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"Linda, I Still Don't Have Proof of Fornication"


"God and Me Will Always Know the Truth!"

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July 17, 2004: "If You Have Not Already"

In the email below, 3ABN president Danny acknowledges that as of July 17, 2004, nearly a month after their divorce was final, he still has no proof that Linda had committed fornication, the only biblical grounds for divorce (Mat. 5:32). Yet his fear is that when Linda goes to Norway for medical reasons and to see Elder and Mrs. Thorvaldsson, the latter who was suffering from bone cancer, he will finally have biblical grounds, after the fact.

As in other communications, Danny refers to allegedly lengthy and frequent phone calls and multiple alleged planned "vacations." Linda continues to dispute these allegations.

Since current phone card rates to Norway are 7 or 20 minutes to one depending on whether you are calling a land line or cellphone, not counting surcharges, the 4 hour 9 minute phone call Danny refers to below is likely but 12.5 to 35.5 minutes.

Oddly, Danny in this email only claims to have the phone cards to prove the call, not the phone card phone records as he claims elsewhere.

Also rather odd is Danny's assertion that Linda spent long hours with Dr. Arild Abrahamsen during the 3ABN camp meeting, as if the two of them were alone together. Why didn't Danny also clearly mention the fact that Elder Johann Thorvaldsson was present?

Danny's comments about having video of Linda and Dr. Abrahamsen during camp meeting are interesting in light of Danny's May 31, 2004, email to Elder Thorvaldsson. It appears that Danny may have intentionally gotten video of only Linda and Dr. Abrahamsen, not Elder Thorvaldsson, in order to make his case as strong as possible against the woman of which he says below, "I love you very much."

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Date:  Saturday, July 17, 2004 9:12 AM

Linda Sue,

yesterday when we were leaving the Cracker Barrel, You referred to your relationship with the dr. and said, "the crime doesn't merit the punishment". The truth of the matter is, it does.

Think about it. Thousands of people looked to you and me as the Perfect couple. You gave your heart to another man. But because you hadn't had s*x with him as far back as Feb, you seemed to think everything was innocent.

To the contrary, when you bought a secret cell phone and bought prepaid phone cards, you had already crossed the line of violating your marriage. When I told you your long conversations with this man were wrong and had to stop, you said no. When pastor John pulled his chair directly in front of you in early March and said, "Linda, if you don't stop this relationship with this man, it will destroy your marriage and ministry", you ignored him too. In April, when the Nazerine counselors told you to stop this relationship with this man because you were commiting spiritual adultery, you ignored them too.

You tried to make me and everyone else involved believe that as long as you hadn't had s*x with this man, everything was ok.

Of course it was not ok. After you began having conversations as long as 4 hrs. and 9 minutes, in the middle of March, (which I still have the phone cards to prove it), you were no longer taking the "Higher Road" as the song you wrote, says to do.

None of your actions with this man, were acceptible based of the fact that 1. You claimed to be a Christian following the bible promise that you made during our wedding vows, to forsake all others, for me. This man had you under his complete control from the time you came back from Norway and taped your now famous intro, looking into the camera and saying, "I've met this person who has become my burden barrier.....".

2. The fact that as a Christian having a TV program exemplifying, a happy family and marriage relationship, you could not afford to let another man come into our relationship. Everyone had a right to expected that you or I would never allow a relationship with another person to come in between each other or our marriage. ... Linda, as you look back your own words ought to be screaming out that this relationship came about as a result of the Devil wanting to destroy our marriage and 3ABN.

The fact you continued this relationship against everyone's counsel, made it impossible for you to stay in your position at 3ABN. Had you stopped and truly repented of what you had done, everything would have been forgiven, I told you that many times. But you continued out of control planning numerous vacations with this man while we were still married. The phone calls became more frequent and the planned trips together became more frequent. Yes, I foiled some of them, but the point is, your heart wanted to be with him all along.

No, the board nor I ever had any other choice but to let you go. Me, out of the marriage, and the board out of ministry.

The several days and long into the nights, spent with him during 3ABN campmeeting was totally unacceptible. As you no I have video tapes to prove all of this.

There is no way you can justify this continued sinful situation. Even Mark Finley has counseled you, that even if you were unhappy with me, you had no right to go to another man, with your emotions (your heart)

All professionals agree that spiritual adultery end with physical adultery if not stopped in time. It's not a matter, if it will happen, it's a matter of when.

After two vacations with him in Springfield, the second one without Johann tagging along, and now a several week vacation with him in Scandinavia as well as possibly here in the USA, you will, if you have not already, end up in bed with him. That's all he's been after since the beginning.

He too, has defied all counselors. Somehoww you to seem to think everyone buys your story of justifying sin. They do not.

You told me yesterday, that after people hear your side of the story they all take your side. This is absolutely not true. There are several people fairly close to both me and you, who after hearing your side of the story, came back to me and questioned me. When I tell them the truth about how this relationship quickly went from Nathan to you and your "friendship" with the dr. they have all understood that a husband or wife cannot have that kind of relationship with another person of the opposite sex and still have a happy marriage.

God knew you were going to fall into this temptation with this man and gave you several songs to minister to you to keep you focused on your marriage and ministry, but instead you didn't take the "Higher Road" as the song that the Lord gave you, says to do. Also, the song he had write just for me that you entitled, "You Are the One", the devil made a mockery of you on that one. That song had the potential of blessing millions of people and Satan knew it. Now everyone knows, I am not the only one, and have not been for well over six months.

