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Bj Christensen's Crusade to Clean Up 3ABN

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Yes, it is true, the victims of the current crisis owe their entire opportunity to the courage of none the less than an Illinois Conference President (Elder Bj Christensen) and the Mundalls . . . that is correct, none the less than Mr. and Mrs. Derrell and Melody Shelton Mundall.

One could argue that this triumvirate set up, unwittingly, the entire Tommy Ray Shelton & 3ABN legacy in Dunn Loring, Virginia, a second primary malignant site for a host of new pedophilic victims (the first sites being Thompsonville and West Frankfort, Illinois).

The Seventh-day Adventist Church's first critical look at the Shelton Boys and 3ABN came shortly after their mid-1980's trip to the Big Sky ASI meeting and the first serious support of ASI members to the Sheltons and 3ABN (there were still four CO-FOUNDERS then). The GC asked for and received a report from the ASI President at the time which was less than flattering as it recited a history more akin to the Donald of Trump fame with collapsed business deals and bankruptcy, not to mention a few rumors of very salacious scandals while Danny Lee Shelton was in exile in Michigan.

The then President of the General Conference, Neil Wilson, Sr., and the President of the North American Division both received the reports which are in the archives. As early as this there were supportive political types that convinced both men not to move against the broadcaster, despite serious concerns regarding both the viability of the project and the ability and reliability of the FOUNDERS.

About the same time, as the broadcaster was in its infancy, literally, the Tommy Ray Shelton scandal broke over the West Frankfort Ezra Church of God church and church school with the complaints of multiple young victims of pedophilia (actually the second such scandal within this church) at the hands of Pastor Tommy Ray Shelton. Reports from many a witness clearly recall Danny Lee Shelton's intervention with the local sheriff's office, and the sheriff was known to have been a carousing buddy of Danny Lee Shelton.

Tommy once again was unemployed and Danny Lee Shelton brought Tommy on full time as a part of the management team. There are several reports of Tommy utilizing his position to develop a harem of young men at 3ABN.

There were also many rumors of Danny Lee Shelton's secret trysts with a number of staffers and others in the community as well as reports of 3ABN assets diverted to his personal inurement. Melody became aware of her dad's utilization of her legacy and became angry enough to move out of the house and into a prefab home on the campus. At least one purportedly admired young lady is known to have roomed with Melody during this period. Eventually Melody met the young Mundall boy and was swept off her feet and they became a pair.

A number of events, including very specific revelations of charges of Tommy Ray Shelton's sexual harassment of staffers, and specific charges against Danny Lee Shelton of financial mismanagement and his enabling of Tommy Ray Shelton, amongst other allegations regarding real property deals and philandering, began to surface.

The Mundall Family left the campus and moved into northern Illinois and found jobs. Bj Christensen was aware of at least some of the issues at 3ABN and began an investigation as an ex officio member of the 3ABN Board. During this period he managed to meet with the Mundalls and took a statement from Derrell and Melody Mundall running some seven handwritten pages, each signed by the interviewees. Armed with this information, Bj Christensen began what is best described as a crusade to clean up 3ABN. There was a board meeting and the best summary is that Tommy Ray Shelton was thrown out "on the bus" while Danny Lee Shelton managed to talk his way through this first serious attempt at a coup. Bj Christensen's report made it to the NAD and GC and would later play a role at an ASI Convention by Wilson's successor who was promptly accused of "laying an egg" by a politically powerful adversary, Garwin McNeilus.

In the interim, Bj Christensen was lifted out of Illinois and moved to California. The seven-page statement was not in his personal papers after his passing but is known to be in the NAD and GC Archives. The Illinois Conference has denied that the original document was in their archives.

The Mundalls eventually moved back to Thompsonville, made up with dad Shelton, but did not live happily ever after.

Tommy Ray Shelton and his bus/camper van, gifted by 3ABN, would secretly receive 1099 income to support his unauthorized role of marketing cable distributors to take the 3ABN broadcasts, literally on the road. That road tripping led to northern Virginia and Washington, DC and the Dunn Loring opportunity. While visiting Dunn Loring, his broadcasting experience was seen as useful to the development of a local broadcast of religious broadcasting and, according to multiple sources, he continued to receive 1099 income from 3ABN for nearly two and one half years.

Turns out to produce a program for transmission for the Community Church of God, Dunn Loring, Tommy needed broadcasting, videotaping, production and editing equipment. Sources have told us this was donated to the Dunn Loring Church of God and set up in the basement, which became the production set. However, Tommy also needed a producer/director and editor, and a 3ABN producer/director, the son-in-law of Tommy Ray Shelton, none the less than Brad Walker, was transferred to Dunn Loring (the Walker family was members of the Ezra Church of God in West Frankfort). However, sources on the ground in Virginia tell this reporter that Brad Walker stayed on the 3ABN Payroll until he and Pastor Tommy Ray Shelton began full-time staff positions as guests of the Community Church of God in Dunn Loring.

Yes, purportedly your contributions to 3ABN, the Non-Denominational Broadcaster, supported the production of programming on the greater Washington, DC and northern Virginia cable access for the Community Church of God, video production done by admitted pedophile, Tommy Ray Shelton, and his 3ABN-trained and supported son-in-law, Brad Walker. The same Brad Walker that years later reportedly would conspire with Danny Lee Shelton to suppress testimony against Tommy Ray Shelton and subjourn perjury. The same Brad Walker that was part of the intervention team in 2000 that would face down Tommy Ray Shelton following the discovery that Tommy had victimized his own adopted son. And the same Brad Walker that would host the visits of his little brother to their home in Dunn Loring (downstairs from Pastor Tommy Ray Shelton) that would lead to further allegations of pedophilia.

The rest is history we will regurgitate ad nauseum as we report on the coming trial of Tommy Ray Shelton for crimes against the peace and dignity of the State of Virginia, not to mention the Law of God so proudly hailed by Danny Lee Shelton in Ten Commandments Twice Removed.

One point is critical here: The Triumvirate of Courage led by Bj Christensen with the assistance of the Mundalls clearly set up the sequence of events that led both Tommy Ray Shelton and Brad Walker to Dunn Loring, who were reportedly subsidized and supported by 3ABN as they set up the cable ministry for the Church of God in Dunn Loring, which in fact does support 3ABN's claim in 3ABN v. Joy that they are NON-DENOMINATIONAL, sort of?? Or is it an undisclosed ecumenical effort to "counteract the counterfeit"?

One is compelled to ask, did the directors know? Should they have known? Did the officers, especially the General Manager and the Treasurer know? And why were the "stock-holders in the pews" not aware? Why was it not disclosed? Is 3ABN really focused on "counteracting the counterfeit," or is it really NON-Denominational and in fact a virulent and insidious part and parcel of the counterfeit?

And, should the North American Division, the primary sponsor of Hope Channel, consider bailing out 3ABN by at least purchasing the assets and turning the "Face of Adventism" into an "Adventist Face" before this case blows wide open serious misconceptions and harsh realities that will inevitably tie the Seventh-day Adventist world church to this monstrous scandal?

One thing is certain, that Dunn Loring became the stage for the Drama that would result in the current complainants, soon to become plaintiffs, to become pedophile victims, with a number of others, that as of yet have not perpetuated their claims.

We all owe thanks to Bj Christensen for his courage, albeit insufficient, to have reined in Danny Lee Shelton, which ultimately served as the platform for even more egregious homosexual and pedophilic assaults on yet another unsuspecting population, that this time would even involve his own adopted son and would be his Waterloo!!! Unfortunately, even Napoleon would end up only exiled.

Three cheers for Bj Christensen!!!

G. Arthur Joy

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