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Round One: Proposed Document Edited by GW

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GW, the go-between chosen by Harold Lance to contact Linda Shelton, adds her editings to whatever document she had earlier received, and sends it to Linda on November 12, 2006.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  GW
To:  Linda Shelton
Subject:  proposal
Date:  Sun, 12 Nov 2006 15:36:04 -0800 (PST)

The italics part was my suggestion, but in talking to Harold the second time, he said that he felt my suggestions could be incorporated without stating them as I did. He especially felt that if any non-Christians were interviewed, they might not want prayer. That seems reasonable to me. If God wants the prayer times spelled out, He can intervene. I've seen that for sure.

ASI has been asked to develop a process for addressing issues between 3ABN and some of its personnel, specifically the appropriateness of the divorce of Danny Shelton and Linda Shelton and the remarriage of Danny Shelton. The matter has been addressed by the ASI Executive Committee who has authorized the further exploration of the possibility for its involvement in the process. The Committee has asked that Harold Lance explore further and report back with recommendations.

The following are some preliminary considerations for a process of inquiry to be discussed by the ASI Executive Committee and later to be submitted to 3ABN, Danny and Linda Shelton for their consideration:

  1. A group of five persons to consider the issues will be selected by ASI, with input from the parties, and will not include the current officer leadership of ASI. The gender representation of the group will have no more than 3 men and no less than two. The same is true for women. The persons chosen will be selected for their reputation of fairness, integrity, spirituality and their lack of any stake in the outcome. When first selected, each person of said group will be set aside in a prayer of anointing for wisdom, discernment and power over evil, in full measure by the Holy Spirit. Each person is to verbally and in writing accept the responsibility and confidentiality as outlined herein. He/She will pledge to pray daily until the meeting takes place for personal purification and baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  2. The place of the meetings to be at a neutral site in the "area."

  3. The costs associated with the process will be paid by 3ABN.

  4. 3ABN, Linda Shelton, and Danny Shelton will be contacted for their input on the process and on basic ground rules.

  5. Each side will state in writing what they consider the issues are that need resolution and their belief as to the facts related to those.

  6. Each side will state in writing what they think would be a proper outcome on the issues.

  7. The meetings will start with a group prayer of all persons involved: each party, witnesses and ASI Group members. The meetings will be private, not recorded nor open to the public. The members of the Group may take notes. Said notes will be purged after completion of the process. The parties will not be involved in a process of public discussion, through email messages, news releases or announcements on matters related to the process.

  8. Each side may have a representative present during the taking of information, but not during the group's deliberations. The representative will not be a lawyer or one acting as an advocate but as a facilitator of the process and will be identified to ASI in advance in writing by the party. The person selected will be the person who will work with Harold Lance, on behalf of ASI, in arranging the details of the process. No volunteers or intermeddlers will participate in the meeting processes involved in making arrangements.

  9. There will be prepared in advance a defined schedule for the proceedings and the sequence of the process with input from the parties.

  10. The questionings of persons brought in for information on issues will be done by the ASI Group moderated by its Chairperson, not by the parties or their representatives. The parties or their representatives will have opportunity to submit to the ASI group written suggestion areas of inquiry.

  11. Any party wishing to furnish written documentation for consideration will have seven days in advance of the meeting to furnish a copy to ASI for distribution to each party.

  12. Before the scheduled meeting, each party will submit to the Group a list of persons they plan to present and a factual summary of expected information. Said persons are to pledge by word and signature strict confidentiality regarding the meeting process and its existence. The Group will pray with each party and "witness" for clarity of mind, pureness of heart and openness to God before his testimony is heard.

  13. The purpose of the process will be to bring clarity and truth based upon factually accurate information and perceived guidance from the Holy Spirit. The meetings will not be as a court trial.

When all parties are done presenting their information, the Group will have prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and begin deliberations. Upon completion of the process, the ASI Group will promptly issue a written statement to ASI as to its factual findings and upon those findings define suggested recommendations for the "parties," as ASI recognizes it does not have authority to order or award anything. The value of the process for the parties will be that an independent, fair-minded panel will give its best judgment as to the truth of the matters under consideration and recommendations for resolution of the issues.

BE IT KNOWN TO ALL INVOLVED that God alone is the "Restorer of the Breach." By accepting this assignment as "liaison," ASI is but a tool in the hand of God to accomplish His purpose. May His name be exalted as a result of this process.

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