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3ABN's Tribute to Alleged Pedophile Tommy Shelton

In light of the allegations of child molestation in Virginia which were just made public on December 5, 2006, one has to wonder why any globally televised tribute was given to Tommy at all. Then when one examines what exactly was said, one asks, Why was this said? Why was that said?

Below we have tried to categorize the various statements that the different speakers made during the tribute. If you feel we have made a mistake somewhere, please let us know.

It appears that the entire program was orchestrated in order to counter the sexual misconduct allegations against Tommy Shelton, but the program did it in a way that avoided directly confronting those allegations, and it made no attempt whatsoever to refute them. This seems unfair to the alleged victims.

Further, the program's obvious references to Linda Shelton were totally uncalled for, even if she is guilty of adultery as Danny claims.

We therefore appear to have an example here of abuse of power by Danny Shelton. The fact that he has control of a microphone does not give him license to run his ex-wife into the dirt, or to steam roll over the alleged victims of his brother Tommy's sexual misconduct.

One has to wonder, who wrote the script? Did each speaker write their own remarks? Were the various speakers prompted by someone with ideas of what to include, such as Tommy being a good travelling companion or having quiet talks together or being so warm?

It would be different if Tommy had not been previously accused of taking advantage of travelling situations to molest boys.

Selected Quotes from the New Year's Eve Tribute

"You Took Over the Production Department 2½ Years Ago"

"You're production manager. You have been the last two and a half years or so ...." (Danny Shelton, 0:17)

"Because, uh, as a brother of course I love your very much, but also as production manager for the last two and a half years in particular ..." (Danny Shelton, 1:23)

"That when you took over production two and a half years ago ...." (Danny Shelton, 1:41)

"Well, two and a half years ago ... you've been there for the last two and a half years." (Danny Shelton, 6:22)

"... the crew these last two two and a half years ...." (Tommy Shelton, 12:56)

"... two and a half years ago ...." (Mollie Steenson, 21:25)

"We Had to Fire Linda 2½ Years Ago"

"Well, two and a half years ago when things changed we had some very traumatic things and things happen at 3ABN and, uh, we asked you to step in, Mollie asked you to step into a position that, uh, just temporarily, and, uh, you've been there for the last two and a half years." (Danny Shelton, 6:22)

"Linda Did a Terrible Job"

"Tommy, when I think of, uh, our experience together, one of the first things that comes to mind is an experience that happened when you first became the production director for 3ABN. Umm. Your predecessor had, uh, decided to pay, uh, production employees minimum wage for travel. And, uh, that person also, uh, structured the work week for the, umm, production truck to minimize the amount of travel that would be available for the employees.

"I forget just exactly when it was but I know that it was very early into your tenure as production director, maybe couple of weeks or few weeks at the most, you came into my office and wanted to talk about the minimum wage situation. Uh. You recognized that this was unfair to your staff and and wanted to correct it, and within a few minutes we had made arrangements to pay production people their full wage as they traveled, and also we standardized the work week for 3ABN employees." (Larry Ewing, 13:42)

Since Danny's ex-wife Linda Shelton was not able to respond on the air to Larry Ewing's comments, we asked her if the above was true. She responded:

"Dan approved all production salaries, not me. ... I don't think any of that is true. Like I said, Dan approved all of the individual salaries. I kind of had a beef about that. Dan and Mollie decided who got a raise and who didn't. I wanted to give Sandra Juarez a raise and Dan wouldn't allow it."

"You've Done a Much Better Job Than Linda"

"I mean, you've done an incredible job. I ... Mollie told me that uh the first year they keep track of all this stuff, you know. She's their general manager. That when you took over production two and a half years ago that we actually increased our production around 60% for programming new programs going on the air." (Danny Shelton, 1:36)

"Also our international headquarters growing and the production of course that it's it's a first-great first-class production ... one of the things they look for is good quality ... and so 3ABN is a part of those now because of you and the production crew." (Danny Shelton, 2:49)

"I want to say I want to thank you tonight, uh, this New Year's Eve I want to thank you for the years of a that you have been a great asset to 3ABN." (Danny Shelton, 6:57)

"You've done an excellent job for 3ABN." (Larry Ewing, 16:28)

"[Mollie] mentioned, "Tommy is the best," and I would have to agree with that." (Larry Ewing, 16:59)

"And I've heard that production increased under your leadership. And that's, uh something good, uh. There's been nothing but good things said, uh, here about you because of the fine work you've done." (John Dinzey, 18:00)

"You see, Tommy, our production department has grown and flourished under your management. No one could have possibly done the job that you've done. Tommy you're the best. I just can't imagine 3ABN without you." (Mollie Steenson, 21:55)

"You Have to Retire 3 Months Early Because of Your Stress-Caused Health Problems"

"You are retirement age, actually, coming in March. ... And so we decided to go ahead and and do it here tonight and, uh, so that you can, we're trying to get you out of that stress." (Danny Shelton, 7:56)

"No, Your Stress Isn't Because You're in Trouble Again for Propositioning Men and Abusing Boys"

"... you've been there [in the production department] for the last two and a half years. It is very stressful." (Danny Shelton, 6:38)

"Any position ... can be very stressful. And I realize that that's been very hard on you." (Danny Shelton, 6:44)

