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Scott Clem: "In Response to Your Message"

Brother of Alleged Victims of Tommy Shelton

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Scott Clem is the brother of Roger Clem and Pastor Duane Clem. He expresses his support for 3ABN below, and his concern for 3ABN if Danny and Tommy Shelton are not removed.

Scott Clem's Email

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Scott Clem
Subject:  In Response To Your Message....
Date:  Thu, 04 Jan 2007 12:15:17 -0600

Hi, Bob!

I am contacting you in response to your telephone message of Wed., Jan. 3. My apologies for being so long in getting back with you.


First of all, I want to make you aware that I know a little about who you are, having read your posts at Maritime SDA Online. I want you to know that I fully support your efforts to clean up the mess at 3ABN, and that my prayer is for successful results for the good of 3ABN and it's viewers, and most importantly, for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I wish to make it clear that, though I am Southern Baptist, I hold nothing against the Seventh Day Adventist Church, any of it's members, or 3ABN personally. My problem, as I am sure is the same with you, is the un-Christian conduct so rampant at 3ABN. Such conduct serves no purpose but to undermine the original intended objective of 3ABN and to embarrass the SDA Church. Those responsible for this misconduct must be exposed and dealt with, and I applaud your efforts to do just that.

As you now know, both of my brothers are victims of past molestation by 3ABN vice president Tommy Shelton, who served as our pastor at Ezra Church of God at the time that the molestations took place. There is also evidence that my brothers are not the only victims. While I have never been a victim of any type of sexual abuse, I am greatly enraged by such actions, particularly as such a despicable act has been perpetrated on my brothers by someone in whom our entire family had placed so much trust and confidence for so many years. Few things in life have cut me so deeply as this situation, and the human side of me wants to see Tommy Shelton fall to the most harsh and swift justice known to man in response to his devilish actions. It is my feeling that the Lord, though he still loves Tommy, also desires that he pay for his actions. Tommy's conduct is clearly not of God.

I am equally pained by the fact that our late mother, who died of cancer on Dec. 1, 2001, left this world never having known that two of her children were victimized by Tommy in this way. She remained steadfast in her support of Tommy due to this lack of knowledge. At the same time, I consider everyone involved in this ordeal, with the obvious exception of Tommy, to be completely blameless. Mom never knew the truth, and I can guarantee you that if she had, she would have turned on Tommy in the blink of an eye. As well, while I cannot say that I truly understand what my brothers went through, I can somehow understand why they waited so long to come forward. Feelings of guilt and embarrassment are commonplace with victims of sexual abuse for many years after the abuse has taken place. I also know that my brothers were fearful of hurting Mom or other family members by coming forward with this information, and/or of what might happen in the aftermath. Our family is hurt and angered by this, but this pain and anger is not directed at, nor is it the fault of, my brothers. I am just glad that they have both realized the importance of coming forward, as it will be a major step on their road to recovery and toward bringing Tommy to justice for what he has done. Simply put, it is my observation that, of all the numerous people involved in this terrible situation, the blame for it's entirety rests solely on one person, and that would be one Tommy Shelton. May God, in this situation, forego His endless mercy and leave Tommy to face the consequences that he really deserves!

As for the other information that I may provide for your continuing investigation, .... [What follows is a legal matter that needs verifying.]

Again, I state that I have nothing against 3ABN personally, but I support and applaud your efforts to get a stranglehold on the situation as it stands now. I wish to see 3ABN become a great powersource for the furtherance of God's Kingdom, but I can no longer believe that this will happen under the leadership of Danny and Tommy Shelton. It appears to me that, in order for 3ABN to move forward as a ministry, Danny and Tommy must be ousted. While we should continue to pray for them, it is clear that the situations in which they have placed 3ABN will necessitate their removal. Otherwise, 3ABN will surely fall, and I really do not believe that it has to come to that.

On an added note, some of these situations, if placed for investigation by the federal government, could result in the revocation of 3ABN's licenses. Perhaps the best course of action would be to recommend to Dr. Walt Thompson that steps be taken in the very near future to remove Danny and Tommy so that 3ABN will have a fighting chance to save it's authority to broadcast. At this point, it could be in serious jeopardy.

To tell you the honest truth, I would very much welcome an opportunity to work with 3ABN in whichever ways ..., but I will not even make an attempt at such an arrangement as long as 3ABN is under the facist thumb of Danny Shelton and his child molester brother Tommy. God does not honor such things, and I refuse to do so as well. As a past volunteer at 3ABN, I would love to re-establish a friendship with the network, and my hope is that, in the foreseeable future, I will be able to do so. As things stand right now, this just cannot happen.

Again, my best to you and those working with you to bring back some order to 3ABN. It is my hope and prayer that your investigations will bring Danny and Tommy and all other guilty parties to justice and restore 3ABN to her former self for the glory of God. If you need anything else from me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Christ,

Scott Clem

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