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Mene, Mene,
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Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin

Amazingly, as the email below points out and as of April 26, 2007, 3ABN still provides a link to alleged pedophile Tommy Shelton's website on their links page. A link to alleged adulteress Linda Shelton's website is nowhere to be found on that page, even though both Danny Shelton and Walt Thompson have admitted in writing that they didn't know for sure whether Linda had committed adultery.

Is not the continued presence of a link to Tommy's website on 3ABN's links page more evidence of Danny's brazen unrepentance?

The letter below states that Danny remarried just weeks after an offshore divorce was granted, which is not quite correct. In actuality, Danny remarried in March 2006, just days after that offshore divorce of June 2004 was no longer being contested in Illinois.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  WebScan55
To:  Danny Shelton, Mollie Steenson, Doug Batchelor, Amazing Facts, AUReporter, 3ABN Trust Services, AToday Editor, NAD President, Fred Kinsey
CC:  Linda Shelton
Subject:  Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin
Date:  Wed, 25 Apr 2007 20:28:20 EDT

April 26, 2007

Dear Mr. Shelton:

First, thank you for having the vision to create a satellite-based media ministry to help spread the Gospel. You will be remembered for being the driving force behind the creation and development of 3ABN. There may be many stars in your crown in the Kingdom for all your hard work. You and Linda Shelton have done a wonderful thing these past 23 years by bringing into existence a worldwide media platform for spreading the Gospel, as understood by those of us in the SDA Church, when our own church leaders failed to have the same vision.

Now, as with all entrepreneurs, there comes a time when it is right for your departure from the ministry. And as with many entrepreneurs, you have overstayed your time at 3ABN. Your continued involvement, public or private, at 3ABN now stands to jeopardize all the good work you have done in helping to spread God's message of Salvation.

Your continued presence at 3ABN increases the chances that the wrongs you stand accused of doing will become public knowledge ... way beyond the 3ABN audience, and they will bring great shame upon the whole of the SDA Church – such as has never been seen in its almost 150 year history. You are the lightning rod that now attracts criticism from many Seventh-day Adventists. Criticism of you not because of whom you are or your background but because of your own questionable actions and wrongdoings done during your tenure at 3ABN. Power is very corrupting and you have, as it appears, unfortunately failed that test.

For too long you have been allowed to run 3ABN as your personal fiefdom, rewarding those you like, and persecuting or punishing those who have lost your favor. The Board of Directors has been incredibly weak, lacking depth of character in applying sound judgment and proper oversight to the operations of 3ABN. They have failed to properly manage the ministry to keep it out of harm's way. It now stands to lose some or all of its tax exemption standing in the State of Illinois. Collectively, your actions have jeopardize the charitable standing of the ministry and you have put all of our donations at risk – causing us to cheat the IRS if we have claimed past donations as charitable contributions when your status as such has been revoked.

Danny, our money was given to 3ABN in trust. These funds were not given to Danny Shelton. These funds were actually gifts to God from all of us who want to help spread His message of Salvation. We did not give our money and items of value to 3ABN for the personal benefit of you and your family. Once you began asking for broader financial support in donations from SDA Church members, your personal use of 3ABN should have ceased and you had a fiduciary duty to use these monies in an appropriate manner by employing them in the work of Spreading the Gospel. As a trustee for these funds, you and the Board of Directors are held to a higher standard by donors and by God for their use. Unfortunately, the temptation to abuse your power of the purse has proven too strong for your own soul.

Do you think you are being persecuted – as you mentioned on a broadcast a few weeks ago with an SDA Conference or Division President? You are not. You are, however, being called to account for your actions and being asked to make things right. I think you have enough of a guilty conscious that you can still ask for God's forgiveness and not lose that beautiful crown He has waiting for you in the Kingdom. However, the longer you stay at 3ABN, the longer you harden your heart to repenting publicly for your sins. You are placing your Heavenly reward in jeopardy. What a shame, you gain the whole world of 3ABN but you lose your own eternal soul.

I have been impressed by God to send you this message ...

'Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin.'

Mene ... God has numbered the days of your reign at 3ABN, and they are soon ended.

Tekel ... You have been weighed in God's balances and have failed the test.

Somebody important once said ... if you break one of "my" Commandments you are guilty of breaking them all!

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery ...

Individuals whom have entered into questionable "quickie" divorces and subsequent marriages (as your third marriage took place just days after your stealth offshore divorce was granted) should not be a public face of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. (Yes, I know 3ABN is not "owned" by the Church and does not receive Church funds directly. It does, however, receive ongoing support through broadcasting of Church programming, broadcasting the General Conference meetings in St. Louis, almost weekly broadcasting from local SDA Churches, and the frequent appearance of Church employees for guest appearances.) You are on your third marriage, right? What happened to the sanctity of marriage within the SDA Church family? If the allegations of adultery that you and the 3ABN Board of Directors have publicly made against Linda Sue Shelton do not hold true, then you are guilty yourself of committing adultery in the eyes of God and under current SDA Church standards.

