 3ABN refused to produce any documents identified in his initial disclosures until forced to do so by the court. What they then produced was unindexed, requiring a lot of time to separate and identify each individual document.
  • Danny fought the defense's subpoena of his bank records. These records were relevant to the question of whether Danny had committed perjury in his July 2006 affidavit, whether he had received royalty payments from Remnant Publications, and whether he had siphoned money away from 3ABN.
  • Danny and 3ABN fought the defense's subpoena of records from their auditor and tax return preparer. In that instance, Danny and 3ABN filed their motion to quash the defendants' subpoena 60 days after the deadline to do so had already passed.
  • As far as the defendants can tell, Danny never produced any documents in response to the defense's requests to produce. 3ABN produced nothing until after the defense had filed a motion to compel in May 2008. What 3ABN finally produced was unindexed, requiring a lot of time to sort through and identify everything.
  • Danny encouraged Remnant to resist the defense's subpoena of records of sales of Danny's books and royalty payments to Danny. Therefore, when the defense's motion to compel Remnant was granted, Remnant asked the magistrate judge to reconsider, and, having lost that, appealed from the magistrate to the judge.
  • Danny and 3ABN asked the court to prohibit discovery concerning certain topics, including the child molestation allegations against Tommy Shelton, and to require the defendants to seek leave of the court whenever they wanted to serve a subpoena.

All of these evasive maneuvers took considerable time and effort to combat.

Additionally, the defense asked the court for leave to serve four different subpoenas in order to determine whether or not Linda Shelton had rendezvoused with Dr. Arild Abrahamsen in Florida in April 2004, and whether or not the IRS had fully vindicated Danny Shelton and 3ABN. Incredibly, Danny Shelton fought even these efforts at discovery, efforts which would have vindicated Danny if he has really been telling the truth on these matters.

A whole lot more could be said, including regarding the defense's pending appeal in the First Circuit Court of Appeals. We will continue to post updates on the current situation as time permits.

But before posting more information about the current lawsuit, we should first address the question of who is the president of 3ABN.

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