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Bob Pickle Responds
to Harold Lance's January 24 Statement

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Bob Pickle's Reply

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  Harold Lance
Subject:  Re: Confidentiality agreement
Date:  Thu, 25 Jan 2007 18:26:58 -0600

Thanks for your reply, Harold.

For the record, I did publicly raise the question of the confidentiality agreement soon after ASI's decision, but I did not forward my concerns to you. I probably should have done so. I was clear enough on this issue that Gregory wrote publicly, "if [Harold Lance] thinks I have violated any agreement, he can say so, and I will post it."

I am a little concerned since a friend of mine forwarded your statement to me this morning, indicating that it is circulating widely.

When you say, "We had no agreement, that was the problem," you are speaking of the agreement regarding the process, not the confidentiality agreement regarding the discussions that attempted to put together a process, correct? It was always my understanding that we had a definite agreement regarding confidentiality, and that that definite agreement was intended to protect us all and you in particular while we explored whether a second agreement could be reached as to a process for an ASI review.

If any of us write up our perspective, could we have the privilege of having it circulated by you to the same people you sent your statement to, assuming that whatever was written was courteous?

I would definitely feel better about things if you can assure me that Walt Thompson's statement about trying to get ASI to help them out had absolutely nothing to do with the statement that you issued. And it would also help if you can assure me that no one that could be associated with Danny's side saw your statement before it was sent out to Gregory, Gailon, Linda, or myself. Your assurance on these two points would help people know that ASI did indeed try to be impartial. Can you help me out on these two points?

God bless.


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