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Updated 1/10/2013
2011 Form 990

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3ABN sued
over Tommy!

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Can 3ABN Survive?

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Judge Rejects
Plea Deal

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Tommy Shelton

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The Actual Lawsuit
IRS Criminal Investigation

3ABN & Danny Shelton
Gailon Joy & Robert Pickle

Plaintiff 3ABN's Requests for Production of Documents
and Things to Defendant Robert Pickle (First Set)

Document Request No. 4

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Request No. 4:     All correspondence, including letters, memos, notes, electronic mail, or other communication, that you have received, whether as the named recipient, as a "carbon-copied" recipient, or as a "forwarded" recipient, from any person, entity or third party, including but not limited to Plaintiff, Linda Shelton, Nicholas "Nick" Miller, Gregory Matthews, Robert Pickle, Calvin Eakins, Daryl Fawcett, Johann Thorvaldson, Arild Abrahamsen, Adventist Today, or any church, pastor or governing body of the Seventh-Day Adventist church including ASI, relating to 3ABN, Danny Shelton, the website, this litigation, or the subject matter of the instant dispute.

Response by Defendant Pickle:     We assume you mean "Request No. 5," not "Request No. 4."

See auto-discovery materials. In these you will find correspondence we received from "Robert Pickle," but such is actually a duplication of correspondence you requested in "Request No. 3 4," since correspondence we sent to Robert Pickle is of necessity correspondence we received from him as well.

Again, even though you didn't list Gailon Joy's name above, we have included correspondence we received from him too.

The documents highlighted in this response consist of portions of two email exchanges between Gailon Joy and Danny Shelton, one from October 12 and 13, 2006, and the other from October 16, 2006. You can find these emails in the email collection as well as using the links in this response in the collection in the auto-discovery materials.

We received the emails written by Mr. Joy as BCC's, with Danny Shelton's emails attached. The headers of Danny Shelton's emails have been restored in the collection by referring to his original emails.

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