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A Save 3ABN Exclusive

Brandy Shelton files for Divorce from Danny Shelton

On March 1, 2010, Brandy Shelton filed for divorce from Danny Lee Shelton. Once final, it will mark the end of the third marriage for each.

Awkward timing

The filing seemingly couldn't have come at a worse time for Danny Shelton, since his brother Tommy Shelton was arrested on sexual assault charges in Virginia on March 16, 2010. News reports stated that Tommy, if convicted, could receive a life sentence.

Dividing assets with Brandy and Linda simultaneously

Brandy filed for divorce in Tampa, Florida. Those interested can monitor the case docket at the website of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Hillsborough County.

However, Danny Shelton still hasn't finished dividing his marital assets with his second wife of 20 years, Linda Shelton, whom he divorced in Guam in June 2004 after accusing her of spiritual adultery. That case has dragged on for years, Danny being reticent to disclose and share the royalties and kickbacks he received from his lucrative book deals. It has been estimated that between 2005 and 2007, Shelton earned between $749,000 to $809,000 from Remnant Publications, Inc. alone, largely at 3ABN's expense. (Doc. 154 p. 3 at Table 1).

Those interested in monitoring the case docket of Linda's case with Danny Shelton may do so at the website for case information for Franklin County, Illinois.

The actual court papers: How much Danny will pay Brandy

Save 3ABN has obtained a copy of the papers Brandy Shelton filed in Tampa. Since such court records are public information, we have made them available here, after redacting out addresses, phone numbers, the names of minors, social security numbers, and what appeared to be driver's license numbers.

Is Danny sharing his money with Brandy? According to page 20 of the PDF of court papers posted here, Danny agreed to pay Brandy $2,000 a month for 13 months, plus $660 for 3 months, a total of $27,980. According to that same page 20, by the end of March 2010, only three months of payments remain.

Where did all the money from those book deals go?

The actual court papers: Danny claims land gift was bought

On pages 4 to 17 of the PDF file of court papers posted here is the original post-nuptial agreement Brandy and Danny signed in April 2008, determining how they would divide their assets and liabilities if they separated or divorced. (Save 3ABN heard reports of such discussions by the fall of 2007, so this divorce has been long in coming.) Page 5 of that agreement, which is page 8 of the PDF, states in part:

The parties acknowledge that the Husband had a home which he was awarded pursuant to his agreement with his former wife, Linda Sue Shelton. That home has been sold and the proceeds from that sale have been used to purchase new real estate in West Frankfort, Illinois, on which he is currently building a home which will be subject to a mortgage.

However, that real estate was apparently given to Danny Shelton by 3ABN instead. He did not purchase it.

Around September 2007, when Danny Shelton stepped down from being the visible president of 3ABN, some reported that the 3ABN Board had gifted 40 acres of land to Danny. Danny purportedly sold his former home to new president Jim Gilley for $295,000, and began construction on new property nearby. On the building permit for that construction, Danny claimed that he was the owner of the property, but the courthouse noted that according to their records, 3ABN was still the owner, not Danny. But on January 24, 2008, court documents were filed by which 3ABN asserted that 48 acres of land was given to Danny in exchange for $96,000. (Doc. 224-8 p. 3 at ln. 11).

So which was it? Did Danny Shelton pay 3ABN $96,000 for the land, or did the 3ABN Board gift to Danny that 48 acres?

3ABN sets the record straight: 48 acres was a gift

In an extremely late filing, Jim Gilley signed 3ABN's 2008 Form 990 on January 5, 2010. Schedule J of that filing, on page 33 of the PDF, states:

Land valued at $96,000 was deeded to Danny Shelton (former president and current trustee/consultant) per the terms of a non-compete employment agreement vote by the Board of Trustees.

That Form 990 was filed with the states of Oregon and Illinois. But in 3ABN's 2008 Form 990 filed with the IRS, and not signed until January 15, 2010, that language is missing from Part III of Schedule J.

At any rate, if Danny Shelton had really bought those 48 acres as he claimed in his post-nuptial agreement, certainly Jim Gilley would not have signed the Form 990 under penalty of perjury, declaring that 3ABN had given Danny that land instead.

In the Three Angels v. Joy case, filed in retaliation for Joy and Pickle's blowing the whistle on Danny Shelton's cover up of the child molestation allegations against Tommy Shelton, one of the defendants on November 29, 2007, requested documents concerning the gift of these 48 acres of land. (Doc. 63-20 p. 5 at ¶ 16(c), p. 9 at Request #1). On July 10, 2008, 3ABN, Danny Shelton, and Attorney Gregory Simpson again refused to produce the board minutes authorizing that transaction, claiming that these board minutes were subject to attorney-client and work-product privilege. (Doc. 92 pp. 4–5).

The actual court papers: Danny claims more "non-compete" money given to him in 2009

On page 41 of the PDF posted here which contains Brandy's divorce filing, Danny Shelton reported receiving $155,688 in income in 2009. Of that amount, $52,407.41 was additional money beyond his salary given to him as part of a "non-compete agreement."
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