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Danny Fibs About What ASI Was Willing to Do

The February 15, 2007, Broadcast

On February 15, 2007, a special damage-control broadcast was aired by 3ABN. The purpose of the broadcast was not to answer the legitimate questions that Seventh-day Adventists everywhere are asking, but rather to make a case for why the ones asking questions will be sued.

In the process, Danny Shelton once again told a lie. On this page we provide links to the relevant excerpts of that broadcast, and we provide a transcript of his wording below:

"So then we tried to go before ASI, and ASI willing to hear and basically any complaints that people had or accusations they brought out."

(Danny Shelton)

Yet it is quite clear from the ASI statement posted on 3ABN's own website that one of the major reasons why negotiations broke down was the determined opposition of Danny Shelton, 3ABN, and Harold Lance to the possibility of ASI hearing "any complaints ... or accusations."

Just a slip in wording by Danny? If so, why did John Dinzey, who can be excused for his misstatements on the grounds that he was not a participant in the ASI negotiations, leave the same impression?

We repeat, we have every reason to believe that John Dinzey has been kept in the dark regarding what was really going on, and for this reason he must not have known that his statements were false.

"And I believe that when, uh, you mentioned ASI, umm, they were willing to look into this situation and they gave, we'll we'll call it the other side, an opportunity to to express, uh, their concerns and share whatever evidence and whatever they wanted to say, so that ASI can make a fair assessment of the situation, and make a statement concerning what 3ABN is saying, what the other side is saying."

(John Dinzey)

There never was an intention to allow "whatever evidence and whatever they wanted to say." That is one of the major reasons why the ASI negotiations broke down.

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