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Elder Thorvaldsson Comments
on Dr. Thompson's Ultimatum

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Elder Johann Thorvaldsson attended Emmanuel Missionary College (now Andrews University) years ago with Dr. Walter Thompson. Thus their friendship goes back many decades.

In the email below, Elder Thorvaldsson replies in blue below Dr. Thompson's message to him. It is quite apparent that he is appalled by Dr. Thompson's ultimatum, and being in the heat of the battle, he expresses himself freely.

Some of the points and demands that Dr. Thompson had made do appear odd. For example:

  • In denouncing "even a doctor-patient relationship," Dr. Thompson in essence claims that 3ABN can dictate whom one chooses as a doctor as a condition of employment.
  • Dr. Thompson asserts that he personally has authority over whom Elder Thorvaldsson and Dr. Abrahamsen choose to converse with, for he complains that these two men have "defied our requests to cease communication with Linda."
  • Dr. Thompson seeks to force Elder Thorvaldsson to not talk about this to anyone else, even though Danny has already called the General Conference president and the local pastor in Norway.

Dr. Thompson appears to contradict his own ultimatum, which suggests that he may not have written it. Notice how in his email to Elder Thorvaldsson he asserts that if Linda disagrees with the ultimatum, "she will be given opportunity to tell her side of the story before the board." And yet the non-negotiable ultimatum gives no such opportunity. Only a committee will be able to hear Linda's side of the story, and if she takes even that opportunity, it will be "unlikely" that she will have "any future role ... at 3ABN."

Elder Thorvaldsson's Thoughts on the Ultimatum

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Johann Thorvaldsson
To:  Walt Thompson
Subject:  RE: 3abn
Date:  Thu, 6 May 2004 01:32:10 +0200

If we like, we can continue to nurse this dialog of battle over Linda and involve the whole church and whole world in the warfare. Should we do so, God in His great mercy may still find a way to bring good out of it as He did when He took ancient Israel to Babylon. I would prefer that He have a more faithful people to give Him a better, more powerful witness.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] Since God has charged me to stand for truth, this battle will continue as long as you see fit to present a document, like the present one, where you give Linda 24 hours to sign or reject it.

I would agree with those church leaders who see a resemblance between that document and those issued during the times of witch hunting that flourished in Europe in the past. I wonder where you dug up a manuscript like that? Hardly written by an intelligent God-fearing person. You are far above such base treatment of a human being? You give Linda no choice but crawling into a cage where she is buried for the rest of her life. You offer her help - but give her no choice of who should help her face her destiny.

Some of our denominational leaders that I know will see in this document the tragic development where the leaders of 3ABN are no longer following the specific assignment given them by the Lord, and these leaders will use this material in their study if 3ABN is still a mission SDA can work together with. This is a study that was kindled by the message given through Jan Paulsen, and Danny Shelton's call to the local church pastor. It was also those two calls that made it clear to me that Linda was not getting a fair treatment, and made me contact her again.

I do not agree with your belief that Linda is being victimized.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] What about the present document? It will not be buried in 24 hours - but will haunt you for years to come

But though we disagree we still need to work together to find solutions.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] Are you still willing - or will it only be on the terms of victimizing Linda?

Accordingly, I would be pleased if you would submit to me in writing a comprehensive account of the allegations you have about the way 3ABN has treated Linda. I would like this to be comprehensive with whatever documentation you can provide so that we may assess it accurately.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] Too late now. I have handed such documentation over to another party - where you will meet it in due time. Too bad you did not think of this earlier, so I could see there was a willingness to come to terms.

Once this has been done, my request is that you discontinue further correspondence with Linda or anyone else regarding this matter. In this way we will have the information we need to act, and you will have opportunity to pursue your work of spreading the Good News to Europe. Our work there has been too long stagnate while we have been fighting.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] With you issuing this devastating document it is unfair of you to think that I will discontinue further correspondence with Linda.

It is my determination to give Linda every opportunity to restore her home and ministry should she be willing.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] Keep praying, and the Lord may give you wisdom to do just that.

She has been offered a proposal whereby this may happen. Only she can decide what she will do with it, but all of us at 3ABN want her to choose right. All are desirous of helping her - NONE trying to hurt her.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] Are you sure? I have a real difficulty seeing your point. I will share your proposals with some of our church leaders and see what they think of what you are doing.

She may disagree with our proposal, in which case she will be given opportunity to tell her side of the story before the board.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] Linda is a rather timid person, but the Lord will give her strength and wisdom to meet you, and she must have the freedom to choose herself what assistance she needs in meeting such an unfair accusation.

In fact, if she were to desire to bring her case to a neutral party of the Church - and accept the publicity such an event would generate - I would welcome it. When all is said and done, it is my intent that no one will be able to honestly say we have not done everything possible to save her and her place of service.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] I'm afraid you have saddled the wrong horse for your venture.

As you can confirm, I have not expressed any judgments about Dr. Abrahamson other than to say that he is in the wrong for continuing a relationship, even a doctor-patient relationship, that is destroying the very thing he is trying to save. Having said that, a continuation of communication between Europe and Linda will place the board in a place where we must deal with an insubordinate member of the organization. She has been asked on numerous occasions to discontinue the relationship, first by her husband who is also her superior in ministry, by her pastor, by her board chairman, and now by the committee of the board created to seek resolution. Likewise, both you and Dr. Abrahamson have defied our requests to cease communication with Linda. While I can forgive this action on the mistaken belief that it is helping Linda, there comes a point when defiance must be dealt with lest it destroy the whole organization. If you are so concerned about Linda, and I believe you are, you will encourage her to get help here and break off the relationship there. Certainly there are people in America that can do give her the help she needs.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] If you were really treating Linda with the fairness you imagine you are, then Linda would not need any assistance from Europe. A person on the staff at 3ABN told me the other day how tragic it is that here you say every day that the purpose of 3ABN is mending broken people, and not one person has the faith or willingness to help Linda in her plight - out of fear that they will get fired. But not many of these people will reveal their inmost convictions through an interview by someone collecting "facts".

Thank you for helping me to meet with Dr. Abrahamson by phone. We had a good discussion that gave me opportunity to hear his side of the story, a thing I appreciate.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] You should have had some more talks with him - and so should Danny. Danny showed him the worst kind of hospitality when he came to 3ABN - and termed him in impostor before he saw him. He had Mollie check him in the 3ABN files, but the finance department of 3ABN had misspelled his name - just like you do - and therefore Mollie could not see that he was a regular contributor to 3ABN, both privately and through his medical clinic.

So with this inhospitable start Danny has continued by calling Arild Abrahamsen a devil. No wonder this would create a conflict when Linda tried to follow the example of Abigail and make up for Danny's inhospitality. Abigail was blessed by her deed, honoring a man her husband had rejected.

While we are going through this challenging time, please confine ALL further discussion about this matter to me or if unreachable, Bill Hulsey or Nick Miller (other members of the committee). In my mind this matter must not continue to spread - for the sake of Linda, 3ABN, and the world church and cause of God.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] With Danny's call to the local pastor and the call through Jan Paulsen - this request comes too late. These calls have created too many questions about this among our leaders.

Your continued earnest prayers are cherished as we accept this responsibility.

Sincerely in Jesus' precious name,

[Johann Thorvaldsson] And let's follow His example - also in how we treat Linda

Walt T

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