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Who Will Danny Shelton Sue Next?

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In a special broadcast on February 15, 2007, 3ABN president Danny Shelton announced to the entire world that they were going to sue people for things that had been written on the internet. On March 15, 2007, sources indicate that he and Walt Thompson flew up to St. Paul, presumably to talk with Gerald Duffy's law firm. On April 22 Danny Shelton wrote that they had "filed a lawsuit against two individuals in particular to begin with." After another alleged trip to St. Paul on April 29, Gailon Joy and Bob Pickle were served papers on April 30.

This brings us to the question we want to explore on this page: Just how many people are on Danny Shelton's list to target with these lawsuits?

Letter to a Canadian

Do you live outside the United States? That might not be far enough to be out of the reach of Danny Shelton, as the following email to Canadian Daryl Fawcett from a good friend of Danny suggests:

-------- Original Message --------
From:  ******
To:  Daryl Fawcett
Subject:  The church at risk
Date:  Monday, February 19, 2007 8:55 PM


As an official website of your conference, it is hard for me to fathom that you are willing to put the conference at risk with the materials you are publishing in various and diverse places, as well as those you allow to stand on your site.

3ABN can easily prove that they have had reduced income, from testimonies from former donors, because of materials you allow on your website and material you are publishing on other websites.

The law firm they are using, or rather is being provided free of charge for them has never lost a lawsuit. From what I have been told, they do not take on cases they will lose.

Stand out side your home some time, and ask your self the question "Wonder where I am going to live when I have to sell this to pay legal fees" for a liable suit you will lose.

Not all things are as they appear to be, it is in your families and your Church's best interest not to be someone else's monkey.

You may not like me, may not respect me, may even detest me, but that is still no reason too put the Church at risk.

I have nothing to gain by telling you this do I? Nothing at all.


PS I will not bother you more about this.

For those who have been inclined to be critical of Seventh-day Adventist leadership for not being more vocal regarding the allegations against Danny Shelton, you can perhaps see why some leaders have been hesitant to say anything. Yes, as suggested by what the above friend of Danny has written, Danny just might sue a church, a conference, or even "the Church" itself.

By the way, Daryl Fawcett's website,, is not presently an official church or conference website, so the above was written because of a misunderstanding.

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