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December 7, 2006

"Emergency Board Action Required"

Should Danny & Tommy Go?

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-------- Original Message --------
From:  Gailon Arthur Joy
To:  Directors, Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc.: Walter Thompson, Carmelita Troy, Elder Ken Denslow, Elsworth McKee, Mollie Steenson
Subject:  Emergency Board Action Required
Date:  Thu, 07 Dec 2006 15:05:43 +0000

Some of you may have been following closely the saga of revelations relating to issues perceived and defined regarding the administration of Danny Shelton at 3ABN.

Probably none is as descriptive of the malfeasance and mismanagement and failure of oversight as the issue of Tommy Shelton.

During the early 1980's Tommy was serving as pastor at the Ezra Church of God, West Frankfort, Illinois. Several young men made specific allegations regarding sexual molestation of a minor from the Church School at Ezra by the Administrative Pastor, Tommy Shelton. There was substantial debate amongst the parishioners regarding the support of Tommy versus submitting to the discipline of the Illinois General Assembly of Church of God.

Tommy Shelton and the Ezra Church of God refused to submit to church discipline after Tommy admitted to the molestation of minors and conducting a homosexual lifestyle.

In 1985 Tommy was relieved of his license and credentials. The Ezra Church of God subsequently separated from the General Assembly and became a congregational church. Tommy left for approximately a year to assist in the development of a church school in Marion, Ky. Tommy returned to serve as pastor for an additional two years and during this period there were additional allegations of child molestation against Tommy Shelton by young men of the church school of Ezra Church of God. Tommy became ill and left the pastorate of Ezra COG.

Tommy Shelton was given carpentry work. At some point Tommy was made the production manager at 3ABN. In late 1991 Melody Shelton Mundall and Derrell Mundall gave several pages of written statements to Illinois Conference President BJ Christiansen.

[That] statement resulted in a board meeting and the board decided that Tommy Shelton could not work at 3ABN. Tommy was severed from the payroll and was given contract work promoting 3ABN with cable companies until he took a media consulting position and assistant pastor for media ministries with Dunn Loring Church of God, Dunn Loring, Va. in 1993. In 1995 the Senior Pastor left for mission service and Tommy became the senior pastor. During his pastorate 3ABN reportedly contributed a bus to the Dunn Loring COG [that] was not approved by the board of directors.

In 1999 3ABN issued a $10,000 check to Tommy Shelton in Dunn Loring, Va. This was done without the approval of the board. However, in late 2000 Tommy's own family confronted Tommy regarding concerns related to his adopted son and at least one other minor male child. Danny Shelton declared he had forewarned of this and stated, "I told you so, he's done it again." Tommy suffered a nervous breakdown and went on leave and finally resigned his pastorate in the spring of 2001. He moved his family to Marion, Ky.

Danny Shelton hired Tommy to manage and organize the Tapes and Masters Archives mid 2001 without asking the board of directors and over the objection of Linda Shelton.

In May of 2003 the Chairman received a letter by Certified Mail from a Pastor Dryden of the Ezra Church of God warning them that there were new allegations regarding sexual misconduct, commonly referred to as the Dryden Letter. The Chairman brought the letter to the attention of the entire board in June 2003. Danny is reported to have misled the board and clearly stated the conduct was thirty years old and was over when he knew there were fresh allegations in West Frankfort, Il. as well as in Dunn Loring, Va. Bill Hulsey declared that this was all in the past and they could move on and a letter was sent back to Pastor Dryden telling him simply that the matter was taken up by the board and dealt with when in fact the board simply brushed it aside without investigation or exploration.

Tommy continued in this position until mid 2004. After Linda Shelton was terminated by the Chairman, Tommy was given Linda Shelton's Office and her job, again without the approval of the board. Tommy also began playing the piano for Kids Time and other children's programming.

In 2006 a young man came forward and admitted to the senior pastor and the Chairman of the board of trustees of the Dunn Loring COG that he had been molested by Pastor Tommy Shelton and needed counseling and other assistance. The church made contact with their insurance carrier. Two other males have come forward and stated they were solicited by Pastor Tommy Shelton. Another young man that was admittedly very familiar to Pastor Tommy Shelton is leading an openly gay lifestyle.

I have attached a copy of a communique that identifies specific contradictions between the Chairman and the CEO, Danny Shelton, with hyperlinks to supporting documentation.

It is imperative that the board needs to meet immediately and determine if Tommy Shelton should be terminated from 3ABN, [and] determine if Danny Shelton has been sufficiently insubordinate and has deliberately misinformed the board such as to require the resignation of Danny Shelton as president and CEO of 3ABN.

The board should be able to resolve these issues within a period of 72 hours, thereafter we shall assume that the matter shall be reserved to the "stock-holders in the pews" for their individual interpretation and determination.

