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3ABN sued
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Can 3ABN Survive?

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Judge Rejects
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Tommy Shelton

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The Actual Lawsuit
IRS Criminal Investigation

3ABN & Danny Shelton
Gailon Joy & Robert Pickle

Plaintiff 3ABN's Requests for Production of Documents
and Things to Defendant Robert Pickle (First Set)

Document Request No. 1

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Response by Defendant Pickle:     This particular response applies to all your "Requests for Production of Documents and Things."

We regret to say that 4500+ emails in native format somehow got left off the DVD that we earlier made for you. We estimate 2100+ of those were included in a different and possibly easier to use format. With this submission comes an updated version of the auto-discovery materials, which should include all located auto-discovery documents up to today's date, or very close to today's date.

Also included is a current copy of the website.

Feel free to let us know if anything appears to be missing.


Request No. 1:     All documents, whether or not authored by You, referring or relating to the Allegations contained in the Plaintiffs' Complaint or referring or relating to the Allegations contained in the Defendants' Answer to Plaintiffs' Complaint.

Response by Defendant Pickle:     See auto-discovery materials.

We will highlight below a few documents contained in the auto-discovery materials (accessible via the collection in the auto-discovery materials, and at least in some cases, elsewhere in the materials as well) that pertain to 3ABN and Danny Shelton's claim in the Complaint that 3ABN is a non-denominational ministry that is unaffiliated with any church, denomination, or organization, and that it preaches a non-denominational message. Either that claim is false, or 3ABN has been deceptive when it has claimed to be a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, preaching the distinctive doctrines of Seventh-day Adventism.

"From the G.C. President," November 3, 1997, by Robert S. Folkenberg. An announcement by the General Conference President regarding the signing of a document that established a "a cooperative working relationship" between 3ABN and the General Conference.

"Joint Declaration of Commitment by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and Three Angels Broadcasting Network." The signed document referred to above which, among other things, established a procedure by which "a world Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church" can resolve disagreements when "the Division Executive Committee believes" programming on 3ABN "is detrimental to the mission of the Church."

1998 and 2000 Claims by claims in 1998 that "3ABN is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and a member of Adventist-layman's Services and Industries (ASI)," and in 2000 that "3ABN is an independent, nonprofit, supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."

2007 Link to Joint Declaration by While claiming not to be owned, operated, or funded by any denomination, 3ABN currently makes its affiliation with the Seventh-day Adventist Church crystal clear by linking to the 1997 Joint Declaration.

"ASI Supporting Ministry Guidelines — North American Division — Supporting Ministry Guidelines." Here is a list of the requirements that 3ABN must abide by in order to maintain its membership in Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries.

Contact Info for ASI and the GC. Publicized addresses for Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, showing the close affiliation between the two organizations.

"ASI Project Offering 2006." 3ABN received one of the highest grants from Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries in 2006.

Adventist Elementary School on 3ABN Campus. The Adventist Organizational Directory identifies a Seventh-day Adventist elementary school as being located on Angel Lane.

Satellite Broadview Academy Campus. An official Illinois Conference academy campus was located at Thompsonville, at an address associated with Pastor Owen Troy, who is said to live on Angel Lane.

NAD Ministerial Association Promotes 3ABN. In this letter, church official Eradio Alonso strongly encourages pastors to promote 3ABN in their churches via a video, flyers, and bulletin inserts, and to get their members to ask their cable companies to carry 3ABN.

Mollie Steenson in the Adventist Yearbook. 3ABN General Manager Mollie Steenson is identified as being a member of the Illinois Conference Executive Committee.

Atlantic Union Adventist Media (AUAM) & 3ABN. AUAM was formed after an invitation to 3ABN to "partner with the union in reaching New York for Christ." The AUAM production truck in the picture says, "Affiliated with 3ABN" on the side.

Pictures of AUAM Production Truck. Five different graphics of the AUAM production truck from The words "Affiliated with 3ABN" appear to be prominently displayed on the side of the truck. The first picture is of a different truck altogether, suggesting a long-enough affiliation between the Atlantic Union of Seventh-day Adventists and 3ABN that they have had more than one production truck.

"Over-The-Air Television Stations." See page 19 of this August 10, 2005, issue of Treasure Valley Christian News where 3ABN is advertised as being Seventh-day Adventist.

Saved Thru 3ABN Admits Working Agreement with Adventist Church. The very day this lawsuit was unsealed, new domain names were registered by 3ABN: and The site states, "Since 1997, 3ABN has enjoyed a formal working agreement with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists .... Our network is accepted as a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."

"3ABN Board Chairman Says, 'This Is a Seventh-day Adventist Ministry'." In a series of emails Dr. Walt Thompson admits that 3ABN is a Seventh-day Adventist ministry preaching the Adventist message, and that some definitions of "affiliated" could apply to 3ABN's relationship with the Adventist Church. At the same time, he claims that the language in the lawsuit to the contrary is technically correct.

3ABN's Property Tax Case Appeal: Opening Appellant Brief and Reply to Opposition to the Appellant Brief. In these documents that have been made a part of court record, 3ABN adamantly argues that it is indeed affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and that it preaches the distinctive doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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