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Gregory Matthews Responds Again
to Harold Lance's January 24 Statement

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Another Response by Gregory Matthews

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Gregory Matthews
To:  Harold Lance,
G. Arthur Joy, Bob, Linda Shelton,
Walt Thompson, Danny Shelton
Subject:  RE: Why ASI Chose to Withdraw
Date:  Thu, 25 Jan 2007 03:46:51 -0700

Re: "Because ASI declined to consider issues beyond those of divorce and remarriage Art, Bob and Greg believed they were free to continue contacts with Danny, Dr. Thompson and others associated with 3ABN. Though couched in spiritual language their messages were persistent, confrontational, argumentative and harassing. Our efforts to stop their direct communications were unsuccessful."


I remain dumbfounded by the above. NOTE: I have stated that I sent Dr. Thompson a message once in which I stated that I had prayed for him that morning that God would lead him, and that he would follow. I have stated that I do not remember the exact time I sent him that message, but that it might have been during the time that we were asked not to make direct contact.

Prior to the beginning of our discussions with ASI, we got into discussions with a woman who I think was named GW. Perhaps my memory is faulty, and she had another name. Anyway, she attempted to propose a venue to resolve the issues. Her proposal was deeply committed to all parties spending time in prayer together. In fact, she made it a requirement that certain parties pray together, with rare exceptions for people who might not have been Christian.

ASI entered the picture after GW dropped out. She had claimed to have been in contact with ASI, as I recall. In our discussions with you, I perceived an element in your plan for the respective parties to pray together. My one comment to Dr. Thompson was in that spirit.

As I reflect upon your statement, which I regard as misleading, confusing, and false by implication about me, I am now questioning whether we could have prayed together. My one comment, to Dr. T., was sincere. Evidently you did not see it that way. So, why would I think that you sincerely would have been able to pray with us?

The Lord tells us to pray for our enemies. That seems to apply as you seem to see us as enemies. Would you have been able to pray with us? I am wondering!

Re: ". . . their messages were persistent . . . ."

That is false as it is applied to me. My message was once.

Re: ". . . their messages were . . . confrontational . . . ."

Your statement is false as it is applied to me.

Re: " . . . their messages . . . argumentative and harassing."

Your statement is false as it is applied to me.

O.K. In this small citation you have made three statements that are false as applied to me. Of course, I do not know about the others. But, if your statement about me was based on faulty information, why should I (or anyone else) assume that it was any more accurate as applied to the others?

Harold, I am not challenging your integrity. I am simply challenging your factual basis. You seem to have made some statements that were not based upon fact. I am surprised that an attorney would do such. It calls into question your understanding of the process. It calls into question your ability to have facilitated such. Faulty information, where did it come from? Clearly not from anything that I did, as you have applied it to me.

Harold, it appears that ASI pulled our from the process, based in part upon information that you seemingly received from another source. That appears to give justification to those who have questioned the ability of ASI to be fair and impartial.

Well, at least I thank you for your openness for sharing with us more of the dynamics that went on.

By the way, can you assure us with 100 percent surety that during this process people from 3-ABN did not come to these Internet forums, under pen names, and post material of the type that you claim we sent and put on the Internet?

Gregory Matthews

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