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Dr. Walt Thompson Admits: Danny Told Him

"The Allegations Are 30 Years Old"

But They Clearly Aren't

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In the fourth email below we have the first of Walt's statements that brought on the current crisis.

Bob: "3ABN Needs Better Damage Control"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  Walt Thompson
Subject:  [Fwd: Re: Gailons last email to me. "We got a problem"]
Date:  Thu, 23 Nov 2006 09:30:06 -0600

Hi Walt.

I thought I'd pass along our email interchange to you.

I really think that 3ABN and Danny need better damage control, and have felt that way since being told by a major 3ABN player in August, simply because I was asking questions, that I was "led of the pits of hell" and was "one sick puppy."

Danny's replies below illustrate yet again the need for better damage control. Tommy has had these allegations hanging over his head for years, and if he has ever been cleared, Danny won't say. And if anything is in the works to either prove or disprove these allegations, Danny won't say. "I will refrain from answering your questions at this time."

Yet while he can't bring himself to answer simple questions, he has no problem whatsoever digging up dirt and using it to attack others with, as he makes clear below.

This sort of PR and damage control approach, it's beyond me.

The whole situation comes across as if the more allegations there are, the more the one alleged to have done wrong ends up in the limelight. That's the appearance when Tommy is featured so prominently at rallies and at the MAP Seminar. And that appearance is not helpful to the mission and prosperity of 3ABN.

If 3ABN is going to prosper in the years to come, there needs to be a drastic change in PR and damage control.

God bless.


Walt: "ASI Has Advised Us Not to Answer Questions"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Walt Thompson
To:  Bob
Subject:  Re: [Fwd: Re: Gailons last email to me. "We got a problem"]
Date:  Thu, 23 Nov 2006 13:30:48 -0600

Hi Bob,

ASI has advised us to discontinue communication with our accusers while they are working. I will wait for the process to occur before commenting futher.

Walter Thompson MD

Bob: "Are People Who Ask Questions 'Accusers'?"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  Walt Thompson
Subject:  Re: Gailons last email to me. "We got a problem"
Date:  Thu, 23 Nov 2006 14:18:36 -0600

Hi Walt.

I would imagine that folks who have a few questions would not be called "accusers," and thus I wonder if you might have a few comments about the propriety of putting Tommy in the limelight before the allegations against him get resolved. It just doesn't seem wise to me.

I was talking to a conference official the other day, and they said that anyone who knows about the allegations regarding Tommy who doesn't report them to the proper authorities could be in trouble. I certainly don't want to get into any kind of legal trouble, and so I'm wondering if these allegations were ever reported to the authorities? To whom and when?

Hope your Thanksgiving is going well.


Walt: "The Allegations Are 30 Years Old"

Walt says below that the allegations are 30 years old and that Tommy apologized. Problem is that at least part of that can't possibly be true.

Walt claims that the 3ABN board knew all the facts. Did they really? Walt's later letter indicates otherwise.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Walt Thompson
To:  Bob
CC:  Danny Shelton
Subject:  Re: Gailons last email to me. "We got a problem"
Date:  Fri, 24 Nov 2006 08:26:23 -0600

Dear Bob,

The allegations against Tommy were made about 30 years ago. They were reported to the proper authorities. No physical actions ever occured. Tommy appologized to the kids and offered recompence. The DA said there was no case. No restrictions were ever imposed. Tommy is employed by 3abn with full board approval, knowing the facts. The author of a book, "These kind don't change, do they?" was interviewed on 3abn recently. You may wish to purchase that book and read itl (The sad thing about this is that the ones who are loudest in spreading falsehood know this, yet continue to agitate and keep the fires burning.)

Jesus said, he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone. I would echo Jesus statements today. All of us at 3abn are human. All have sinned. But, thank God, He forgives and uses our fallings as stimulants to make us grow. 3ABN is in the work of healing broken people, but we too are still in a sense broken. Almost every employee has a record they would not be proud of. Yet, Got takes great pleasure in accomplishing His purposes on earth by people just such as us. No where in the Bible are there examples of people who have fallen who have suffered the wrath of God who have confessed their sins and learned from their mistakes. Yet, for the past almost 3 years 3abn has been bombarded with lies and insinuations. Of course, we know where they come from, and we know that no one ever wins when he enters argument with the devil. Therefore, we have tried to let the Lord fight our battles. We have resisted the temptation to take on the battle ourselves and I am sure have sometimes said too much or too little, but never the less, know in our hearts that we have taken the high road in this battle. Attorneys that have looked at the evidence agree full heartedly. While not everyone may agree with the decisions we have made, we have continued to rejoice with the blessing of our Lord.

Yes, it is wearing. I can only thank God for giving Danny the strength of faith and health to hang on as he has done. I am sure it is only by God's amazing grace that this has occured. And I must thank our faithful viewers and supporters who by their prayers of intercession have joined the powers of heaven in this battle.

You speak of the need for damage control. Please place yourself in Danny's shoes for just one day and try to imagine how you would respond. Then imagine being the source of bombardment day after day, seemingly unendingly. It has not been easy. Danny is a fighter. Without his determination and resiliency, this ministry would have been taken down long ago. I have no doubt that God chose Danny for this task, recognizing that all of our greatest strengths are sometimes also our greatest weaknesses. Yes, I know he sometimes would be better off to keep quiet, let the Lord fight his battles and relax, but that is not always easy. Most of all is the difficulty of knowing when to speak and when to be silent. God told ancient Israel that they should wait upon the Lord and He would fight their battles, but I find it interesting that they still had to go into battle and fight - Gideon is the classic example. While God took the battle into His own hands, Israel was called to do it's part before God could do His thing. Rather than faulting Danny for his tendencies to defend himself, I find I must lift him up in prayer.

