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Tommy Shelton

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What Should Linda's Last Name Be?

"Linda Sue Shelton for Eternity!"

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Wooing Linda Shelton Back

We reproduce for you in this series some of Danny Shelton's efforts to woo Linda back, using all the talents he has at mending broken people.

We have to admit that some of the language he uses to refer to Dr. Abrahamsen does concern us, language that will be more apparent in later emails in this series.

Another item that jumps out at us as we review the voluminous correspondence is Danny's eagerness to settle their affairs quickly without a court case, and at times without a lawyer. The frequency that this topic comes up does at times give the impression that this was a major motivation for writing some of these emails.

It is clear from this email that Danny says he wishes to remarry Linda. Why then did he divorce her just two months previous to this communication?

In case anyone is wondering, we did not obtain this email from Linda.

"Linda Abrahamson? Yuuuuuuk! scary! poopy! laughable! nasty!"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Sent:  Thursday, August 26, 2004 12:55 AM

Hi Shelton,

Did you talk to your lawyer today? I'll be around tomorrow and Friday until about 4:00 pm. If you want to sign something.

The name Shelton sounds good on you. I guess you'll never be able to marry anyone else. A lot of other names would sound goofy on you.

Take for instance, What if you name was Linda Abrahamson! Yuuuuuuk! scary! poopy! laughable! nasty!

Think about it, your in some Doctor's office and the secretary comes out and in front of all the other patients she calls out, MRS. ABRAHAMSEN! Gag! and then she looks at you. You want to run and hide, but you have to get up with everyone staring at you, and walk across the room! As soon as you leave the waiting room, you hear in the background what at first sounds like little snickers, but then quickly escalates into roars and then giant belly laughs!


You find yourself suddenly darting out a back door not even waiting for the Dr. All you can think about is getting out of there and rushing home and hiding under the sheets.

How terrible, you never want to go out in public again!

No, I think the name Shelton, was the name God designed you to have for eternity. LINDA SUE SHELTON! Yes!

Your other half

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