"So you have a lot of responsibilities plus weekend traveling." (Danny Shelton, 7:23)

"... pray for you physically too. Because I realize we've put you under a lot of stress. And I know your cholesterol ... Right now I know that your blood pressure has been up again. And, eh, you're under a lot of stress." (Danny Shelton, 7:35)

"And so we decided to go ahead and and do it here tonight and, uh, so that you can, we're trying to get you out of that stress." (Danny Shelton, 8:06)

"Of course ... I think getting you out of a position of so much responsibility ...." (Danny Shelton, 8:23)

"But as far as you know what he's doing with that tremendous schedule working all week plus traveling weekends that's too much for anybody with a good heart let alone somebody that's struggling." (Danny Shelton, 8:55)

"Plus I live an hour and a half away. It's an awful lot of driving." (Tommy Shelton, 9:04)

"It wouldn't be so bad the driving but you got that ferry that you have to deal with." (Danny Shelton, 9:10)

"Probably my most stressful thing of all of it is that ferry. If I didn't have that ferry I could cope." (Tommy Shelton, 9:26)

Really? It's the ferry that is the worst thing of all? Far worse than the new allegations of child molestation in Virginia? But Tommy, one of your alleged victims in Illinois tells us that that particular ferry boat ride is extremely relaxing.

"You're Not Gone; You'll Be Back. Promise."

"It doesn't mean that we don't want you to come back and volunteer for nothing sometimes, you know, or that we want you to travel with us and do some music here or come back and do some programs." (Danny Shelton, 8:13)

"My sister Tammy she walked in the the office a awhile ago and she goes Well I'm I I'm I don't know how I can deal with this if Tommy's not here, she said, you know. And I said, Well no, he's going come and he's going to be helping us and he's still going to do some things." (Danny Shelton, 8:41)

"Like I said, It doesn't mean he's going to be gone from 3ABN. As long as his health holds up. And and we want you to just spend some time and get your health ...." (Danny Shelton, 9:42)

"... and we're telling our viewers, you're not just gone ... we're going to let up on that for awhile, but as your health, you know, and as you get better and stronger, ... we want you to come back, and be with us as often as you can." (Danny Shelton, 12:20)

"And I'm looking forward to more time with you and I'm hoping very much that we'll be able to work at other, on other projects and things together." (Dee Hilderbrand, 19:10)

"We're Not Guilty of Embezzling Like People Say"

"I remember also that you were strict with them at times, and you, you didn't let them take advantage of 3ABN or the Lord. You were very, you felt very accountable, umm, for the, uh, the management of the Lord's money and you wanted to, to always handle it well." (Larry Ewing, 15:39)

"Tommy Is Such a Great Christian, a Man of Integrity"

"And I must say it was a pleasure to work with you I saw you as an honest person, a person of integrity that was trying to do the best to for the crew and for the guests that came in to do programming but also uh for the Lord. And I appreciate that about you." (John Dinzey, 17:20)

"It's been a pleasure, I must say, to see someone, uh, that would put their best effort forward for the Lord. ... And I appreciate you as a Christian brother ... And I know that you will do the best for the Lord." (John Dinzey, 17:53)

"My real emphasis is how you've helped me grow spiritually." (Dee Hilderbrand, 18:53)

As you know I've prayed a lot for you for your health and I'm very concerned about that. So what the burden on my heart is that you get well and healthy and stay well and healthy and that I have more years to grow and have you as a mentor and an example." (Dee Hilderbrand, 19:24)

"One, you brought a Christian grace and dignity to your work." (C. A. Murray, 20:09)

"You were a good person to work with and umm a fair person and a Christian person ... and you are a good traveling companion." (C. A. Murray, 20:17)

"You're a good man, a good Christian." (C. A. Murray, 21:00)

"But I to praise God that we've had this time to get to know each other. For brother, I've learned so much from you. Mine and Hal's prayer is that God will greatly bless you because we know at that this time of of your life He's going to just open up new avenues for you to serve Him." (Mollie Steenson, 22:11)

"The most important thing they've all said is that they appreciate your Christian experience and your Christian walk with the Lord." (Danny Shelton, 23:51)

"No Allegations Against Tommy Here"

"There's been nothing but good things said, uh, here about you ...." (John Dinzey, 18:06)

"You are universally loved by us all, and certainly loved and appreciated by me. Sometimes we come together and have little quiet talks and discuss things." (C. A. Murray, 20:43)

"God is going to be with you and we are with you and we send you our love and our respect and God's love." (C. A. Murray, 21:09)

"No, Tommy Is Not After Men"

"Another thing that, uh, I think about when I think about you is, uh, the way that you would always say, "Hi Larry," when we met in the hallway or in the foyeh, and you know, your warmth always shone through to me." (Larry Ewing, 16:33)

"You are universally loved by us all, and certainly loved and appreciated by me. Sometimes we come together and have little quiet talks and discuss things. And, uh, you have the ability to even say no and a person comes out feeling good." (C. A. Murray, 20:43)

"When Those Boys and Their Parents Say That Tommy Would Abuse Them on Trips, Don't Believe It"

"... and you are a good traveling companion." (C. A. Murray, 20:26)
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