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Barbara Kerr: "You Have ... Gone Right to Trashing People"

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Barbara points out below that instead of answering her question about whether she could get the rights to her cooking programs, Danny had "gone right to trashing people as is your favorite method of dealing with people that are onto you."

In her reply Barbara mentions that Gailon Joy had found a number of women who had had inappropriate relationships with Danny. She also expresses concerns about Danny promoting himself so much, "plastering" his picture all over the place, and engaging in so much nepotism.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Barbara Kerr
To:  [Danny Shelton]
CC:  TasteOfHealth
Subject:  RE: I will ask you one more time
Date:  12/03/06 23:11:06


As usual, you have completely avoided the subject and gone right to trashing people as is your favorite method of dealing with people that are onto you.

You and I both know that I stopped communicating with Linda because you would call me for two hours at a time and fill my head with half truths and total lies! You have lied so many times and to so many people that I think you actually believe the garbage that you spread.

No, I am not convinced that Linda and Arild had an affair, but I am QUITE convinced that you and Brenda had an affair. It all makes perfect sense. You're sleeping with your wife's best friend, she conveniently comes up with a lame accusation that after 3 days of being in Norway your wife is having "inappropriate" feelings for the doctor. Come on, . . . how stupid do you really think people are? If Gailon can find 7 or 8 people that you have had affairs with during your 20-year-marriage to Linda, there are most likely many more!

You forget so quickly that I, too, have been one of your victims. So I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of how cruel and unchristian you can be. You are absolutely right when you say that God will take care of me. He already is. He sent Gailon Joy to uncover the truth and to reveal it to the public. He is a man that isn't afraid of your bullying, your unkind words, your threats and lies. I thank God everyday for sending someone who is willing to work for justice.

I have no desire for 3ABN's message to stop or for the ministry to topple over, quite the contrary! I long for, and pray for the day that you step down as the president of 3ABN, and someone godly replaces you. Someone with integrity and great leadership abilities. That person is NOT you.

If you REALLY cared about winning souls and doing God's work, then you would have removed yourself a long time ago as the 3ABN leader. Instead, you have shown people that you are all about promoting Danny Shelton. Your pictures are plastered everywhere, you constantly promote the Sheltons at every turn. Free or practically free CD's are produced for family members, their music is always being played, your brother, cousins, daughter, grand-kids and other relatives are always being shown on 3ABN. The nepotism makes one want to vomit!

You say in your email that you don't know what I could possibly be talking about (in my email to you). How ludicrous! My request could not have been more plain. But I will restate it, so you are not confused.

I am writing once again to ask you to donate the master copies of all of my cooking videos to my ministry. I now have my non-profit 501(c)(3) status and would be happy to give you a receipt for your donation. I would also like, in writing, a statement that gives me the rights to use the programs as I see fit. I appreciate so much your generosity towards my ministry since you are no longer airing the programs or selling them.

Thanks for replying to the request,

Barbara Kerr

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