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The Discovery of the 2003 Glenn Dryden Letter had discussed a host of allegations, including the Tommy Shelton child molestation allegations in West Frankfort, Illinois, and Dunn Loring, Virginia. Yet there was one challenge with a number of the various allegations: little or no concrete documentation to support them.

But on August 10, Panama Pete gave a detail which made it relatively simple to discover the existence of the 2003 Glenn Dryden letter, something that had not appeared on the internet forums before:

Who Is It?
Panama_Pete Posted on: Aug 10 2006, 10:26 AM


That Web page you mentioned appears to be unchanged from the year 2000.

Here is a current roster of the "Church of God of Cumberland Valley"


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Retrieving some contact info from the web site Panama Pete had provided a link for, Pickle suggested to his pastor friend that he call the Church of God church out there in Dunn Loring, Virginia, where Tommy used to pastor, and ask them if the child molestation allegations against Tommy Ray Shelton were true. So that pastor did.

The result was that both he and Pickle consequently ended up talking to Pastor Glenn Dryden, a man who providentially had pastored not one but two of the churches where Tommy used to pastor: Ezra Church of God in West Frankfort, Illinois, and Community Church of God in Dunn Loring, Virginia. Dryden told them that he had sent a letter in 2003 informing Dr. Walt Thompson that Tommy had molested six boys, and the reply he got to that letter was a threat of legal action issued by 3ABN attorney Mike Riva writing on behalf of Tommy.

On August 14, 2006, but a day after the rerun of the August 10 broadcast, Dryden sent a transcription of his 2003 letter to Pickle. In doing so he requested that it and his name not be made public, since some of his relatives worked at 3ABN, and he was afraid that Danny might retaliate against them if the matter was not kept private. But Dryden authorized Pickle to forward his 2003 letter to Seventh-day Adventist church leaders, which he proceeded to do by sending it to four pastors and administrators.

The Implications

Dryden's tale and concerns were troubling, and indicated that a severe problem was brewing. Here was someone who had no apparent gripe at how Danny had treated Linda during the break up of their marriage in 2004, and thus someone who was not prejudiced against Danny for that reason. Besides, he had sent his letter in 2003, a year before the Shelton divorce. And his concern over his relatives being retaliated against by Danny seemed to confirm the allegations on that Danny does that very kind of thing.

To be certain, one can expect all Adventist pastors and administrators to know that allegations of sexual misconduct of this nature don't get swept under the rug by the use of attorney's threats, for if they do, there can be dire consequences if a future incident results in a lawsuit. And multitudes out in the business world, especially the types of folks that tend be members of ASI, also realize the liability implications of such intimidation tactics. Why then was Danny Shelton, a member of ASI, handling this serious matter in such a wrong way?

Moreover, Danny had dismissed the co-founder of his ministry, Linda Shelton, over accusations that she had had an affair with a man who lived thousands of miles away, accusations supported by evidence that to this day Danny refuses to show, even when promised. Yet Tommy had replaced Linda as production manager, despite the allegations of child molestation against him. If Danny cared so little about such serious allegations against Tommy, why would he have gotten so bent out of shape over allegations that Linda had had an affair? It just didn't make sense.

But one thing that did make sense very quickly was that the 2003 Glenn Dryden letter was about to bring another player into the arena: Gailon Arthur Joy.

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