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The Firing of Pastor Jean Fiscalini: Part 4

"... they were being requested to make a decision that would be in direct opposition to the person upon whom they depended for their livelihood."

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The following is copied from, and recounts some of the events leading up to the alleged wrongful termination of Pastor Jean Fiscalini. It is particularly important since it illustrates why the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church has had so much difficulty disciplining Danny Shelton for his unbiblical divorce, lies, and financial irregularities.

Nobody owns the Church... Part 4

In Part 3 Jean Fiscalini, Danny Shelton, Pastor Samuel Thomas and the Nominating Committee retired to a private room to discuss Jean's objections to Danny Shelton being re-elected as an Elder in the Thompsonville SDA Church. After returning to the Sanctuary, the vote was taken to accept the Nominating Committee Report as written. At that time the congregation was still unaware of what had transpired, what objections were raised, upon what grounds or upon what individual Pastor Fiscalini had objected. In Part 4 we will open the veil and see what transpired behind closed doors...

Entering one of the children's Sabbath school rooms all those present seated themselves around a table as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee turned to Pastor Fiscalini and formally asked, "What is your objection to the Report?" Jean had already informed the committee he would publically object if Danny Shelton's name was still listed as an Elder at the time of the second reading.

For the second time Jean explained to the Committee that twice he had approached Danny Shelton personally, as a fellow elder and chairman of the Church Board, in regard to his neglect of fulfilling his duties. It was not the conflict of Danny being away for ministry business which concerned Jean, but Danny's choosing to walk out of Board meetings early or neglecting to attend at all because he had invited his cronies to play basketball with him. If Danny were unable to fulfill the duties of an Elder because of time conflicts with ministry business, was unwilling to schedule his private activities at times other than previously scheduled church board meetings, never attended Elder's meetings or functioned in any aspect as a local Elder in the Thompsonville Church, he should not be re-elected to hold that position. It would be better both for Danny and for the Thompsonville church to elect another individual that was both able and willing to perform the duties required of an Elder. The office of Elder was not offered to Danny Shelton as an Honorary position, but as an opportunity to serve the local church.

Danny started immediately defending himself, "That is ridiculous!" He continued to ridicule Pastor's Fiscalini's objections, claiming that none of them were even worth considering and would not be legitimate grounds to hinder him from being an elder. As Danny continued his discourse it was obvious he would not accept being removed as an Elder of the Thompsonville Church and that no one had the authority to question his right to the title of Elder.

As first Jean Fiscalini, than Danny Shelton spoke, both were met with silence from the Committee. No comments were made, no questions were asked. Those present were aware that what Jean had said was true, Danny had not opposed the facts as Jean had presented them. Instead Danny's attitude and arguments made it apparent that facts were irrelevant and should have no influence upon his continued role as an Elder in the Thompsonville SDA Church.

Barely a minute or two passed, after Jean Fiscalini and Danny Shelton left the Nominating Committee, when the Committee members returned to the Sanctuary. It became obvious that the members of the Nominating Committee were unwilling to oppose Danny Shelton's re-election, although Danny did not dispute the truth of the allegations that he did not function as an Elder.

If the Nominating Committee finds the objection has merit then they have an obligation to remove that person from consideration for election. Given the nature of the situation at the Thompsonville Church, it would not have mattered what the objection was or it's validity. The one unvoiced fact the members of the Nominating Committee could be certain of is they were being requested to make a decision that would be in direct opposition to the person upon whom they depended for their livelihood. There was little or no deliberation within the Nominating Committee that day. The potential rumblings of empty stomachs drowned out the sound of compromised consciences.

The inception of compromise does not lie at the feet of the Nominating Committee, but at the hands of the Illinois Conference that made themselves beholden to Danny Shelton by allowing him to pay half the pastor's salary and by allowing the congregation to use a 3ABN building, rather than the Conference owning the church outright, which is the norm in the Adventist church. By allowing these things to happen, the Illinois Conference made Danny Shelton the de facto ruler of the Thompsonville Church.

To be continued...

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