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The Firing of Pastor Jean Fiscalini: Part 3

" 'That was ridiculous,' he hissed. An expression of controlled rage welled up upon his face ...."

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The following is copied from, and recounts some of the events leading up to the alleged wrongful termination of Pastor Jean Fiscalini. It is particularly important since it illustrates why the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church has had so much difficulty disciplining Danny Shelton for his unbiblical divorce, lies, and financial irregularities.

Nobody owns the Church... Part 3

In Part 2 Jean Fiscalini addressed the Thompsonville SDA Church Nominating Committee with his concerns regarding the re-election of Danny Shelton as a church elder. In neither his previous term as local elder, nor in respect to the election in question, was the title of elder bestowed upon Danny Shelton as an honorary position. At that time all church officers in the Thompsonville Church held functioning positions which they agreed to fulfill upon accepting the nomination for a particular office.

The pastor held up a paper in his right hand and referred the congregation to the copy they had received in the church bulletin, "Each of you has the Nominating Committee Report in front of you. If there is no discussion, we will now vote to accept the report as written." As his eyes scanned through the pews they came to rest upon Jean Fiscalini. Dumbfounded, he realized that Jean had raised his hand and stood waiting to be recognized. The pastor acknowledged Jean and invited him to speak. "For reasons that I have already expressed to the Nominating Committee, I would like to recommend a change be made before the vote is taken."

As Jean sat down his wife moved closer to him, placing her hand in his, she whispered into his ear, "You realize that you are committing career suicide." Squeezing her hand, he said, "I have to follow my conscience." "I know", she replied, "I just wanted to make sure you realize where the consequences of you actions are leading us." "Honey, I know what I have to do..." Looking into his wife's eyes he understood that she was not questioning the necessity of his actions, but merely voicing her skepticism of Danny's assurance that "...whatever happens in the Thompsonville church does not effect someone's job at 3ABN. Even if Jean and I were to disagree about something at church, it would not effect his job."

Assuming the congregation was unaware of the nature of the objection being raised, the pastor asked the Nominating committee to immediately adjourn, accompanied by Jean Fiscalini, to another room for private discussion. Passing Danny Shelton, Jean leaned over to him and requested that he join them since the discussion was in regard to him, "Danny, can you join us, it is about you and I want you to hear the information first hand."

For fifteen minutes, like the buzz of a swarming hive of bees, whispered voices fulled the sanctuary of the Thompsonville Church. Sitting silently, Kristina Fiscalini was aware of different individuals attempting to catch her eye. She looked down at her open Bible and tried to imagine what was happening behind the closed door where her husband was now facing Danny Shelton and the Nominating Committee. For her it was as if time stood still. She became aware of the soft sound of a woman's dressing sliding along the pew toward her. "Kristina, what is going on in there?" She looked up into the eyes of her trusted friend, but her only answer was to shake her head and return her eyes to the same passages she had read repeatedly for what seemed like eternity, as everyone waited...

Without warning a rush of silence engulfed the Sanctuary as Jean Fiscalini and Danny Shelton walked in together, followed by the Nominating Committee. His back turned to the Congregation and speaking in a hushed voice, what Danny had to say was intended for Jean alone, "That was ridiculous", he hissed. An expression of controlled rage welled up upon his face he continued, "All you did was waste fifteen minutes of everybody's time! You kept everybody waiting fifteen minutes for a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y nothing!" As Jean turned toward the front of the church to rejoin his wife, Danny took his accustomed seat in the pew that was situated against the back wall of the Sanctuary.

Looking up into her husband's face as he sat down beside her, Kristina moved closer and squeezed his hand. A sad smile greeted her questioning glance as the pastor moved up to the microphone to address the congregation... "We will now continue the vote to accept the report of the Nominating Committee as written."

From his position in the rear of the sanctuary, Danny surveyed his realm—everyone entering or leaving had to pass before him. This vantage point gave him the opportunity to observe the raised hand of Jean Fiscalini as he voted according to his conscience based upon Biblical principle, an action which Danny Shelton would interpret as Jean placing himself in direct opposition to his authority.

Raising her hand to vote in unity with her husband, Kristina looked over her shoulder and saw the look of disgust and contempt on Danny's face. Later, as her husband recounted what had taken place with Danny and the Committee, the image of Danny countenance as the vote was taken would surface in her mind. She realized her husband had made a very dangerous enemy that day, although he appeared unaware of the ramifications his simple act of conscience would cause him.

To be continued...

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