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Round Four: Harold Lance

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Due to the abrogation of the confidentiality agreement by Harold Lance, the following communication is provided for your perusal.

In this email Harold Lance laments the consequences of his own refusal to investigate the very issues a high-level church official had asked ASI to investigate. Gailon Joy had already delayed making the issues public for two to three months so that ASI could have time to deal with the matter. Now Harold tries to blame Gailon's team for the results of his own evasion and stonewalling.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Harold Lance
To:  Gregory Matthews, Linda Shelton, G. Arthur Joy, Bob Pickle
Subject:  What's happening? No one said it would be easy
Date:  Fri, 15 Dec 2006 16:32:18 -0800

Greetings Friends:


Responding first to Greg: What's happening?

We have received responses to "Round Three" from several including Bob, Greg, 3ABN and Danny and are awaiting responses from Art re round three and Linda to the last two messages. Art has said Linda's' reply is coming after a careful process.

Yesterday we received word that several ASI members had gotten a memo from Art which incorporated a memo from Bob dated 12 6 06 to hjl, the ASI president and secretary. Bob's memo was one of 9 received from him between December 3 and 6. The first three were addressed to me only and raised issues re the process. The last 6 were copies forwarded to me (some included Ron and Deb as well) of emails to others related to concerns over Danny/3ABN handling of matters relating to Tommy. I consider all of the messages sent me to be related to our process and entitled to confidentiality.

I have accepted as real the commitment each has made to each other to consider in confidence our communications aimed at developing a process which includes the issues to be considered. It is my belief that Bob's initial 3 memos including the December 6 memo (included in Arts circulated document) were on topic regarding the process. For Art to include the December 6 memo, in a document that was circulated far beyond the process players) I believe, was a breach of our agreement. I thought Bobs' last 6 memos were sent to me as a "make weight" to get me to see the importance of the Tommy issue and why it ought to be included in our agenda. I stated my take on that issue in "Round Three" dealing with the legally mistaken concept he has asserted of ascending liability as it purportedly applies to the Illinois Conference of SDAs and the danger to others of such messages creating a liability for libel.

I believe it is apparent that getting agreement on a process to consider issues ASI has agreed to consider is not easy, maybe impossible. That's why I feel that if we can resolve these important issues it may lead to a process of greater scope.

AS you know we have no commitment to venture into the myriad of issues that have been expressed by many. I would ask that you consider that with all the communication going on over the last several months, resulting in no resolutions, you consider limiting your scope, concentrating on what can be resolved, then go on to what seems most important.

On the other issues you're pushing that are not our immediate concerns. We have no intention of intruding into those matters but we don't want to be drawn into them either. We would appreciate your not sending your messages to ASI people, particularly leadership, as it is not helpful, worse it's distracting away from what we can surround.

None of the 9 recent messages from Bob contained the Confidentiality statement. Did that fact give liberty to Art to redistribute it?

Bob in one of the recent messages asserted that he is not on Linda's team.

Is there any significance to those factors?

This is purely gratuitous, but I don't think the onslaught of messages to the other players on various sides of our process is helpful either on the matters we are trying to surround or the other 20+ issues. Help me, what is the biblical principal involved in that approach?

We stand ready to continue to our process.


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