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Mike Riva's Threat to the Dunn Loring Congregation

In an apparent effort to manipulate the Dunn Loring Church of God congregation into muzzling their pastor, 3ABN attorney Mike Riva sent the following letter. To all appearances, this is an attempt to prevent charges being filed over the most recent known allegation of child molestation against Tommy Shelton.

Is this an appropriate letter for an attorney representing a TV network to send, a network that claims to be preaching the undiluted three angels' messages, a network that claims to be forwarding the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Is it an appropriate use of donor funds to silence child molestation allegations in this way? Seventh-day Adventists everywhere think not.

An alleged victim of Tommy Shelton in Illinois, when hearing the part of Riva's letter that says that Tommy, Danny, and 3ABN's patience has run out, said, "Patience?! Their patience?! What about our patience?"

We believe he has a point.

Thus far these threats have only been threats. The difficult problem for Danny Shelton is that if he were to sue, the resulting litigation would result in an investigation of many aspects of 3ABN, including, according to some sources, 3ABN's books. And the books have traditionally been something Danny does not want people to see.

Attorney Mike Riva's January 2007 Threat

January 5, 2007

***** *****
Board of Community Church of God
2458 Gallows Road
Dunn Loring, VA 22027

Dear ******:

Please be advised that I am one of the attorneys representing Tommy Shelton and Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. The purpose of this letter is to: 1) advise the board of actions of its pastor Glenn Dryden; 2) to place the board and each individual member on notice that the actions of your pastor will not be tolerated any further; and 3) to inform the board and its individual members that all will be named as defendants in a lawsuit should the actions of your pastor continue.

I am aware of the slander and libel that your pastor is engaged in and of his efforts to encourage others in attacking Tommy, Danny, and 3ABN. Such actions are far beneath the level of Christian behavior and are legally libelous. Your pastor has used the internet to spread scandalous allegations against my clients in an attempt to harm them personally and to affect the on-going ministry of 3ABN. My clients have exercised great restraint up to this moment as others so defamed would have already sought legal redress of the situation.

Their patience is gone. Though they do not relish the thought of filing a lawsuit against the church, your pastor and all the members of the Board of Directors individually, that will be the next step. They have had enough.

Let me be perfectly clear about this. You and the rest of the board are the leaders of your church and in my legal opinion have been placed in legal jeopardy by the actions of your pastor and your willful consent thereto. Many of his libelous writings have been posted on the internet for all the world to read. Therefore, consider this a demand that you discuss the situation with your pastor and direct him to immediately cease all actions directed toward my clients. Should that not happen, the only remaining recourse for my clients is to file a lawsuit. As you know, lawsuits are costly both financially and emotionally for those individuals involved. The status quo, namely continued efforts by your pastor to undermine and defame my clients with the board members having full knowledge of his actions, will not be tolerated. It is time for the board to realize the jeopardy that exists and to direct the pastor to cease; otherwise the church and individual board members will be ensnared by the tentacles of the lawsuit.

Very truly yours,

D. Michael Riva


P.S. Should you need copies of the various e-mails, please let me know and I will send them to you.
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