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"Danny Gave Her All of the Things in Their Home"

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Dr. Walt Thompson's Claims

In May and June 2006, 3ABN board chairman Dr. Walt Thompson made certain claims about what 3ABN president Danny Shelton did for 3ABN ex-co-founder Linda Shelton after he divorced her. We have previously discussed Dr. Thompson's claims regarding paying off Linda's car and Alyssa's car. On this page we discuss another point of trivia: Walt's claim that Danny gave Linda everything in the house.

The following two different letters contained identical wording regarding what Danny had allegedly done for Linda after their divorce.

May 16, 2006

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Walt Thompson
CC:  Mollie Steenson
Subject:  3abn
Date:  May 16, 2006 10:59:28 PM EDT

Dear ******,

Thanks for your interest in 3ABN and your willingness to share your questions, concerns and accompanying info.


Just to make this letter a bit more complete, let me tell you what I know about Danny's attempt to save Linda for himself - even after the divorce papers were signed. ... He bought her interest in the house, helped her move to Southern Illinois, build a porch on her home their, gave her all of the things in their home including things that were really his. ...


You have the choice of accepting this account that is written as carefully and honestly as I know how, or of accepting the things Linda is telling people. ...

Sincerely in Jesus' precious name,

Walter Thompson
Chairman, 3Abn Board
Walter Thompson MD

June 13, 2006

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Walt Thompson
Subject:  Re: 3abn
Date:  Tue, 13 Jun 2006 21:24:27 -0500

Dear ******,

Thank you for your e mail sharing your frustrations with 3ABN. It is understandable that you may feel frustrated regarding the breakup of Danny and Linda. You are not alone. ...


Just to make this letter a bit more complete, let me tell you what I know about Danny's attempt to save Linda for himself - even after the divorce papers were signed. ... He bought her interest in the house, helped her move to Southern Illinois, build a porch on her home there, gave her all of the things in their home including things that were really his. ...


... If you have further questions or need further evidence, please let me know.

Sincerely in Jesus' precious name,

Walter Thompson MD
Chairman, 3ABN Board

A Month Later, Danny Shelton Contradicts Walt Thompson

Just one month latter, Danny's Financial Affidavit of July 13, 2006, counters Walt's claims by alleging that Danny did keep a number of major items in the house, major items that Linda relinquished all claims to:





Marital property Denny received:

Bowflex exercise machine
2 Refrigerators
2 Freezers
Master bedroom set
Downstairs bedroom set

Old outside lawn furniture

10 Horses + 2 horses sold
1 Martin guitar
1 Dog
West Frankfort, IL

"Denny" is apparently a typo by Danny's attorney.

So who is telling the truth on this one? Is Walt Thompson correct when he says in May and June 2006 that Danny gave Linda everything in the house? Or is Danny correct when he testifies that he owns and possesses the above of list of items?

Linda Sells "All Household Furniture" to Danny

We first note a copy of the Bill of Sale signed on June 4, 2004, by which Linda sold "all household furniture" to Danny:


I, LINDA S. SHELTON, ... do hereby sell, assign, transfer and set over to DANNY L SHELTON, his executors, administrators, and assigns, all my interest in the following, to-wit:

All outside lawn furniture, the sauna, the Bow-Flex exercise machine and all household furniture, furnishings and appliances and all contents of residence at 2954 New Lake Road, West Frankfort, Illinois, except two (2) glass cases, furniture Linda brought into the marriage before the marriage, two (2) treadmills and all antiques and knick-knacks currently in the basement and closets.

We are unable to find a comparable Bill of Sale by which Danny sold any items to Linda. Thus, technically speaking, everything excluded above is still owned by both Danny and Linda. That Danny does claim ownership of everything excluded from the June 4, 2004, house agreement is clear from the following email that Danny sent Linda on September 14, 2004:

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Subject:  Re: Re:
Date:  Tuesday, September 14, 2004 7:15 AM

Linda, ....

The big Ryder truck is in San Antonio Sunday. It won't be home until about Tues. or Wed.

You will have had time to sign the agreement by then. If you don't sign the agreement I will be much better off financially.

We will split everything 50/50 ....

