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Harold Lance Responds to Bob's Concerns
About the Confidentiality Agreement

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Harold Lance's Reply

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Harold Lance
To:  Bob
Subject:  Re: Confidentiality agreement
Date:  Thu, 25 Jan 2007 15:00:15 -0800


Thank you for your note and our visit yesterday. Let me review with you my perspective. When ASI elected to withdraw from the assignment re 3ABN we did so with no public explanation. We received 2-3 immediate responses from "your side", comments and questions from the "other side" and several inquires from ASI members, and a few from Church leaders. At least some of the comments from your side were circulated raising speculation as to the reasons for our withdrawal. NO ONE raised the confidentiality provision in our proposal. It was almost three weeks from our first announcement until our second message "your team" had rather freely circulated their thoughts. We said nothing about a breach and no one raised the confidentiality "requirement" or the need for a unified statement. It was obvious to us that our suggestions in the the three major documents we produced were not acceptable to your side. I don't think you can pick and choose what portions of our proposals that you didn't agree with and to now say:" ASI violated its' own agreement." We had no agreement, that was the problem.

We stated as accurately as we could the reasons for our decision to withdraw from discussions. We believe, and I think you agree, that a unified statement was not a possibility. I believe you( and anybody else that was involved) are free to give your perspective on what lead to the collapse, and perhaps why you could not agree with our proposals.

Thank you for considering this perspective.



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