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"Please Send That October 31 Document"
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The Bogus October 31 Claim

On January 24, the very date Harold Lance sent out his unilateral statement in violation of his own confidentiality agreement, he was put on notice that the claim in his statement that a document entitled "Procedural Suggestions" was circulated to Linda, Danny, and their representatives was simply untrue. Still, the statement, uncorrected, was posted on 3ABN's website.

The following email calls attention to the fact that after a week and a half, no correction had yet been made in Lance's statement. It also requests a copy of the yet unreceived document, as well as a list of the people that document was sent to.

There has been no reply whatsoever to the following request.

The Request for the Document

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  Harold Lance
CC:  Deb Young, Ron Christman
Subject:  3abn: Need document & a few questions
Date:  Sat, 03 Feb 2007 22:37:24 -0600

Hello Harold.

I was wondering if you could you send me a copy of the October 31, 2006, document ("Procedural Suggestions") referred to in the statement you issued on January 24, along with a list of all the names it went to. Since we never got the October 31 document, we don't really know what it said.

Notice the following points:

  • Linda was not contacted about an ASI review until November 12.
  • You were not notified about Gailon being her choice of representative until November 14.
  • No such document has yet been received.

Why does the statement on the 3ABN website still make the claim that Linda and Gailon received that document on October 31? It's been a week and a half since I called you about this discrepancy on January 24.

Have you been able to come up with an equitable way for "Linda's team" to circulate their own statement to the same individuals who received your statement? You will recall that I made this request since your confidentiality agreement mandated that no statement be issued except one that was mutually agreed upon, and since "Linda's team" was never contacted about negotiating a mutually agreed upon statement.

Also, I am still curious, as I was in my email below, whether you can assure me that Danny Shelton and/or the 3ABN board did not directly or indirectly review, modify, or approve the original October 31 procedural suggestions (and the document Linda received on November 12) and/or the January 24 statement that you issued. Such assurance is critical in establishing that ASI not only was capable of being impartial, but actually was impartial.

I really think this whole matter about the ASI statement needs to be resolved as quickly as possible, for the good of ASI's name and reputation. Is it at all possible to respond quicker? My last email was sent to you nine days ago, and as far as I know, I haven't received a reply yet.


(***) ***-****

[Unanswered email of January 25, 2007, attached.]

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