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Scott Clem: "Re: My Original Message" I

Brother of Alleged Victims of Tommy Shelton

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Scott Clem, brother of Roger Clem and Pastor Duane Clem, worries about what will happen to 3ABN when the public finds out that Danny Shelton covered up the child molestation allegations against his brother, and what will happen if the 3ABN board does not remove Danny and Tommy.

Scott Clem's Email

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Scott Clem
Subject:  Re: My Original Message
Date:  Sun, 07 Jan 2007 08:16:23 -0600

Hi, Brother Bob!


You know, I just wonder exactly what it is going to take for the 3ABN board to wake up. It appears to me that the only way that they can save the ministry now is to send both Danny and Tommy packing. By the time that the general public finds out the truth (which they eventually will), they will have turned on 3ABN as a whole because of the cover-up, and it will all be over. Sad!

What is the board saying about Tommy? Are they still defending him, too, even in light of the recent exodus of victims from the darkness of this whole ordeal? As I understand it, there is still at least one victim in Virginia for whom the statute of limitations has not yet expired, and the heat is on to come forward. If that is the case, 3ABN can either hang Tommy out to dry and have a chance to save the network, or sweep everything under the rug and lose it all when the truth does come out. How I wish that they would reconsider their position! There is no need for 3ABN to go down when it has a chance to make a fresh start.



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