Thou Shalt Not Steal ...

There have been questionable book royalty deals between yourself and 3ABN. Your family stands accused of not paying fair value to the ministry for gifts – grand pianos – given to 3ABN but now in the possession of the Shelton family. Who on earth told you to make donations of $20,000 in 3ABN funds to a local public high school for gym equipment? I gave my money to 3ABN to help spread the Gospel ... not to allow you to become a big shot in your local community. Danny, are you enjoying your new furniture that we ... the past supports of 3ABN paid for ... which you had delivered to your own home instead of the 3ABN set for which it was purchased? Did it ease your conscience when you gave 3ABN your old living room furniture for use on the set? You are also accused of abusing your power by spending 3ABN funds unwisely or frivolously on private jet aircraft – the same type of embarrassing criticism of the Benny Hinn Ministry advanced by Dateline NBC when they did their revealing exposure of the corruption in his ministry – spending money for your personal comfort instead of being a good steward and flying on less expensive commercial aircraft, albeit a bit more inconvenient. The plane is in very bad taste when those funds could be better spent on other things to help advance God's cause. Jesus suffered on the cross for our salvation. Couldn't you have suffer a bit too by flying on commercial flights instead of using an obscenely expensive Cessna Citation jet?

Thou Shalt not Lie ... Thou Shalt not bear False Witness

I was incredibly saddened to learn of the sudden departure of Linda Shelton from 3ABN almost two years ago. After all, it was her on-air presence that drew my attention to the ministry. She has a wonderful, comforting way of communicating. Danny, you have frequently been intellectually challenged during on-air broadcasts, searching for the right words to use in many situations. At times it is incredibly uncomfortable to listen to you speak. The only redeeming fact is that your sincerity comes through and softens the cringe one feels from your rough vocabulary. After you and others at 3ABN perpetrated lies about Linda Shelton's departure, lies perpetrated by minions including members of the captive Board of Directors, you made significantly more on-air appearances to fill in the huge void caused by Linda's unjust departure. If I am wrong, prove me so by agreeing to the public, ASI-sponsored hearing you are making every effort to avoid. Let the truth see the light of day. If I am wrong, I will issue a public non-anonymous apology on the web, in local SDA Churches, and even on-air on 3ABN. Show the evidence you say you have against her to prove you are not guilty of committing adultery.

Like Benny Hinn, you are also a bit too obsessed with your on-air wardrobe. Please read what Mrs. White says about wearing outlandish clothes. Why are you trying to look like a Michael Jackson impersonator? Case-in-point ... your black jacket with ostentatious gold lapels worn on your recent, joint 3ABN Live broadcast with Pastor Batchelor. Have your clothes, your appearance and your own personal demands of being provided with luxury air travel become your own God? Perhaps this section should be under the subheading of not worshipping other gods! Pastor Batchelor preached a Sabbath sermon recently on this same topic. I hope his influence over 3ABN will include the on-air wardrobes worn by 3ABN representatives.

Parsin ... Your 3ABN kingdom will be divided and given to Amazing Facts and to those at 3ABN untouched by your family's corruption.

Why do you still have a web-link on the 3ABN web page to your brother's personal web site when it is public knowledge that he has been a sexual predator / pedophile in the past? I give you the names of Pastor Brad Dunning, Duane and Roger Clem to name a few victims of Tommy Shelton's inappropriate sexual advances who have come forward publicly. Many of your nasty Emails are found on as you are well aware.

In conclusion, Danny, it is time for you to Repent. Publicly acknowledge your sins against Church members who have supported 3ABN in the past. Ask for forgiveness. Pay back the funds you and your family may have stolen or embezzled from the ministry.

As a result of your unacceptable mistakes and inappropriate actions, I and many others have made the decision to stop our financial support of 3ABN until there is an honest "spring" cleaning of its management, Board and staff (your loyal minions must go too if they are unable to pledge their total support to the new management team). Once you have departed and respectable, honorable men and women of sound judgment and character have been put in charge of 3ABN's daily operations and 3ABN has prepared records to show how the funds are being spent, prepared, certified, audited financial statements to prove its tax-exemption status and all pending cases in that regard have been properly adjudicated or withdrawn, then I will contact the trust services group of 3ABN. I would like to create a significant revocable trust arrangement that will leave all of my real estate holdings to the Lord, in trust of 3ABN, for help in spreading the Gospel message of Jesus.

Danny, please save us all further embarrassment and quietly leave 3ABN before you end up destroying the ministry and its ability to be effective in saving souls.

Anonymously, your SDA Church brother in Christ.

webscam55 at aol dot com
Palm Springs, California

PS – I don't know Linda Shelton. I have never met Linda Shelton. I have never spoken with her or had any form of communication with her before this Email. All I know is ... she may have been unjustly accused and publicly persecuted by Danny Shelton and people beholden to him for their positions and / or incomes.
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