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Barbara Kerr: "I Will Ask You One More Time"

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In the following email Barbara Kerr asks one more time for the masters of her programs, and the rights to use them. Danny's reply will be posted later, and Barbara's reply to his reply will be posted after that.

Barbara also takes some time to plead with Danny's soul.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Barbara Kerr
To:  [Danny Shelton]
CC:  [G. Arthur Joy]; [Linda Shelton]; [Bill Kerr]; TasteOfHealth; [Walt Thompson]
Subject:  I will ask you one more time
Date:  11/30/2006 3:26:29 PM

Hi Danny,

I hope by now that you can see clearly that your participation in promoting the health message via my Taste Of Health ministry, is not based on whether or not you called me to the ministry, but on whom God sees fit to call into ministry.

I hope that your eyes have been opened to the power of a praying person! I did not go to Mr. Joy for vindication, but rather I went to my knees daily asking God to reveal every secret thing you have been up to, and that God would set the oppressed free. I continue to ask that God will scatter you and your family like chaff in the wind and that you will step into your own traps. You may feel like this is a harsh thing to pray, but it's very biblical. Just read Psalms.

I implore you to do the right thing and humbly confess your sins publicly and beg for forgiveness from the people you have wronged. Your actions done in humility would go far towards healing many wounds that are in the world today.

Up until Lucifer was kicked out of heaven, the devil could have swallowed his pride and repented. Things could have been much different, but pride would not allow him to turn back, . . . he had taken his plan too far.

Danny, do not walk down Lucifer's path allowing pride of position to keep you from making things right.

One way or another this "thing" will play itself out.

I am not writing to you today to antagonize you. I have a purpose for my letter.

I am writing once again to ask you to donate the master copies of all of my cooking videos to my ministry. I now have my non-profit 501(c)(3) status and would be happy to give you a receipt for your donation. I would also like, in writing, a statement that gives me the rights to use the programs as I see fit. I appreciate so much your generosity towards my ministry since you are no longer airing the programs or selling them.

God is not finished using these works, even if you are. You can refuse my request, but remember, you aren't refusing me, you're refusing to further God's work with the health message.


Barbara Kerr
President, Taste Of Health


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