Linda, it's still not too late for you to turn your life around and begin restoration of the marriage with the only man who really loves you, and reconciliation with 3ABN, so that you can do what the devil has tried to rob you of doing, Minister to a lost and dying world on 3ABN.

Please don't take this trip with this man and please quit taking the advice of fools. Hooking up with person like Derrell Mundall that we both know is [disputed allegation against ex-son-in-law omitted], is a grave mistake for anyone wanting God's blessings on their new ministry, such as you.

Hiring a non Christian attorney, to handle you spiritual affairs for you is a mockery to God. This man will only be used by Satan to destroy any chances of restoration. Planning a business venture with the dr.(the other man) will never succeed. It will only keep you more under his control. Please ask God to help you by giving you real Christian people to help you make decisions surrounding your life and ministry.

I was awake much of the night last night, worrying about your future in the next couple of months, while traveling. The devil will try to take your life. He would love to take my life. He does not want to see reconciliation, because he knows we would be a stronger team than ever before.

I told you that I am uneasy about your traveling all over the world. I will continue to pray to God to put a legend of angels around you to keep you safe.

Linda, I love you so much, yet in our present circumstances, I know it doesn't seem like it to you. I know you think I brought all of your problems on you. But the bible doesn't say we reap what someone else brings on us, it says we reap what we so. I only wish you could take some responsibility for your actions rather than blaming them all on me or anyone else.

Forgiveness comes by first acknowledging our sin and then giving it to God. We can't ignore wrong doing in our lives. Yes, I know I'm not perfect either. I'm seeking God to show me truth also.

Any way I love you very much. If you do go on this vacation with this man, I'm praying God will open your eyes to see him for what he really, a man who knowing cost you your marriage and ministry, just to satisfy his own selfish lust of wanting to get you in bed!

Love Always


July 17, 2004: "Dan, Your Perception Is Totally Wrong."

3ABN ex-vice president and ex-co-founder Linda Shelton responds to Danny's charges above. For convenience we include below her email response which is also found on our page, "Marriage Demise: Was Adultery Involved?"

Linda's reference to an April "e-mail to my family saying our marriage was over" concerns Danny's decision to end the marriage because Linda had hidden his gun.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Linda Shelton
To:  Danny Shelton
Subject:  Re:
Date:  Saturday, July 17, 2004 10:34 AM


Your perception is totally wrong. When I was accused on March 7 I was completely innocent. I tried to correct the problems by quitting contact with this doctor. It didn't help. You accused, you condemned, you demanded confessions (that I could not in honesty confess.) You were out of control. Your big mouth starting going from one to another and in a very short time it was too late. My reputation was already gone by the end of March. In April you sent the e-mail to my family saying our marriage was over. The only way at this point that you could have redeemed the situation is if you made a public confession that you over-reacted and things were not as they appeared to you. But your ego would not let you do that. That's why we are where we are today. Even the divorce was an over-reaction. A 19 year marriage should not go down the drain in three months.

I had a lot of hope for reconciliation for a long time. I prayed, I cried, I begged God to help you see the truth. But I don't see any hope right now. The trust factor is demolished. But I don't hate you. I am praying that God will help me to REALLY forgive you because there is still resentment lurking in my system over this. The best thing we can do right now is just go on with life. Perhaps time will help heal the scars more effectively. Right now I NEED the support of my friends and family. This has been extremely devastating and I need time to heal. So I hope you will STOP with all the P.I.'s and phone bugs and whatever else you are doing and just let me heal. I hope that the Lord will continue to bless 3ABN and that it will not be adversely affected by all of this. I will always love this ministry. And I will always care about you too!! ( I've told you that many times!) But right now I have to care about my broken spirit...and I believe the traveling will help. Bless you!!


July 17, 2004: "God and Me Will Always Know the Truth!"

In Danny's reply below, we find him pushing back Linda's alleged broadcasted announcement from February 7 to January 7.

The way Danny deflects Linda's accusations of continued private investigators and eavesdropping on phone conversations is quite interesting.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Subject:  Re: Re:
Date:  Saturday, July 17, 2004 1:33 PM

Linda, I can't help but respond. You had already made this guy your burden bearrer before Jan. 7. That's when you publicly confessed it.

You did not really stop talking to him. In case you've forgotten, I exposed you several times for saying you had no contact with him, when I had found your phone cards proving you never stopped.

Since January you have never let over 2-3 days go by without contact, except maybe one ten day period.

Now of course, you guys talk 2-3 hours everyday. There is no amount of excuses in the world will make the sin of falling for another man while married to me, right before God.

You may fool some of the people, maybe even yourself, but God and me will always know the truth!

I suppose I'll love you forever. Right now I'm wishing I didn't, but I do.

I saw this long vacation with him coming for a long time and even overheard you planning it.


I've never bugged you trailer. You believe I have because I know so much about what you and he are up to.

You forget I know you better than anyone else in the world. You are very predictable to me.

Your heart left me way before you finally admitted that it did.

You took your heart to Norway and never brought it back to me till this day.

I'm praying the Lord will break this spell that all our friends and counselors feel he has on you, so that you may see the truth before it's too late for restoration.

I don't believe God will bless this new ministry the way He wants to until you ask Him to forgive the sin against me and 3ABN.

your 2nd X

If you don't see the wrong you've caused in this marriage I predict you'll eventually have a 3rd X husband.

After two failures, it seems you would start to look for the problem on the inside.

[Insult about Linda's mother deleted.]

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