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Danny Shelton Writes to Pastor Johann Thorvaldsson

Pastor Johann Thorvaldsson, rapidly approaching 74 years of age, served the church as a denominational employee for half a century. He claims that he was terminated from his after-retirement service at 3ABN because he could not ethically endorse what he felt to be lies about Linda Shelton allegedly having an affair with Dr. Arild Abrahamsen.

According to a source who spoke with a 3ABN board member, the last two emails that follow were not written by Danny, since Danny doesn't write this way. Instead, they were written by his ex-son-law, a very serious allegation.

Yet according to another source, "Derrell has never lived at the Danny and Linda Shelton home and has never written any e-mail for Danny ever, under any circumstances." And with so many emails by Danny Shelton circulating around that are similar in content, we'll let Derrell Mundall be innocent until proven guilty on this one.

And in fact, since Danny Shelton's word has been unreliable regarding his brother's child molestation allegations, who owned the car he entered and searched without permission, and other matters, it might be best to require evidence before taking seriously any innuendo he makes against another.

As you read what follows, you will get the idea that if you cross Danny Shelton, he will dig up whatever dirt he can about you, and attack you for all you're worth. And just perhaps, he might dig up dirt that isn't even there.

April 1, 2004: Danny Sends Contact Info

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Johann Thorvaldsson
Subject:  Re: Hospital
Date:  Thu, 1 Apr 2004 06:57:04 -0000

Johann I have a new email address starting immediately it is

I'm still awake, if you want to call me at 618 627-4632. I'm sorry I don't have your number.


Please respond to new email, address not this one.

April 30, 2004: Danny Threatens to Fire Pastor Thorvaldsson & Pastor Thorvaldsson Responds

As one reads the following email from Danny with Pastor Thorvaldsson's reply in blue, one is simply amazed. One month later, as can be seen in the next section below, an email from Danny suggests that Pastor Thorvaldsson has Alzheimer's disease. If only everyone with Alzheimer's could write this coherently, especially when English is not their mother tongue.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Johann Thorvaldsson
To:  Danny Shelton
Subject:  RE:
Date:  Thursday, April 29, 2004 4:15 PM

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Johann Thorvaldsson
Date:  Fri, 28 Apr 2004 15:50

I'm sending Walt Thompson a copy of this email.

I am asking you to verify with me if Linda has contacted you concerning an email she sent the doctor. Whether she talked on the phone to you or sent you an email.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] Danny, last night it was close to midnight when I came home and saw your e-mail. I had been to the airport to pick up our son, Danny, who took off a couple of days from his office work at Aberdeen, Scotland, where he has his main office. He wanted to visit his mother, Irmgard, in the hospital. I was so tired I could neither see balance nor sense in your questions, and when I tried to reply I fell asleep over the laptop, my finger resting on the "q"

Has she let you know either way that the email she sent to the doctor concerning stopping all communications with him was either forced by me or to strongly worded by me.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] In quite a bit of your communication with me, both e-mail and by phone, you have made it clear that Linda was not to make statements that were not approved by you - and you recall me saying to you that it seems like you are trying to cage Linda in and dictate what she should do or say? You have not yet made any indications that you have changed this attitude. Until then I must assume this is what you do, unless you tell me otherwise. You have also written to me that you will check each other's e-mail. So I must assume that you let Linda know what wording you approve in her e-mail.

Number two, I need a straight honest answer from you as to whether you or Irmgard has talked to the doctor and conveyed what she said about this email. Or has the doctor conveyed any information about this email to you.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] On your behalf I have delved into this and investigated things about this mysterious doctor. I discover that both he and we have received an e-mail from Linda. Irmgard and I have read her message, but I discover that the doctor had neither read this e-mail from Linda, nor any e-mail from you, Dan. The doctor has frequent long phone calls with various females who find it refreshing to talk to this man, who listens more than he speaks. He often gets words of appreciation from the husbands of these woman because he helped the spouse become a better person, wife, and Christian.

Since he learned that you were not able to appreciate his efforts, he decided his time is too precious to discuss it with you. He tells me this is the reason he has not answered your calls nor read any of your e-mails. Neither was he willing to discuss the contents of the e-mail from Linda, since he had not read it.

I'm asking you this time not as her husband, but as President of this network.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] Does the presidency carry greater weight than the husband in such a matter? I don't quite follow the reasoning behind this. Isn't the president's primary loyalty towards his wife?

If your going to continue any working relationship with 3ABN then we have to know that your loyalty is with 3ABN.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] I am glad you say that.

Not with me or not with Linda.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] So I should not support you?

We need to know that you understand that this network is much bigger than either one of us and will go forward with or without either one or both of us. We have to know that you are truthful with us when we ask you questions that effect this ministry. I'm looking forward to you answer today.

[Johann Thorvaldsson] I still trust we will see great things with God and 3ABN. I stand for the philosophy you have carted out for 3ABN, based on the WORD of GOD and the Three Angels Messages. There is no better network.


Thank you
Danny Shelton

April 30, 2004: Danny Is Upset with Pastor Thorvaldsson's Reply Above

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Johann Thorvaldsson
Date:  Fri, 30 Apr 2004 00:43:09 -0000

Johann, the simple you still did not answer the simple question, unless I read between the lines, whether you gave the content of Linda's email to this doctor.

It sounds as though you must have because you say you did talk to him about it.

