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The Firing of Pastor Jean Fiscalini: Part 2

"There are no honorary positions in the biblical church."

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The following is copied from, and recounts some of the events leading up to the alleged wrongful termination of Pastor Jean Fiscalini. It is particularly important since it illustrates why the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church has had so much difficulty disciplining Danny Shelton for his unbiblical divorce, lies, and financial irregularities.

Nobody owns the Church... Part 2

In Part 1 Jean Fiscalini had approached Danny Shelton concerning his neglect of duties associated with fulfilling the office of an Elder in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Having received no assurance from Danny that he intended to change his behavior, the next step was to approach the nominating committee and request that Danny Shelton's name be removed from the list as an Elder in the Thompsonville SDA Church.

Peering individually into the astonished faces of the Nominating Committee members of the Thompsonville SDA Church, Jean Fiscalini repeated his last few sentences again, "There are no honorary positions in the Biblical Church. Every member is called to fulfill the duties of an office when he agrees to serve in that position. When Danny Shelton agreed to fulfill the office of an Elder in the Thompsonville Church, it was not offered as an honorary position, but as a position of service. To re-elect Danny as a church Elder without the assurance of his intent of faithfully fulfilling that position is an affront to God and to those church Elders who willingly sacrifice their time and put aside personal pleasure to serve the church."

A deafening silence filled the room, as the Nominating Committee pondered what they had just heard. Pausing for a moment to allow the gravity of his words to be absorbed by those in attendance, Pastor Fiscalini then continued, "If Danny Shelton's name is not removed from the list of Elders, by conscience I will have to publically oppose the acceptance of the list as presented at the second reading next Sabbath."

No discussion followed Pastor Fiscalini's statement nor were any questions asked by the members of the Nominating Committee. Looking into their faces he realized the burden of truth expressed in his explanation placed them in a position of moral dilemma. The majority of them worked for 3ABN. Danny Shelton was their boss. And in their experience the Thompsonville Church and 3ABN functioned as one unit:

  • Their pastor's salary was partially paid by both the Conference and 3ABN. Where was the line drawn in the separation of his duties as local church pastor and an employee of Danny Shelton? How could he faithfully serve two masters? What would be the result when loyalty to one came into conflict with obligation to the other?
  • It was Danny, not the Illinois Conference, who selected the Pastor of the Thompsonville Church. Of course the Conference always approved Danny's choice for his church and agreed with any suggest he made regarding it's operation. Why did this situation exist?
  • If they were to follow Biblical counsel and remove Danny Shelton's name as a candidate for the office of Elder, how would that effect their future at 3ABN?

A myriad of possibilities flashed before their eyes. Looking into the face of the Swiss pastor, whom they had come to know and respect for his honesty and integrity, they realized that by entertaining his request they were being driven into unchartered waters in their experience as members of the 3ABN church. Danny's right of authority within the local church, based solely upon his position as President of 3ABN, irregardless of ability or acceptability, had never been challenged.

In less than one week the second reading of the Nominating Committee would be given and offered for approval in the Thompsonville SDA church. What would be the outcome of Pastor Fiscalini's heartfelt appeal to the members of the Committee? Jean realized this would be the end of the game and the beginning of reality concerning the actual relationship of the Thompsonville SDA Church and Danny Shelton. Despite warnings that he was cutting his own throat, he took his stand on the side of conscience.

Slowly standing up Pastor Fiscalini thanked the members of the Nominating Committee for listening to his concerns and considering his request. His heart was lightened as he turned and left the room, passing other church members waiting to address the Committee as he exited the building. He knew the position he had taken would not be to pleasing to Danny Shelton, but he had the responsibility to uphold Biblical standards while remaining faithful to the calling God had given him as a minister of the Gospel.

To be continued...

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