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Gailon Joy Responds
to Harold Lance's January 24 Statement

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Gailon Joy's Response

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
To:  Bob, Harold Lance
CC:  Gregory Matthews, Linda Shelton
Subject:  Re: Confidentiality agreement
Date:  Fri, 26 Jan 2007 06:21:16 +0000

It is Linda's position, and I absolutely concur, that the golden silence has indeed been breached. This statement demonstrates the very clear bias that Linda was so concerned about when the process began. This statement clearly is a breach of the confidentiality agreement, as in, it would appear Harold Lance has abbrogated it!!!

I regret this unilateral decision and do believe that Linda's fears have been justified by this clearly open endorsement and declaration of support for Danny Lee Shelton and Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. by Harold Lance and the entire, as in unanimous, executive committee. It is clear to me just what was meant by Walt's statement that ASI was going to help 3ABN out of that mess.

It is also very clear why I came under a barrage of condemnation from many people of all persuasions, cleric as well as laymen, when I embraced the premise that ASI was the proper foundation for this dispute resolution and asserted that a fair hearing could be arranged for Linda to get her day in court... but such a noble purpose was clearly never to be!!! Once again due process is denied!!!

I am also disappointed that Harold saw absolutely no light in the concept of simply meeting with the board to discuss the issues and develop a foundation for moving forward. But then, why would we consider dispute resolution for a dispute? Or is it the disputants?

I also find it outrageous that this wily old trial lawyer would attempt by innuendo to infer that the three members on Linda's team were actually engaged in propogating our own agenda and not representing Linda's interests and view. And this after I made it clear we were going to give Linda time to consider her response carefully in December, but ASI found it necessary to pull the trigger and opt out while Linda was still away on her month-long tour and working on her book. The patience of the saints or the ASI Executive Committee is certainly not demonstrated here. Wonder why the sudden rush?

And praise the Lord that we did not have a panel with Lance as the parliamentarian as the ASI Executive Committee had dictated. Wonder just how many of Linda's questions for the panel would have made the list of parliamentarian-approved guidance for panel questions? Wonder just how many of the witnesses would have been conveniently excluded? And they wanted an un-verified process without a public record to keep them honest? Nay, never!!!

Frankly, Harold, you have demonstrated that you are trust challenged and something that will not be forgotten very quickly. But thanks for giving us the opportunity to now answer the many questions with the real record and we will let those capable of reading the record see for themselves the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... we'll report, they decide.

I want to thank you and the ASI Executive Committee for the eye-opening experience and sincerely wish that a fair, open and transparent process could have been accommodated, but such was not to be. Linda still pleads for her day in court and I pledge to see that she will get it someday!!! Even if it is the court of public opinion. You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time.

By the way, Harold, did you ever ask for the statement to B. J. Christiansen by Melody? The year was 1991. And did you ever ask for the board minutes from that period? Did you ever ask for the study by the ASI Executive committee regarding 3ABN and Danny Shelton in 1985 that was delivered to then GC President Neil Wilson? And I would guess you would clearly understand the term "inurement and private benefit" as it relates to 501(c)3 religious organizations. We do, and we will prove the term applies, all in good time. Think the "stockholders in the pews" whom you have so little regard for will take the issue as lightly as the ASI Executive Committee has? I don't think so!!! But, the Chairman claims to embrace openness and transparency and we will accommodate him. It is the only option for accountability that is left.

Oh, I wish that ASI had been interested in due process some three years ago when it really counted. We would most likely not be here today. That just someone, besides the handful that dared and were felled by Danny Shelton's axe, would have stood for due process and have demanded that Linda get a fair hearing somewhere in the process. Where were you all then? Why have so many been so victimized by Danny Lee Shelton aka 3ABN and left bleeding on the highway? Where have the good Samaritans all gone?

And your executive committee dares to brazenly ask me, "I'm wondering why you've appointed yourself..."? And where were they three years ago? Where are they today? Where will they be tomorrow? And I will reiterate the question...just whom were you going to appoint...and when??? The silence is deafening...and now the answer "no one and never" unanimously!!!

With the deepest regret,
Respectfully and Regretfully Submitted

Gailon Arthur Joy

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