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2011 Form 990

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3ABN sued
over Tommy!

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Can 3ABN Survive?

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Judge Rejects
Plea Deal

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Tommy Shelton

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Mom in Pain #1

Mene, Mene,
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The Actual Lawsuit
IRS Criminal Investigation

3ABN & Danny Shelton
Gailon Joy & Robert Pickle

Plaintiff 3ABN's Requests for Production of Documents
and Things to Defendant Robert Pickle (First Set)

Document Request No. 11

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Request No. 11:     All documents containing one or more Statement of Fact, whether or not incorporated into or appearing on the website.

Response by Defendant Pickle:     We assume you meant "Request No. 12," not "Request No. 11."

See auto-discovery materials.

Documents we will highlight in this response include an email from Gailon Joy enquiring about the alleged retaliatory firings of four Trust Services employees who had blown the whistle on Leonard Westphal, and an email citing statements by Walt Thompson that suggested that the allegations that Danny Shelton had illegally recorded a phone conversation were probably true. You can find these emails in the email collection as well as after this response in the collection in the auto-discovery materials.

Dated: August 20, 2007


John P. Pucci, Esq.
64 Gothic Street
Northampton, MA 01060
Telephone: 413-584-8067



   [signed]   Jerrie M Hayes                          
Gerald S. Duffy (MNReg. #00000)
Wm Christopher Penwell (MNReg. #000000)
Jerrie M. Hayes (MNReg. #000000)
Kristin L. Kingsbury (MNReg. #000000)

100 Washington Avenue South
Suite 1300
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 337-6100
(612) 339-6591 – Facsimile

Attorneys for Plaintiffs Three Angels
Broadcasting Network, Inc. and
Danny Shelton


Gailon Joy Inquires About the Retaliatory Firings

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
To:  ******
Subject:  Re: 3ABN Discrimination suit
Date:  Fri, 06 Oct 2006 04:21:21 +0000


Can you ask ****** if she was present at a meeting where Westphal purportedly made it clear that applications from blacks and people with accents were to be thrown away? And just what other issues did the staff complain of in the 40 pages to Mollie Steenson, Danny Shelton and Walter Thompson that resulted in retaliatory firings by Danny and Mollie of the entire staff?

And how do we get a copy of the forty pages?

And do we have any evidence that Walter Thompson had the board participate in this gross case of retaliatory firing of whistle blowers opposing blatant discrimination?

And just what else went on out there???

Gailon Arthur Joy

Walt Thompson and Arild Abrahamsen's Statements Suggesting Illegal Eavesdropping

A link below that points to a post at is no longer valid. The same document can be seen on at

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  ******
Subject:  Walt's statements. (& Hal's)
Date:  Mon, 25 Sep 2006 17:07:08 -0500

Walt was wise in not disclosing in the following quotes the details of the conversations, though he does effectively admit that he knows that the calls were taped when he claims that they have "hard evidence" regarding the content of the calls.

"In addition, it is criminally punishable [in Illinois] to disclose information one knows or should know was obtained through an eavesdropping device." I don't have a clue whether a judge would say that saying that Linda's calls were not about Nathan constitutes such an information disclosure. That might be getting too picky. I don't know.

Then again, who told Hal that such a tape existed? Did the person who told him about its contents commit a felony? Did Hal commit a felony by telling me what he did about the contents of that tape?


"It is my understanding that a one-sided conversation was illegally taped by Danny towards the end of May. With a mind set on framing his wife, her words have been misconstrued into saying what he wants people to think. She mentions a trip to Las Vegas. He explains to all that she is planning a rendezvous with "the doctor." In reality for weeks he has offered Linda larger and larger sums of money for her to go to Las Vegas and stay with her mother for six weeks to acquire residency, a requirement for couples that want a quick divorce. For weeks she refused. SHE NEVER WANTED A DIVORCE." (Arild)

"I have seen and heard the evidence upon which the board has taken the action that it has taken." (Walt)

"We know that the long hours on the phone together were not about Nathan and have hard evidence to support this knowledge - nor were times spent together on both sides of the Atlantic." (Walt)

"Meanwhile, all during this time, Linda was spending long hours on the phone with the doctor on international calls using phone cards, credit cards, etc. We have records of those cards and can verify the amount of time spent. Some calls were overheard by Danny when she did not know he was around. Whereas she says that she was discussing her son, the calls were, in fact not about her son, but were very personal." (Walt)

"I must ask you again, is it right for a woman to spend hours at a time secretely on the phone with another man - even if as claimed, they concerned her son? - when we have good evidence that her son was a peripheral matter, if at all." (Walt)

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