You really need to quit relaying messages between them and let them do it themselves.

I just talked to someone today who told me that the doctor .... [What follows are 56 words containing some dirt that Danny claims to have dug up about the doctor, and which he adds to the 72 words he has already written.]

May 31, 2004: Danny Shelton on the Attack

The following three emails were sent after the May 2004 camp meeting. Pastor Thorvaldsson and Dr. Arild Abrahamsen had flown in for the purpose of speaking to the 3ABN board about Danny Shelton's allegations against Dr. Abrahamsen and Linda. In these emails Danny admits that three detectives were hired to follow these men and video them.

One has to wonder, why would "the Dr. and the lady" ever go "together" to "numerous places including apartments and hotels"? At least two apartments and two hotels, and thus at least four in total, all in the short time of Pastor Thorvaldsson and Dr. Abrahamsen's visit? Does that even make sense?

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Johann Thorvaldsson
Date:  Mon, 31 May 2004 15:05:11 -0000

You and the Dr. (questionable), underestimate American Intellingence. You possibly could have lost one American, but you didn't think about three cars tailing you at all times, instead of one. All of the stops today on the side of the road would have worked with one car, but with three cars less than a mile apart following each other with phones to keep in contact with each other, was too much for you to deal with.

It's called leap frog. Even if all three cars pass the first one has time to circle back. You foreigners were trying to play a game since last Wednesday that was out of your league.

Certain people didn't see YOU enough to get much video of you, but they sure got plenty of the Dr. and the lady together at numerous places including apartments and hotels.

One may never know how much really went on between the two including you. On the other hand, one might. But we know for sure, that the scripure that says to shun the appearance of evil sure went out the window with those two as the lady is still, very much, married. Have a great flight back, when you finally leave.

Once again you showed yourself for having become a disciple of the Dr. as much as the lady in question, when on Thursday night you tried to play the deceptive game of asking where she was, pretending as though you didn't know. You didn't fool anyone, especially God. I'm praying that you can awake out of the spiritual stupor you have fallen into.

June 3, 2004: Pastor Thorvaldsson Explains Why He Asked Where Linda Was

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Johann Thorvaldsson
To:  Danny Shelton
Subject:  American Intelligence
Date:  Wednesday, June 02, 2004 12:43 PM

American Intelligence is really great. ...

Yes, we lost one American on purpose ....

The spies did the job they got paid for. I pitied the one staring at me in Marion. He hid his face while I evaluated his intelligence. I should have taken a picture of his face engraved in shame - for the records. He did not seem to have much to be proud of. Neither did they seem too brave at another encounter. Send them to Scandinavia and we will teach them a trick or two.

The American intelligence is really great at helping husbands find fake reasons to divorce their wives. I have never heard of an honest husband using their services - one who had the intention of saving his marriage. They get kudos from criminals and husbands who have had illegal affairs they want to cover up. Europeans don't downgrade their intelligence to the American level. ...

On Thursday night I gave you an opportunity to tell me why Linda was not there. Were you ashamed of telling me why she was not at the camp meeting? Why did you - with tears in your eyes - ask for her to come back - when she was still married and living with you? Who asked her not to show herself at camp meeting? You thought the Lord did not know the truth?

I am not ashamed to sign my name - what do you have to hide?


June 3, 2004: Danny Shelton Replies

To ensure that we are in harmony with the terms of service agreement, we have asterisked out a single word that appears twice below.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Johann Thorvaldsson
Subject:  Re: American Intelligence
Date:  Thu, 3 Jun 2004 01:33:19 -0000

You really are spiritually dead. Why do you think the doctor faked losing his passport? Dah, Dah! And you fell for it.

I know where they were the next 24 hours and what they were doing. You don't.

People who stoop to hiding and planning affairs shouldn't be mad when they get caught. I see no one is denying what went on, they're just mad they got caught.

They laugh at you and I heard them say "Old Johann has alsheimers disease". He should know if it's true or not. You tell everyone what a great doctor he is.

Bless your heart. He has taken you for a fool and you didn't even know it! (a fellow European).

He only had you for a scape goat and you blindly fell in a ditch, that he dug for you!

Maybe you should try a little intelligence so you could know who your friends are.

By the way, as you know my wife denied that the doctor bought her a watch. She said she knew nothing of a Pierre Cardin watch. I found the watch in her glove box. A two faced watch. One set for US Central time and the other face set for Norway.

The two faced watch reminded me of your two faced Dr. friend who used you to get to my wife, then sent you home pretending to have forgotten his passport. Or could he have even persuaded you to stay around St. Louis, anything just to get you out of his hair.

Maybe you do have Alsheimers, or maybe your just naive. Either way they made you look pretty naked!

My wife also told me the Dr. treated her in his hotel room. (Yes, that worries me). She has a v*****l infection and said he could tell from this little old American machine that is years out of date. I have found out that it is impossible to tell with his equipment. He also gave her infection medicine. I believe one would call that illegal treatmeant by a foriegn Dr. The next time he comes to America he might have a surprise waiting for him!

Anyway since his equipment can not tell him that she had a v*****l infection, there are only a couple of other ways one could know! I'll leave it at that.

This Dr. is a bigger fool that I thought he was. Everything he does he ends up getting caught. In Europe he can fool them, but not so here. He has the intelligence apparently of a kindergardener!
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