Below is a far more succinct description of the seriousness of the matter at hand and the need to resolve the same.

Gailon Arthur Joy

Greetings Deb, Ron, and Harold.

I believe I have a responsibility to pass on to you my recent correspondence with Danny, which he, not I, initiated on Thanksgiving Day, so you can assess the situation for yourselves. It is possible that you are already aware of the situation, but just in case you are not, I will forward separately the five communications we have had since last Wednesday to you.

You can read all the correspondence online, as well as supporting documents, in three threads:

Correspondence leading up to Dr. Thompson's admission of apparently being misled.

The Glenn Dryden and related Documents.

At Walt Thompson's suggestion, letters to Danny Shelton seeking verification of Walt's statements.

I will be less equivocal than how I have stated things online and in my correspondence with Danny: What we basically have here is Walt in essence admitting that Danny intentionally lied to him in 2003 regarding the serious nature, wide extent, and recent timing of the Tommy Shelton child molestation allegations. We aren't talking about a small discrepancy. We are talking about obvious, extensive fabrications about a very serious problem that has potentially compromised the financial security of the Illinois Conference.

And the fact that Danny ceased to immediately respond, like he usually does, to my courteous, kind, but thorough emails, except with one lame exception, indicates that he knows he is in real trouble, with no way out. And Danny's online apologists who counter the "rumors" on the forums have totally disappeared.

We obtained permission from one of Tommy's alleged victims, Roger Clem, to post his 2004 letter to Tommy, a letter sent a year or so after he went public in his church and community there in West Frankfort, a letter in which he, as well as venting his anger on Tommy for abuse that occurred or began in 1988, implicates Danny and a 3ABN attorney in pressuring people into silence. A letter from that 3ABN attorney doing that very thing is also posted.

We also have a statement from the pastor of the Church of God congregation in Virginia where Tommy used to pastor from 1995 to about 2000, saying that there are three incidents of sexual misconduct there, one involving a male who was a minor at the time.

Contrast this with Walt's statements that Danny told him in 2003 that the allegations were 30 years old, and that Walt was led to believe that Pastor Glenn Dryden is the only one who has accounts of these allegations. There is absolutely no way that Danny in that little community would not know that Roger Clem had come forward publicly in 2003 at a time prior to when [Walt] was told by Danny that the allegations were 30 years old. And I am mentioning only a few of the discrepancies.

So we have an alleged pedophile who has been accused of molesting boys and propositioning adults for maybe 22-30 years, depending on whether Walt's 30-year figure was an exaggeration on the high side or not. That individual was hired by 3ABN with at least the president and probably others knowing full well about these allegations, and when it was brought to Walt's attention in May 2003 by Pastor Dryden, Walt relied on Danny's word and, according to his written statement to me, never contacted, as he was invited to do by Pastor Dryden, any of the six alleged victims, their families, and the two associations that had ordained Tommy and then later revoked his credentials.

I am not an attorney, but my hunch is that all that constitutes gross negligence, and the fact that Tommy apparently has ready access to kids at 3ABN, that the IL Conf. has or is moving part of their academy operations to Thompsonville, and that Tommy has already been employed at 3ABN for more than five years makes for a potentially disastrous situation.

Over the last four months, an informal and unofficial network of active and retired pastors and administrators, as well as some laymen, has formed, and the whole situation has been pondered. The consensus has been, as I understand it, that these recent developments since Thanksgiving cannot be covered up and must be gotten out. Mind you, these are folks that are of a conservative bent, from what I understand, folks that appreciate supporting ministries. I certainly do, having worked at three, and I appreciate ASI. This is not an effort by liberals to discredit a supporting ministry.

We all need the wisdom of God to know what to do. Is there anything we can do to save the ministry of 3ABN? I surely hope so. Do you have any ideas?

I sent a pastoral note to Danny tonight of a very different flavor. If he would only be willing to step aside after implementing some basic changes that would institute some checks and balances, that would be ideal. But whatever is done, it is of the utmost importance that it be done quickly and immediately, for my understanding is that there are other issues in the wings that could have an equally detrimental impact on the ministry of 3ABN as well as the reputation of Seventh-day Adventism.

Please keep me abreast of developments on your end, if that is appropriate, so that I can better make wise decisions of what to do or not do.

God bless you all at this extremely difficult and troubling time.



Our current understanding is that Tommy became assistant pastor of the Community Church of God in Dunn Loring in 1995, and that he became senior pastor in 1996 when the former senior pastor retired and relocated.

The bus referred to as being donated to the Dunn Loring congregation during Tommy's pastorate was in poor condition and was donated for the use of In Jesus' Name Street Ministries. Originally an independent ministry serving the needs of the homeless, In Jesus' Name Street Ministries eventually came under the umbrella of the Community Church of God, the home church of its founder.

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