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Can 3ABN Survive?

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Judge Rejects
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Tommy Shelton

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Gailon Joy to Gerry Spence: "Can You Suggest a Law Firm?"

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Insults and Quasi-Threats

On January 24, 2007, Bystander, probably 3ABN president Danny Shelton, or someone writing on his behalf, accused Linda of choosing Gailon as her representative during the ASI panel review process negotiations "because of his lack of knowledge and credentials ... because Linda knew that Gailon would bumble and fumble."

Six days later on January 30, a law firm out of Minneapolis, with 18 names on the letterhead, sent a cease and desist letter to Gailon Arthur Joy demanding that he surrender the domain name to 3ABN, cease to post video clips from 3ABN programs anywhere, and cease making certain statements about Danny Shelton and 3ABN.

Three days later, on February 2, bumbling, fumbling, "lack of knowledge" Gailon Joy emails his old acquaintance Gerry Spence, asking him for a referral to a law firm that would be interested in tackling the Danny Shelton Corruption Scandal.

Gailon Joy Emails Gerry Spence

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
To:  Gerry Spence
Subject:  Litigation assistance needed
Date:  Fri, 02 Feb 2007 05:26:35 +0000

Counsellor Gerry Spence:

Need a referral for a firm that would take on a worldwide televangelist media known as 3ABN that has an alleged history of wrongfully terminating dissenting employees protesting numerous civil rights issues, alleged financial abuses of the 501(c)3, sexual harrassment, et siq. and then claims to be exempt from EEOC oversight.

Have EEOC letter authorizing suit. Likely a class action. Will need contingency arrangement.

There are several collateral claims that need close examination as they have various potential tort claims. One would be the cast-aside ex-wife and co-founder of 3ABN by divorce in Guam but no property settlement. It appears that she was wrongfully terminated without due process, slandered, libeled and defamed, and they maliciously interfered with post termination and divorce work attempts. It appears there has been ongoing electronic surveillance, e-mail intrusion, possible post-divorce entry into the private residence of the ex-wife and probable interception of cell phone conversations. Strong paper trail to support her claims.

3ABN Executive was fired and clear trail of malicious attempts to prevent his work in field with competitors with no non-compete clause. Paper or e-mail trails abound including letters libeling this consulting contractor with demands to current contract master to terminate the consultant on letterhead written from 3ABN ministry executive.

Other concerns too numerous to outline here that need to be researched, discovered and addressed.

Have much research and am willing to work with discovery team. FREE!!!

Will require very aggressive litigation team but assets of the ministry, its founder and directors are substantial.

In my experience, strong possibility of recovery from jury demand and believe we have documentary foundation for punitive damages.

Case requires serious attention as some issues are closing in on statute of limitations. In some cases the statute of limitation may be tolled in action similar to various plaintiffs versus Archdiocese of Boston and New York, et al. May require some multiple jurisdictions. Federal jurisdiction without doubt in most cases as we have diversity of interest and claims well in excess of federal minimum.

You told me that if I ever needed any help to call. I don't yet, but these victims of religion gone awry clearly do need assistance and as soon as possible to recover damages.

With Warmest Regards
(In spite of those cold winter winds),

Gailon Arthur Joy
Off: ***-***-****
Cell: ***-***-****

PS: Enjoyed our meeting at Senator Illuzzi's office in Northeast Kingdom of Vermont following the Island Pond Raid and arrest of entire colony of men, women and children. What a breach of constitutional law!!! Did you notice it was Judge Cashman, (yup, one and the same) that O'Reilly recently went after?

He sure saved the day for constitutional law that Friday!!! What an exhilaration it was to see every one of those families go home in unison that day ... a real triumph for the Law, God and country!!!

Love your stories!!! My wife still covets your "home to live in" as seen in a recent issue of Log Homes. She was so impressed she went out to buy the log home book. Great pictures of "the den".

I have also missed your common sense analysis on talk shows lately. Am pleased to see you have addressed the issue in your new book. Should shake up the media elite. Is it a wonder there is total silence? When do they start interviews??? Huh, huh!!! It is a must read for libertarians & Americans.


My, what a hornets' nest Danny Shelton has just gotten into. Why can't he do the dignified thing and apologize, ask forgiveness, and resign? Why fight to the death and risk 3ABN's future in the process? Does he really think 3ABN's finances will hold out till the end of all the lawsuits that could be coming down the pike? Can he really suppose that his donors will support him through all this mess?

One thing for certain, Danny should be glad that Gailon is inexperienced. Imagine how bad things would be for Danny right now if Gailon really knew what he was doing. ... On second thought, do Bystander's comments about Gailon's inexperience constitute another example of prevarication on the part of Danny, especially since Danny wanted to exclude Gailon from the ASI panel review process?

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