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Mike Riva's Threatening Reply to Pastor Glenn Dryden

What follows is the June 2003 reply Pastor Glenn Dryden received from 3ABN attorney D. Michael Riva. The careful reader will note that the only legal justification given by Mike Riva is,

"Even if the actions occurred, there is no criminal jeopardy as the statute of limitations has long since passed."

Is this adequate justification for an attorney to intimidate into silence a non-Adventist pastor who is concerned about child molestation? Is this letter appropriate coming from an attorney affiliated with a Christian ministry that is a member of the organization known as ASI, and that is operated by a Seventh-day Adventist? Do Seventh-day Adventists, a people who promote the keeping of the 10 Commandments, approve of such tactics being used to cover up allegations of child molestation? We think not.

A vital question is, Who paid Mike Riva for his services in writing this letter? Did Tommy pay for them out of his own pocket or did 3ABN pay for them in some way? Danny Shelton, 3ABN president and brother of Tommy Shelton, refuses to say.

Attorney Mike Riva's 2003 Threat

226 E. Main Street
(618) 937-2404 • FAX: (618) 937-2405

June 13, 2003


Pastor Dryden
1345 Ezra Street
West Frankfort IL 62896

Dear Pastor Dryden:

Please be advised that I represent Tommy Ray Shelton and have been directed to contact you concerning actions you have taken against him which are slanderous and libelous and calculated to deprive him of his right to earn a living. We are aware that you have been talking to and sending letters to various individuals in which you state with certainty that he has committed certain felonious acts.

You are putting yourself and the Ezra Church of God in a position of legal jeopardy by your actions as you have used church letterhead in your attacks on my client.

Even if the actions occurred, there is no criminal jeopardy as the statute of limitations has long since passed. Senate Bill 1035 does not, nor could it constitutionally if it actually stated so, place a person in legal jeopardy after a statute of limitation had already run. The courts of Illinois have addressed this question. A few of those cases are: People of the State of Illinois v. Coleman, 1993 5th District, 245 Ill.App.3d 592, 615 N.E.2d 53, 185 Ill.Dec. 758; People v. Berg, 277 Ill.App.3d 549, 660 N.E.2d 1003, 214 Ill.Dec. 296; People v. Massarella, 80 Ill.App.3d 549, 660 N.E.2d 436, 36 Ill.Dec. 16.

These cases are enclosed for your review and to prove to you that no State's Attorney will charge my client with any criminal offense because the statute of limitations had already run and any new legislative bill cannot put him back in a position of criminal jeopardy.

I have discussed this legal point and cases with an attorney in the State of Illinois Appellate Prosecutor's office and an Illinois State's Attorney. There is no disagreement on this legal point.

Any action to encourage an individual to discuss any of the alleged acts with the State's Attorney's office will never result in a criminal prosecution for the alleged offense and will put the Ezra Church of God and yourself in further jeopardy.

You are best advised to cease all of your activity regarding Tommy Ray Shelton. To continue, will place your church, Ezra Church of God, and yourself in legal jeopardy for no good reason.

Very truly yours,

D. Michael Riva

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