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Updated 1/10/2013
2011 Form 990

Updated 6/22/2011
3ABN sued
over Tommy!

Added 3/14/2010
Can 3ABN Survive?

Added 11/16/2010
Judge Rejects
Plea Deal

Updated 4/2/2010
Tommy Shelton

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Mom in Pain #1

Mene, Mene,
Tekel, Parsin

The Actual Lawsuit
IRS Criminal Investigation

System Timestamps for Files on

Plaintiffs 3ABN and Danny Shelton have sought for copies of the defendants' hard drives. This is for the claimed reason that file "metadata" is necessary for their case. Some of the "metadata" sought for are the system file timestamps, of which there are three: the time the file was created, the time the file was modified, and the time the file was accessed.

If you wonder why the file timestamps would be sought for by the plaintiffs, you will need to direct that question to either Danny Shelton, ex-3ABN President, or Dr. Walt Thompson, chairman of the 3ABN Board. Presumably, the plaintiffs would try to use the file timestamps to bolster their claims of defamation, if perchance some tidbit here or there was proven true after it was published. But you really need to ask Danny or Walt to be sure.

To facilitate Danny Shelton and 3ABN's acquiring of the system file timestamps for the files on, we provide this web page. It will be updated multiple times per day in order to have the very latest information.

And if Danny needs the data sorted by another criteria other than the creation timestamp, we can consider helping him out in that regard as well.

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