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Gailon Joy Responds
to Harold Lance's January 5 Statement

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Gailon Joy's Response

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
To:  Harold Lance
CC:  Gregory Matthews, Bob Pickle
Subject:  RE: ASI action
Date:  Fri, 05 Jan 2007 18:48:46 +0000

We regret that ASI has fled from it's duty to deal with the issues at 3ABN, but is not unexpected. We barely got to know you.

Frankly, I find it unfortunate that we were unable to proceed with a process that would work and also become a model for future institutional dispute resolution.

I would point out that had ASI or other entities gotten involved in 2004 and applied the current process for dispute resolution within the NAD working policy, I believe that much of the history of the past two and one half years would have been much different. Linda Shelton's life and the lives of so many other victims would have been so much different. The system has clearly failed these many people, and ASI and the Church as a body is culpable for aiding and abetting and pure omission. There are many instances where we all should have been pro-active in investigating issues and being good counsel to people who clearly had little direction or no direction. Hindsight is always 20/20!!!

That may be the great lesson here. We need to be involved much earlier and make an established system work to achieve conciliation. And at a point where people are hurting the most, not years later!!!

Thank you for your participation and perspectives. I am sure we disagree on much but I appreciated your input and open ear. I have heard that you would prefer that our paths never cross again and I regret that. I apologize if my advocacy left a bitter taste in your mouth and can do nothing more than that. I am determined that the behaviour of 3ABN and the victim-littered paths will at some point come to a just end.

And I understand we will be on opposite ends of this spectrum as you continue your advocacy for at least 3ABN, if not Danny Lee Shelton. For the record, it continues to be the purpose to remove the tumors that we believe infect 3ABN but to save the patient. We would prefer it be resurrected as a firm with a constituency and a board that has accountability to that constituency. If that purpose cannot be achieved, C'est la vie!!! But we must try.

I trust you had a great Holiday Season.

Respectfully Submitted

Gailon Arthur Joy

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