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"I Have Proof That It Is Titled to Both She and I"

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"I Have Proof"

Regarding a lot of the allegations against him, Danny Shelton claims to have proof that they are false. Yet it is difficult to evaluate such proof for one's self since Danny is extremely adverse to showing it to anyone.

What follows is an email Danny Shelton wrote on October 8, 2006, to Gailon Joy in which he claimed to have definite proof that a locked automobile he entered without permission belonged to him when it did not. A fax of the title sent directly from the lending bank proves this, and we provide an image of it for your inspection below his email.

We have taken the liberty of omitting much of the verbosity of his email. We did this because some of the omitted matter we are unable to indisputably verify, and the ugly statements about another relative of his, someone other than Linda, we wish not to publish, especially when we don't know if they are true or not.

Points to Note

Besides his repeated insinuating that he plans on taking Gailon Joy to court, one might do well to note the following, which we have highlighted:

  • Danny repeatedly claims to have evidence of Linda's affair that he will not show to Gailon.
  • He has "numerous witnesses" but doesn't name a one.
  • Whatever evidence he does describe in this letter he admits is not proof of adultery.
  • Danny claims his divorce and remarriage is the only issue anyone cares about, which of course is not true.
  • Danny says he has never publicly exposed Linda, but what he has done would incline not a few to beg to differ.
  • Danny asserts that Linda is a polished liar who doesn't wiggle or squirm, but we wonder if a different Shelton might appropriately be described this way.

The portion of the email which pertains to the locked automobile he entered without permission is bolded as well as highlighted.

October 8, 2006, Email from Danny Shelton

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  G. Arthur Joy
Subject:  Re:
Date:  Wed, 11 Oct 2006 08:08:33 -0500

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Walt Thompson
Date:  10/8/2006 12:13:14 PM


Walt copied me your email to him.

I have copies of numerous statements you have made against me as though they are facts. I have copies of numerous other emails that you have sent over the Internet making false claims against me. I am surprised that some one who is a self appointed investigator would make so many public false claims against me that cannot be backed up in a court of law.

I can tell you now that I will not make certain evidence about Linda and the Arild's affair available to you. ... I have used not one but three licensed Private Detectives who will testify in court concerning evidence of Linda's and Arild's affair. ... I have numerous witnesses who will give first hand accounts of their actions. Your little group has second and third hand info passed around over and over. This will not stand up in court as you should know.

Your last email to Walt proves that you either don't have the capacity to know truth from error or you don't care, but you will still be accountable for what you are spreading not only here but in the heavenly courts. ...

You have expressed that Linda and Arild have passed your "truth" test concerning them being guiltless of having an affair. So much so that you are going to email your results to everyone you can .... I hope that they are believable enough for you to stake every thing you own on the information you have received from them and certain others, because in the long run that could be what is at stake for you. ... but I am encouraging you to get the facts straight before you continue to publish lies. This can have bad consequences for every one involved, including you.

Anyway, let me give you just a few things to think about,

You claim that Linda passed your truth test. Are you not aware that any one who is a polished liar will not wiggle or squirm when being questioned about their lies ... ?


The detectives told me that Arild gave Linda a very nice watch as a gift. ...

She never wiggled or squirmed. She was almost convincing to me.

... I decided to go look in her car for any evidence to support the PI's claim that had not been mailed to me yet. Our car door was locked. Yes, I'm aware that she claims it was her car but I have proof that it is titled to both she and I even unto this day. She didn't apparently remember that I too had keys to this Toyota Sequoia. I opened the car door and opened the glove compartment. ...

... at which point she yelled out, "I can't believe you broke into my car and got into my personal belongings! This is abuse!"

... This is not my proof for adultery. I'm only telling you why your truth test on her has Zero credibility as she is apparently in a different league than you ...

I got legal advice and did my homework.

... She will sound believable. Gailon, I believe she would pass your honesty test without squirming or wiggling.


If you want to gamble that what I am telling you is a lie, then that is your business. ...

Once again, I realize this alone does not prove adultery on their parts. But you don't seem to understand that I have done my homework. I would not do something so stupid as you seem to think I've done to divorce Linda without grounds and to re marry and expect my 3ABN board and certain church leaders to support me. ...

Am I all talk as you claim? Can I support my claims in court? Will I be busted? Or will any credibility you may have had with some people fly out the window along with some other consequences? Time will tell.

... I never publically exposed her. ...

You seem to think because people won't give you answers to your questions that something stinks in Denmark as they say. ...

Linda is much harder to find out because she is so good a distorting the truth.


The purpose of this letter to you is to encourage you to get all your ducks in order before you circulate any more mis info as it would be bad for everyone including yourself when the truth comes out in God's timing. ...

Gailon, the difference between mine and Linda's and the Dr.'s statements are I have evidence that can be supported in court to back up my claims. ...

... I am going to keep focused on one main concern that many people have.... Did Danny have biblical grounds for divorce from Linda and the the biblical grounds for re marriage?


It's not that the 3ABN board and I do not have actual witnesses, testimonies and physical evidence to prove Linda and Arild's affair, it's just that we are not giving it to you because we don't think it is time to show our evidence ....

We do have proper channels within the church to show our evidence ... to show much of what you and others have written to be incorrect, especially when it comes to-- did Danny have biblical grounds for divorce and re marriage. That's the big issue as far as viewers and church leaders are concerned. We are now prepared to go through the proper channels to give this evidence and are talking with respected leaders even now as to how best to serve the church and God in this issue.


The Title Itself

For those who wonder why the title says "Void" on it, whenever a title is reproduced as a fax or photocopy, the word "Void" appears because of a built-in security feature. It does not mean that the title that was faxed or copied is invalid.

If you can't make out the details of the title below to your satisfaction, click on it and you will go to a higher resolution copy.

Notice several facts from the title:

  • The automobile's VIN is of a 2003 Toyota Sequoia Limited, which fits Danny's story. (For security purposes we have blacked out a portion of the VIN number as well as the title number.)
  • The vehicle was bought on December 30, 2002.
  • The title shown was issued on February 11, 2003, and is the same title on file with the lending bank today.
  • Thus Danny's name has not been on the title since February 11, 2003, a year before Linda's alleged affair.

Additional information from the VIN is that the vehicle in question is a "4 DR. WAGON/SPORT UTILITY" with a "4.7L V8 FI DOHC 32V" engine, and that it was manufactured in the U.S.A.

A screen that shows information from the CyberDriveIllinois website appears below the title.

CyberDriveIllinois Information

The screen below shows information about Linda's Toyota Sequoia. It gives the same title issuance date as the title above shows. It specifically states that more than one owner does not own this vehicle.

A valid question is, when Danny Shelton claims to have evidence that his ex-wife had an affair but refuses to show that evidence, might we conclude that his evidence is likely as solid as his proof that Linda's Toyota Sequoia is titled in his name as well as hers?

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