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Danny Declares War on 3ABN Internet Bloggers — Gilley & McNeilus Save 3ABN

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From:  G. Arthur Joy
Subject:  Danny declares war on 3abn internet bloggers - Gilley & McNeilus Save 3ABN
Date:  Fri, 07 Sep 2007 06:38:16 +0000

Insiders at 3ABN tell us that at the meeting to introduce the new President, Danny spent time attacking the BSDA and Maritime bloggers and cited a case in Florida that would allow them to track down bloggers, and "They are all going down!!!" exclaimed Danny in his usual, grandiose style.

These war drums sounded loud and clear and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to spending hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions to pursue his personal enemies and those who have attacked Tommy Shelton, a former Ezra Church of God pastor and an alleged pedophile with more than twenty male victims in Southern Illinois alone, according to witnesses. Sources have also identified an additional four victims while he was serving as a pastor in the Community Church of God in Dunn Loring, Virginia.

A few hours later Danny Lee Shelton, identified as the sole founder of Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc., went on national TV live with great piety to introduce a new anointed of the Lord as the new President of Three Angels Broadcasting Network. Elder James Gilley brings a new politics to 3ABN and is joined by three other new board members, the most notable being Garwin McNeilus and Lawrence Romrell.

Mr. Romrell is reportedly recently baptized after broke the story regarding his appointment. Colorado conference employees and members of the Sedalia Renaissance Seventh-day church, a congregationally formed church closely aligned with John Grossboll's Steps to Life organization, state that Romrell has recently attended both the Sedalia independent and the Franktown denominational church. Romrell is clearly more conservative than most Colorado SDAs and may not be as tolerant of aberrant standards as many SDAs have been led to believe.

Garwin McNeilus, however, is believed to have played the pivotal role in the 3ABN/Amazing Facts merger talks in the spring that became hopelessly entangled in insurmountable issues, mostly related to the credentialing of the non-SDA 3ABN employees. Danny Lee Shelton took the position that he would not allow a merger to proceed if it did not protect the non-SDA employees, an impossibility for the denominationally affiliated Amazing Facts.

McNeilus is thought to be the most likely candidate to replace the current 3ABN Chairman, Dr. Walter Thompson, the long time spokesman most noted for having parrotted Danny Lee Shelton's message to e-mail inquiries, phone calls and newswriters. McNeilus is no one's parrot and is believed to have his own agenda for 3ABN and the SDA global mission. 3ABN is the perfect platform upon which to build, and you can expect merger or affiliation activity to multiply in the months ahead. Sources believe this is significantly enhanced with Donna McNeilus, a former 3ABN director and the wife of Denzil McNeilus, now installed as the President of ASI.

Gilley made the firm point that he will serve as president and CEO. Danny will serve as consultant to 3ABN and serve on the board. Danny Lee Shelton is the only known remaining lifetime member of 3ABN, having removed Linda Shelton in the palace coup of May 2004. Gilley is well known to be politically savvy and will bring instant credibility and personable likeability as he grabs firm hold of the 3ABN reins over the coming weeks. This should net positive results with the stockholders in the pews if they see less and less of Danny Lee Shelton over the coming weeks.

There are several major issues that they must yet overcome: the lawsuit against the web bloggers, a potential lawsuit from the EEOC complaint and their tax exemption issues with the state and federal government. These will not go away quickly or easily. It may take all eighteen lawyers from Minnesota full-time for two to three years to unravel these cases. The art of negotiation is not one that McNeilus has traditionally employed and therefore they could spend millions in litigation costs with nothing to show for it at the end. Many are of the opinion that none of the cases currently pending are winnable by 3ABN and could have even broader and more expensive long-term implications to the new administration.

The new triumvirate will quickly put together a new coalition on the board that will develop a new power center and leave Danny Lee Shelton power eroded if not powerless as the McNeilus coalition takes relentless control of 3ABN and the $250,000,000 in broadcast assets. As they grasp control, they will also open the floodgates and McNeilus will act as power broker and fundraiser to bring new millions into 3ABN. This is a brilliant maneuver and solves several issues, including the setting aside of Danny Lee Shelton and opening the showers of blessings. This move will most likely save 3ABN!!!

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