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Tommy Shelton

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The Actual Lawsuit
IRS Criminal Investigation

3ABN & Danny Shelton
Gailon Joy & Robert Pickle

Plaintiff 3ABN's Requests for Production of Documents
and Things to Defendant Robert Pickle (First Set)

Document Request No. 3

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Request No. 3:     All correspondence, including letters, memos, notes, electronic mail or other communication, that you have sent to any person, entity or third party, including but not limited to Plaintiffs, Linda Shelton, Nicholas "Nick" Miller, Gregory Matthews, Robert Pickle, Calvin Eakins, Daryl Fawcett, Johann Thorvaldson, Arild Abrahamsen, Adventist Today, or any church, pastor or governing body of the Seventh-Day Adventist church including ASI, relating to 3ABN, Danny Shelton, the website, this litigation, or the subject matter of the instant dispute.

Response by Defendant Pickle:     We assume you have to mean "Request No. 4," not "Request No. 3."

See auto-discovery materials. In these you will find some correspondence we sent to "Robert Pickle," but how things I tell myself can be considered defamatory is beyond us. And even though you didn't list Gailon Joy's name above, we have included correspondence we sent to him as well.

Documents in this category found in the auto-discovery materials that we will highlight in this response include a brief interchange with a gentleman from August 25, 2006 (regarding his letter that elicited John Lomacang's response of on or before August 24), and our argument of October 3, 2006, in support of having ASI review the various allegations and evidence that Gailon Joy had compiled, thus countering the skepticism others had regarding ASI being the route to go. You can find these documents both after this response in the collection and in the email collection in the auto-discovery materials.

Brief Interchange

"Stick with Objective Facts"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  ******
Subject:  Re: Private note about 3ABN
Date:  Fri, 25 Aug 2006 07:42:24 -0500

Hi ******. I'll write you privately in this note.

Your letter to 3ABN could be characterized by them as misinformation because you identified their attitude, something subjective, which they can then deny. I would recommend that you stick with objective facts.

For example, Melody Shelton got remarried on October 13, 2005, and gave birth on May 25, 2006 to a baby that appeared on stage, I am told, the next day. One could ask John Lomacang if the baby really was born six weeks premature. That is dealing with something objective, something that isn't based on hearsay.

And then there are all those nasty allegations against Tommy Shelton. Problem is is that someone associated with the West Frankfort non-Adventist church where Tommy used to pastor told me that those allegations are true. Six boys were allegedly involved. Folks took sides and the church split in the 1980's because Tommy denied it all. When a letter was sent from that church to Walt Thompson in 2003 out of concern that Tommy was going to be ministering in connection with 3ABN, the reply that was received came from a 3ABN attorney threatening legal action over defamation of character.

So one could ask John if there is any truth in this at all, and if so, whether Tommy has ever repented and apologized, and whether 3ABN has apologized for sending a threatening letter. Further, one could ask what Linda did in 2004 that was so much worse than child molestation and getting pregnant out of wedlock that she was treated so differently. Notice that I am not saying that she shouldn't have been treated differently. I'm merely asking what she did that justifies the difference in treatment.

Lastly, you could ask John why Hal Steenson called me a sick puppy and said I was being led of the pits of hell and threatened to call security because I was asking questions, and why he hasn't responded to my kindly written email yet after more than two weeks, and why he hasn't apologized as I suggested he might consider to do.


"Thank You for This Info"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  ******
To:  Bob
Subject:  Re: Private note about 3ABN
Date:  Fri, 25 Aug 2006 14:24:56 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Bob,

Thank you for this info.

The plot thickens.

It makes me very sad for it seems like a whole lot of people are being sucked in a very nasty tempest. The devil is laughing.

I will give it careful thought and prayer and compose a letter that does not seek to offend, but to be straight and true.

Again, thank you.

