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Broken-Hearted Mother #2

Letter of Charlotte Hopper, Mother of Greg Houseworth

Greg Houseworth is one of the alleged victims of Tommy Shelton. His mother, Charlotte Hopper, unburdens her heart below.

February 3, 2007

Dear Sir:

I am writing this letter to tell you that I am the mother of one of Tommy Shelton's victims.

First of all, I want to commend the boys, now young men, that have come forward. I know that it was not easy, and for the ones that haven't yet spoken out publicly, God bless each one of you! Whichever group you belong to, you have nothing to be ashamed of. What was done to you lies on the shoulders of Tommy Shelton!

I, like many others in the beginning of this mess, believed Tommy Shelton. He had a way of manipulating people, both young and old, and still to this day, seems to have that power over some people.

When one of the boys came forward, I remember asking my son if it had happened to him. At that time he told me "no," but he said, "Mom, ***** is not lying about it!" As time went on, my son finally came to me and told me that it had happened to him, and with some details of what was done. As a mother, I was angry and, even more, I was sick to my stomach! To think that someone you trusted could do something like this!

I then started to look back and recall things that had happened. I remember when things began to heat up for Tommy Shelton, he came by our home and asked my son to come outside and talk. Later, I learned that he had told my son that if he told anyone, Carol Shelton would kill herself. Not only did he use his wife, but also his daughter as a pawn. This was not his only threat against my son. I won't write what the other threats were that were made at this time, but they would make you sick!

As for Carol Shelton, all along she has covered up for Tommy. One time at church, she asked me to go down to the teenage girls' classroom. There she asked me if Tommy had done anything to my son. I, not wanting to hurt her and her children, told her "no." At a later date she asked my son to meet her at McDonalds restaurant in West Frankfort. She asked him the same question. He, not wanting to hurt her, answered her in the same way.

It's funny how she never worried about all the boys in their hurts and fears! I wonder when Carol Shelton stands before the Lord, [page 2] what will her answer be then!

As far as Danny Shelton is concerned, he has always covered this up. He did not want this all to come forward as it would be an embarrassment to him and his ministry. He had a growing ministry in 3ABN and did not want to jeopardize it, no matter what the cost. He should have known that what Tommy was doing would affect him and his ministry. I would like to know what he will say when he stands before the Lord!

Now, let us get back to Tommy Shelton. I am sure you have heard, if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck! At one time, I was told that Tommy Shelton was a homosexual. Let's get real, he is not a homosexual! I believe that a homosexual would not think of molesting a child! How many times on the news media, do you see where a child has been molested by a homosexual? So back to my "duck story," let's call Tommy Shelton what he is, a child molester, sex offender, pedophile, etc.!

He always said he had a vision for a Christian school. That's why he encouraged the folks at Ezra Church of God to start one. Looking back, I wonder if he was not planning this so he would have access to a lot of young boys!

I am the mother who went to Pastor Dryden when I learned Tommy Shelton was going to Dunn Loring. Pastor Dryden listened to what I had to say, but at that time he had no idea that my son was one of Tommy's victims. In fact, up to that time, he believed the story Tommy Shelton had given. This shows the deception that Tommy Shelton held over lay persons and other pastors! I explained to him my concerns for the young men at Dunn Loring. I did not want the same abuse my son experienced to happen to them. Pastor Dryden did what any pastor should do, and that is to advise the church at Dunn Loring about the allegations. The church had this information, and yet they fell victim to Tommy Shelton's deception. I feel that the folks at Ezra Church of God and Pastor Dryden did all they could at that time in warning them about this matter. They chose to believe Tommy Shelton and allowed him to destroy some more young men there!

I have lived with this for 23 years, and, it has eaten away at me daily for all these years! I hurt for all those other young men, but no one knows the hurt I have for my own! This should not happen to any child! We that have never had this happen to us cannot comprehend the pain and anguish that those young men have [page 3] suffered.

I want to know where the justice is! I know that God can forgive, but Tommy needs to pay for what he has done. He needs to be put where he cannot harm another child! I don't want to see him have another fake breakdown or health problem. Justice needs to come forth. He has devastated two churches and hurt countless young men and their families. These are the few we know about. There may be, and probably are, others. He may fool some people, but he cannot fool God!

To broken-hearted mom number one and all the other mothers who know that their sons were molested, I understand your anguish and pain.

Charlotte Hopper

P.S. If Tommy Shelton would like to have his attorney send me a threat of legal action, all I can say is go for it! I would like nothing better than to be in the same courtroom with him! The truth then would be free!
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