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Round One: Bob Pickle

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Due to the abrogation of the confidentiality agreement by Harold Lance, the following communication is provided for your perusal.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob Pickle
To:  Harold Lance
CC:  G. Arthur Joy, Gregory Matthews, Linda Shelton
Subject:  Re: Progress in the process:
Date:  Fri, 1 Dec 2006 14:45:00 -0600

Hello Harold.

Just a little clarification: I have pastored, yes, and do work for ****** currently. But the project I am working on is not a research project but rather a massive and multi-faceted database and internet project. And, the name of ****** should be kept out of all these discussions entirely.

I have no problem with the need for confidentiality during the process development phase. My only concern is that if it does not go forward and resolution is not achieved on the various issues, people have a right to know why, briefly if nothing else. And given everything I've seen thus far, I'm not sure a mutually agreed upon statement will do that.

I've been really concerned at all the negative insinuations that have been made about ASI, Mark Finley, Elder Denslow, Garwin McNeilus, and others, insinuations and accusations that can be read by anyone in the world who wants to read them. I've personally argued in one venue, successfully at times, that such evil surmising is wrong unless there is solid evidence to back up such allegations.

What I am saying is that what we need in the end is to vindicate, if at all possible, not just 3ABN. And I would hate to see a situation in which ASI cannot come out of this smelling like a rose simply because one party or another won't agree to an honest, fairly stated statement that explains exactly who had what concerns that kept the process from moving forward.

That's my concern. If this hinders me from being part of the process, that might have to be the way it is.

Have a good Sabbath, God bless, and may God give all an extra measure of His wisdom, humility, and compassion at this time.

Bob Pickle
(***) ***-****

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