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An ASI Member Reports:

"Danny Told of a Lady Who [Sent] 3ABN Her Tithe"

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A Concerned ASI Member Writes

It has been alleged by insiders that 3ABN has knowingly accepted tithe from donors for years, something that ASI does not allow most of its member organizations to do. Some organizations have even lost their ASI membership over that issue.

After a concerned ASI member wrote us the following, we took a look at the Tuesday rerun of the July 19, 2007, 3ABN Live that he had seen. Sure enough, 3ABN president Danny Shelton did read to the world a letter by a lady who decided to send her tithe to 3ABN. She and her husband had been praying for 18 months that her husband would find work, and 30 minutes after buying the money order she used to send her tithe to 3ABN, they received a phone call offering him part-time work.

The ASI Member's Email

-------- Original Message --------
From:  ******
To:  AUreporter
Subject:  3ABN & Tithe
Date:  Mon, 23 Jul 2007 10:39:10 -0400

Hello Brother Joy!

Just a quick note to mention something I was surprise to hear yesterday on 3ABN. I don't watch much anymore – but had it on for a few minutes during a break from yesterday's busy activities. 3ABN Live was on with many of the staff sharing stories. John Lomacang told an extended story about a trip through Bermuda and a viewer he met who asked tons of questions. A few minutes later Danny told of a lady who was convicted to send 3ABN her tithe and received a blessing within 30 minutes after writing the check. As he mentioned receiving the tithe – as he realized he said tithe – he then fumbled for words and changing it to "her tithe and offering" and later just "her offering." Many of us have suspected supporting / independent ministries accept tithe despite their official stance. So it was interesting to hear him admit it on this "live" program. (I was watching the rebroadcast on Sunday.)

I mentioned once to you that I don't participate in forums so I thought I would share this with you for what it's worth...

Thanks again for your heart for Truth.

Given the fact that the program over and over again talked about viewers sending in money, the obvious question reading such a letter puts into a viewer's mind is, If I send 3ABN my tithe, what sort of miracle will God give me?

Perhaps you have seen preachers of other faiths promote the idea that if you send them your money, God will shower down miracles, blessings, and riches upon you.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if you send 3ABN your tithe, some of it will help cover the expenses of the lawsuit 3ABN and Danny filed against Gailon Joy and Bob Pickle. But if that occurs, based on what Danny said on the air on February 15, 2007, whatever goes to cover his portion of the legal expenses might not be tax deductible.

A Concerned 3ABN Supporter Notes the Same

If we read the following correctly, the individual who sent it has appeared on 3ABN, and had a 3ABN revocable trust. Their concerns started long before Joy, Pickle, and Save3ABN came along.

Notice their reaction to Danny's calling the lady's tithe an offering.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  ******
To:  Bob
Subject:  3ABN accepts Tithe
Date:  Fri, 27 Jul 2007 20:05:15 EDT

For many years I have appreciated the ministry of 3ABN, and felt it a privilege to offer programming to be shared with its audience. I have been a worker for over 20 years at Health and Education centers which are ASI members in good standing. My husband and I have had concerns over the past few years before ever seeing the facts presented on We had trust funds with 3ABN but did not see our way clear to keep them there. When we tried to have them returned, we felt unduly pressured by Leonard Westphal to keep the funds with 3ABN.

On the recent 3ABN LIVE program, Danny Shelton was reading an e-mail stating that the folk had not paid their tithe in years and were sending it to 3ABN ... but by the end of the email he had reinterpreted it to be merely an "offering." This was a blatant lie right on LIVE T.V. My understanding was that "supporting ministries" of the SDA church, and members of ASI do not knowingly receive tithe.

We believe that 3ABN is one of the greatest tools in evangelism. For it to succeed, there must be honesty and sacrifice. Our belief is that it would be best for Danny Shelton to totally step out of the ministry in order to really save it. We are praying to this end.



7/19/2007: Lady Blessed for Sending Tithe to 3ABN

Watch the segment in question from the July 19, 2007, 3ABN Live for yourself.

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7/19/2007: Hints About and Appeals for Money

Here are 10 segments from the same broadcast. Financial needs are great at 3ABN.

Please note the special plug for mass distribution of Danny Shelton's book, Ten Commandments Twice Removed. The more you buy, the more royalties Danny can earn.

Warning: "3ABN is a non-denominational ... ministry which is not ... affiliated with ... any specific church, denomination, or organization. ... Shelton and 3ABN have worked tirelessly to ... spread its unique, non-denominational ... message" (statement by 3ABN & Danny Shelton in United States District Court).

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7/19/2007: Danny Advertises About the Internet

Despite all the efforts Danny Shelton has made to silence concerned individuals out on the internet, despite all the massive legal expenses involved in such attempts, he still provides the concerned with free advertising on his global TV broadcasts. (Here are three segments from the same broadcast.)

But Danny, are you really sure that what you are saying on this clip is true, that your "good" works can take the place of repentance, and that Seventh-day Adventist preachers who are concerned about open sin in 3ABN's camp should just be quiet?

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