We then would sell the assets including everything that you have packed and taken from the house already. The things at your trailer and well as your mini store it in Marion, as well as all the things in the 3ABN barn, and all the things at Chuck's parents storage facility.

The major things like the John Deere Gator and the Jacuzzi, we would sell and split the money. The piano would go back to 3ABN since it really belongs to them. ...

According to our house agreement I bought every major thing in the house except the 6 items you listed and any of the old furniture you brought into the marriage.

Linda, I not too worried that you won't sign this agreement. Financially, this would be in my favor as compared to the way it stands now.

I'll let you take the things on the truck plus another load from your Marion Rental place plus the things in the barn, But if you decide not to sign our agreement it will be your responsibility to bring everything back so we can split it up.

This email serves as official notice that if you use my truck to haul all these items to Springfield and you decide not to sign the settlement agreement, that you are responsible for bringing all the items that you have taken back to be split up.

... I've already told you the agreement as your attorney has it, stands. I'm not willing to modify it. It's a take it or leave it. I'm happy either way.


Who would have thought that all of this would have started over so called innocent phone calls for hours at a time.


Love is forever


Linda Says, "Danny Is Correct"

Since we already covered Linda's counterclaims to Walt's statement in an earlier discussion, we quote here only that part which deals with the things in the house. Did Danny give Linda "all of the things in their home" as Walt claims, or did Linda sell "all [the] household furniture" to Danny? Six months after Walt's claims, Linda wrote:

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Linda Shelton
Subject:  RE: 3abn questions
Date:  Wed, 20 Dec 2006 15:18:34 -0700

... I will answer your questions.


9) No, he did not give me "all of the things in the home..." He has all of the furniture, the boat, the jacuzzi, the sauna, about 18 Gibson guitars, the horses, horse trailor, etc...subject to divorce case which is pending.


I am still much in prayer about this "whole thing." The Church at large is affected big-time by all of this. This must be the first concern.

Blessings to you and yours,

Linda Shelton

A later note was more detailed:

-------- Original Message --------
From:  [Linda Shelton]
To:  ******
Subject:  RE: 3abn questions
Date:  Thu, 29 Mar 2007 19:52:09 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Bob,

Dan basically got all of the bedroom furniture (two sets & one queen bed & frame), 5 couches, chairs, tables, dining set & buffet, bar stools, appliances, 2 desks, outside furniture, etc. I got my Dad's old bedroom set, my kid's old set (minus mattresses), my doll house, knick-knack cases. Dan did purchase some new furniture for me for the small mobile home where I moved. Hope this helps.


The Mover Testifies, "Danny Is Telling the Truth"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  [Derrell Mundall]
To:  ******
Subject:  Danny is telling the truth
Date:  Wed, 28 Mar 2007 13:00:46 -0700

Hey ******,

Having helped Linda with her move to Springfield in 2004, I can testify for Danny that he is telling the truth in his financial affidavit where he lists assets that did not go with Linda. I helped move a bedroom set that had been in her family, and a few other items of furniture that had come from Danny's house. A number of the items that we moved were new. It was my understanding that Danny bought her new furniture to replace some of the things that we did not move, such as the living room furniture and others.


Remaining Questions

How Did Walt Thompson Get It Wrong?

Where or how did Dr. Thompson come up with his list of things Danny did for Linda after their divorce, and how did he end up with that list being so wrong? One might assume that Danny was his source of information, but how does one find out for sure? Who on Danny's side would be willing to comment on this question?

Where Are All the Guitars?

Danny lists one Martin guitar as a $9,000 asset in his July 13, 2006, financial affidavit. Yet Linda refers to 18 guitars that Danny still possesses. Why aren't the other 17 or so guitars listed in his financial affidavit? Why does he list only one?

That there is more than one guitar involved is fairly certain from the June 4, 2004, house agreement which, while it doesn't say how many guitars are involved, it does say "guitars," letting us know that there is more than one:

Linda agrees to sign a Bill of Sale to Danny (see attached Exhibit B incorporated herein by reference) for her entire interest in the contents of said marital residence including sauna, outside lawn furniture, except certain items listed on attached Exhibits B & C, incorporated herein by reference. The horses and guitars and miscellaneous small items are not part of this agreement.

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