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Jim Gilley: New President of 3ABN

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Will 3ABN [co-]founder and CEO Danny Shelton remain as CEO? Will Jim Gilley answer to Danny Shelton? Who will really be in charge?

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
Subject:  Jim Gilley: New President of 3ABN
Date:  Fri, 31 Aug 2007

Chairman Walt Thompson announces a new president. Jim Gilley, known for his liberal interpretation regarding adultery, particularly as it relates to ministers and their post-adultery ministerial role, and having allowed relicensing of adulterous pastors during his tenure as conference president, has accepted the position of President of Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. Jim Gilley was also part of the task force that exonerated Pastor Vendon following the allegations by Claudia Burrow.

This also makes Jim Gilley a party to the lawsuit, Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. and Danny Lee Shelton vs. Gailon Arthur Joy and Robert Pickle.

There has been no confirmation regarding his intentions to continue his role as Senior Pastor in Dallas.

This announcement comes following the three known declines from at least three other parties who had been asked, according to sources, including the rather public request to Pastor Doug Batchelor, and the not-so-public requests to the sitting president of the Central California Conference and the former President of the Minnesota Conference.

The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists was not available to comment on the appointment of Jim Gilley to the 3ABN presidency.

Sources at 3ABN seem to confirm that Danny Lee Shelton will continue in some as yet undesignated role as CEO. Whether that will be in the position of Vice Chairman or a Vice President is unknown at Press Time.

I have attached a copy of the copyrighted statement from

3ABN Announces New President!

On August 30, 2007, the 3ABN board invited Elder Jim Gilley to become the new president of the 3ABN world ministry. Jim joins Danny Shelton, founder and visionary of 3ABN, in a move designed to meet the challenge of rapidly expanding opportunities opening up to the ministry. Daily, signs in the world about us shout of the momentous times in which we live. We see a vast world of hurting people crying out to God for they know not what. The 3ABN board has seen this need and heard this cry.

Elder Jim Gilley brings with him a vast experience in administration and in both personal and public evangelism. As such, he is uniquely qualified for this special calling. Building upon the strong foundation already in place, Jim envisions even greater and more cooperative efforts among the many varied ministries of God's people as they seek to reach the honest in heart everywhere, calling them out of Babylon in preparation for the glorious return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jim will be introduced to our viewing audience in his new role in an early upcoming live television appearance.

Walter Thompson
Chairman, 3ABN Board of Directors

Generally speaking, in a Seventh-day Adventist denominational or supporting ministry, a leader who divorced his wife without biblical grounds or who got caught in financial scandals, particularly scandals that violated IRS regulations, would resign and be replaced. However, if Walt Thompson's words above can be taken at face value, that Jim Gilley "joins" Danny Shelton rather than replaces him, then it is apparent that Danny isn't going anywhere.

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