Happy Sabbath

"No Easy Way Out"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  ******
Subject:  Re: Private note about 3ABN
Date:  Fri, 25 Aug 2006 17:13:13 -0500

Yes, you are correct. I see no easy way out given the type of responses they have been giving people who ask questions or cross them. Imagine this stuff plastered all over the National Enquirer. Not very pretty.

Now if someone could buy out 3ABN without incurring any liability for their misdeeds, maybe that would work.


"I Say, Give ASI a Chance"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  G. Arthur Joy
Subject:  Another view re: ASI Hearing Panel-statement in opposition
Date:  Tue, 03 Oct 2006 22:43:23 -0500


I think it important for everyone to realize that the Adventist Church is not and never should be run like the papacy. The GC is not a Vatican that has ultimate control over each member and church and ministry and thus has no grounds upon which to "take action."

We are built on a different theology and a different form of government. We are largely congregational in nature, though less than we used to be now that our ministers serve as settled pastors instead of as itinerant evangelists.

Conferences and higher levels of organization serve as ways to pool resources in order to evangelize the world. They also serve as a way for all our congregations to provide some sort of accountability toward wayward parts. And in doing that there is a certain protocol that could and should be followed. The General Conference can't just step in and tell a private ministry or a single member what to do. That would be out of line and would set a dangerous precedent.

There really is no way that the GC can take action against Danny in ways that some would wish. It might be able to recommend that conferences and unions disassociate from Danny, but I don't know that the GC has any way to make the conferences actually do that.

And there is another very valid issue. Is 3ABN potentially liable in any lawsuits? Victims would likely affirm. Then if the GC were to demonstrate that they have some sort of control over 3ABN by "taking action," it would by so doing open itself up to liability in such lawsuits. Thus the victims would cause the Lord's work to be depleted of assets, the very thing that they have alleged that 3ABN is doing and that they claim to be trying to prevent.

I see two possible protocols one could use. One could work through the Illinois Conference which does have a legitimate degree of control over the operation of the Thompsonville Church (not 3ABN). The constituents of that conference can legitimately require the Thompsonville Church to properly deal with matters of church discipline. And if that doesn't resolve the problems, the matter could be taken to the union.

The other possibility would be to work through ASI. The GC would have at least a little control over ASI since the ASI office is in their building, and thus perhaps the GC could be appealed to if ASI were to demonstrate that they cannot deal with the matter in a proper way. Or if the victims feel they have enough evidence of serious wrong doing on the part of ASI, then maybe the GC could be appealed to immediately. But then the principal target of the investigation would be ASI, not 3ABN and Danny, and that wouldn't be best, in my opinion.

To what extent the members of ASI serve as a constituency, to what extent they have any control over ASI's operation, I don't know. If they do serve as a constituency, then they could be appealed to as well, and perhaps with better results.

But in the end, what action could be taken? The truth could be discovered and disseminated, true, but what action could be taken? Individual members could be disciplined by the Thompsonville Church, the Thompsonville Church could be disciplined by the Illinois Conference, the Illinois Conference could be disciplined by the union, 3ABN could lose its ASI membership, ASI could be reprimanded, but in the end, not one of these entities has any real control over 3ABN and its operations.

Only the State of Illinois and the Federal Government have any real control and can take any real action against Danny (other than church discipline) and 3ABN. The only other tangible results that might come out of a panel investigation if it concluded that there was serious wrong doing would be the convincing of the board that they need to change course, and a drastic change in denominational perception of 3ABN's reputation.

I can understand why some think that an ASI panel might not do an adequate job. But the fact of the matter is that if there is evidence of wrong doing, regardless of what an ASI panel were to decide, the perception of 3ABN by ASI membership would change, and that constitutes a significant sector of the Adventist Church. I know it would change because the heads of a number of high-profile ASI ministries already are greatly concerned and troubled just with what little evidence they do have, and that number is bound to grow even before the panel has a chance to meet.

I say, give ASI a chance.


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