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Elder James Gilley Winning over the Staff

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-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
Subject:  Elder James Gilley Winning over the staff...can he win over the board?
Date:  Tue, 11 Mar 2008 21:09:17 -0600

There is clearly a new wind blowing at Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. Staff reports are that Elder James Gilley is a clear breath of fresh air, compared to the Founder, former president and consulting, home building, director Danny Lee Shelton.

Staff consistently compliment Elder James Gilley's open door policy, his warm and friendly and even very appreciative personality. Elder Gilley's sincere and heartfelt spiritual tone and that nasty habit of COMPLIMENTING STAFF on a job well done is clearly also greatly appreciated by staffers.

Some have commented that it helps to offset years of the reclusive, exclusive, barnstorming, arrogance and less than appreciative attitude of the prior president. Some have gone so far as to comment they see no need to keep the "drone" around anymore.

Staffers claim the working atmosphere is less terrorized, clearly more wholesome and productive and some have actually suggested they may be inclined to make it a career with the new President, Elder James Gilley.

On the other hand, reports abound that some Danny worshipping board members are less than happy with the choice of Elder James Gilley as the pre-eminence and dominance of Danny Lee Shelton wanes into the sunset. The concept of Christian leadership under Elder James Gilley is out-weighed by years of dominance by the miracle producing, wife dumping, private inurement seeking, natural wonder of Thompsonville and the political gamesmanship they claim he was just so good at.

Until recently, Elder Gilley's detractors on the board felt "the anointed one" of Thompsonville had finely honed his political power and successfully brought the Shelton brand of poison pill politics into the denomination with a keen eye on cleaning out the denominational leadership of 3ABN detractors. Elder Gilley's detractors are clearly not happy to see the political powerplayer being set aside to achieve a new day of "Spiritual Correctness" being ushered in by the Elder James Gilley administration.

Elder Gilley's unique promotional trips to the churches have also gone far to improve a failing image of 3ABN. Instead of begging for money and speaking incessantly about the 3ABN miracle, Elder Gilley's old fashioned sermon style followed by prayer sessions and taking time to meet, listen to and pray with the folks is winning back many stockholders in the pews. Elder Gilley's "spiritual correctness" is clearly having a positive impact and will go far to repair the damage of the Shelton Shadow over 3ABN.

We trust that as the new era of Elder Gilley's "3ABN Spiritual Correctness" builds momentum with the stockholders in the pews that 3ABN must be open and transparent and accountable to the stockholders in the pews. Let us pray that Elder Gilley continues to maintain the open door policy to the stockholders and Elder Gilley will outlast and win over his detractors. 3ABN will be returned to "spiritual correctness"!!!

Gailon Arthur Joy,

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