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3ABN Employee Handbook Disregarded

The following highlighted excerpts from the 3ABN Employee Handbook were sent to us by some former 3ABN employees. It is their contention that the current administration of 3ABN flagrantly violates these selections from their own Employee Handbook. As the letter we received states,

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From:  ******
Subject:  employee handbook of 3abn -
Date:  Tue, 6 Mar 2007 1:30 PM


It is obvious that 3ABN, while claiming to promote the "undiluted" three angels messages, is engaged in the systematic practice of diluting not only the three angels' messages, but the Ten Commandments, and its own Employee Handbook.


Employee Handbook Excerpts

Excerpts from the 3ABN Employee Handbook
(March 2005 Edition)

Employee Relations:

  • Three Angels Broadcasting Network believes that the work conditions, wages, and benefits are competitive with those offered by other employers in this area and in this industry. If employees have concerns about work condition or compensation, they are strongly encouraged to voice these concerns openly and directly to their supervisors (p. 5).
  • Our experience has shown that when employees deal openly and directly with supervisors, the work environment can be excellent, communications can be clear, and attitudes can be positive. We believe that Three Angels Broadcasting Network amply demonstrates its commitment to employees by responding effectively to employee concerns (p. 5).

Equal Employment Opportunity:

  • Three Angels Broadcasting Network is a religious ministry and desires to foster in its workplace, in a manner consistent with state and federal law, an atmosphere that is in harmony with the religious principles that the ministry promotes. It expects all employees, while in the workplace, and while otherwise representing Three Angels Broadcasting Network, to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the Biblical principles of health, purity, modesty, kindness, courtesy and service, as further defined in this Handbook (p. 6).
  • Any employee with questions or concerns about any employment decision, practice or any type of discrimination in the work place are encouraged to bring these issues to the attention of Three angels Broadcasting Network (p. 6).
  • Management is primarily responsible for seeing that Three Angels Broadcasting Network's equal opportunity policies are implemented, but all members of the staff share in the responsibility for assuring that by their personal actions the policies are effective and apply uniformly to everyone (p. 6).

Harassment Policy:

  • Three Angels Broadcasting Network is committed to providing a work environment that is pleasant, professional and free from intimidation, hostility or other offenses which might interfere with work performance. Harassment of any sort – verbal, physical, visual – will not be tolerated, particularly against employees in protected classes. These classes include, but are not necessarily limited to race, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, medical condition, or any other protected status defined by law (p. 6).
  • What is Harassment? Workplace harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, comments, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence. Harassment is not necessarily sexual in nature. It may also take the form of other vocal activity including derogatory statements not directed to the targeted individuals but taking place within their hearing. Other prohibited conduct includes written material such as notes, photographs, cartoons, articles of a harassing or offensive nature, and taking retaliatory action against an employee for discussing or making a harassment complaint (pp. 6, 7).
  • Responsibility: All Three Angels Broadcasting Network employees, and particularly managers, have a responsibility for keeping our work environment free of harassment. Any employee who becomes aware of an incident of harassment, whether by witnessing the incident or being told of it, must report it to their immediate supervisor or to the designated management representative with whom they feel comfortable. When management becomes aware of the existence of harassment, it is obligated by law to take prompt and appropriate action, whether or not the victim may want Three Angels Broadcasting Network to do so (p. 7).
  • Reporting: While Three Angels Broadcasting Network encourages you to communicate directly with the alleged harasser, and make it clear that the harasser's behavior is unacceptable, offensive, or inappropriate, it is not required that you do so. It is essential, however, to notify your supervisor or, if you prefer, to notify Mollie Steenson, Tommy Shelton or Larry Ewing immediately even if you are not sure the offending behavior is considered harassment. Any incidents of harassment must be reported to a member of management. Appropriate investigation and disciplinary action will be taken. All reports will be promptly investigated with due regard for the privacy of everyone involved. However, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Any employee found to have harassed a fellow employee or subordinate will be subject to severe disciplinary action up to and including termination. Three Angels Broadcasting Network will also take any additional action to appropriately remedy the situation. Retaliation of any sort will not be permitted. No adverse employment action will be taken for any employee making a good faith report of alleged harassment (pp. 7, 8).

Policy on Sexual Harassment:

  • Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature when such conduct creates an offensive, hostile or intimidating environment and prevents an individual from effectively performing the duties of their position (p. 8).
  • Three Angels Broadcasting Network prohibits any employee from retaliating in any way against anyone who has raised any concern about sexual harassment or discrimination against another individual (p. 8).
  • Three Angels Broadcasting Network will investigate any complain of sexual harassment and will take immediate and appropriate disciplinary action if sexual harassment has been found within the workplace.

Problem Resolution:

  • Three Angels Broadcasting Network is committed to providing the best possible working conditions for its employees. Part of this commitment is encouraging an open and frank atmosphere in which any problem, complaint, suggestions, or questions receive a timely response from Three Angels Broadcasting Network supervisors and management (p. 36).
  • If employees disagree with established rules of conduct, policies, or practices, they can express their concern through the problem resolution procedure. No employee will be penalized, formally or informally, for voicing a complaint with the Three Angels Broadcasting Network in a reasonable, business-like manner, or for using the problem solution procedure (p. 36).
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