You propse to me "that folks who have a few questions would not be called 'accusers." This would ordinarily be true, but when in battle for long periods of time, even good soldiers sometimes develop shell shock. When "friends" turn out to be enemies over and over again, one soon "learns" that he can trust no one. A number of e mails and letters that I have written as private responses have appeared on the Internet forums, "spun" to fit the desire of the "friend" who placed them there.

Thanks for your interest,

Walter Thompson MD

Gailon: "Where Is ASI's Impartiality?"

Gailon points out two indications that ASI is not being impartial:

  1. They are advising Danny and Walt not to answer questions, something one's lawyer might say.
  2. Attorney Harold Lance approached Linda Shelton on November 12 through an intemediary, GW, something a lawyer would do if he was representing the other side.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
To:  Bob, Walt Thompson
CC:  Linda Shelton, Harold Lance, Esq
Subject:  Re: "We have a serious problem"
Date:  Fri, 24 Nov 2006 15:40:56 +0000

I am beginning to believe that the entire process proposed by ASI is an attempt to whitewash the issue. Why would ASI be giving any advise to 3ABN and if they are, then where is the impartiality?

This would clearly explain why Harold Lance opted to use an intermediary to approach Linda, rather than approach her himself.

Unless Harold Lance specifically denies these allegations and the ASI "adviser" properly identified, there is little value in this approach.

Smells too high heaven!!! Very disappointing!!!

And remember who the original accusers were here- Danny & 3ABN!!! Wouldn't be here today if 3ABN had done it's job properly on all the issues.

Gailon Arthur Joy

Bob: "I See Discrepancies"

Before Walt's information can be scattered about, a few clarifications are needed:

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Bob
To:  Walt Thompson
Subject:  Re: Gailons last email to me. "We got a problem"
Date:  Fri, 24 Nov 2006 12:02:03 -0600

Thanks very much for your reply, Walt.

[Note: I wrote the following reply before getting two emails from Gailon, and so I want to add this brief note to reassure you: Gailon is NOT getting a blind copy of my reply because, though it may correct false information he has, a few details need to be clarified before it will be effective, and my reply would best not be forwarded hither and yon without those clarifications. No one is getting a blind copy of this reply.]

It is the kind of information that you have provided that is most helpful. I first heard about these allegations around August, and this is the first I've heard that there have not been new allegations for the last 30 years, that no physical actions occurred, and that Tommy apologized. Of course, this puts things in a different light, and it is this kind of information that can go a long ways towards squelching rumors.

And squelching rumors and criticisms is what I like to do. For example, there was a rumor accusing Melody of getting married the day after her new husband's divorce was final, and I was able to verify that his divorce was actually final a year before, and was able to squelch that rumor.

I am a little puzzled about a couple inconsistencies I see. Why in 2003 was it recommended to Tommy by letter sent to you that he issue written apologies when he had already apologized? And if he apologized, how can it also be true that one of the Church of God churches he pastored became split over the issue, some folks taking his side and some folks taking the side of the alleged victims, and that after one of his staunchest supporters died, her son came forward and told his story?

It's possible that the person associated with that congregation was just pulling my leg in giving me these details that make it appear that Tommy did not apologize, and that possibility only appears in light of the information you have given. But on an issue as important as this one I just want to make sure I've got the correct picture. Do you have a suggestion on how to harmonize these two different accounts?

In that 2003 letter you were invited to make contact with some of the alleged victims, their families, and the two associations that had given Tommy his credentials. Of these individuals and parties, how many did you actually contact? I ask that just to verify that the source of your information regarding apologies and no physical actions was not just one-sided. If both sides told you that that was the way it was, then that has to be the way it was, and I can then better use this information to put a halt to some of the rumors circulating out there.

Another possible question might be, if there have not been any new allegations for 30 years, why would the 2003 letter ask Tommy to apologize to the congregation in Virginia where I think he was still pastoring in 1999?

One last, simple request. I can relate to your shell shocked analogy. I think everyone at some point must feel that way. After Hal Steenson told me I was "led of the pits of hell," was "one sick puppy," needed "to get a life," was "sick," and needed "to be born again," and then repeatedly threatened to call security at ASI simply because I was asking a few questions privately in a way that no one else could hear, I tried to excuse his unbecoming behavior by saying that he must have been having a bad day, and must be under strain because of all the attacks. But then when I've gotten no reply whatsoever to my emails asking respectfully and kindly for an apology, when I've gotten no apology whatsoever after asking for one via Joe O'Brien and John Lomacang, and after discussing the matter with Elder Denslow, every month that goes by it becomes increasingly difficult to justify his unbecoming behavior in this way.

It's this kind of thing that is a real problem. Jesus said, "Agree with your adversary quickly while you are in the way." By no stretch of the imagination could I be characterized as an adversary when I chatted with Hal at ASI. If we are to agree quickly with our adversaries, how much more readily with our friends?

So my simple request is that you ask Hal, when opportunity arises, to apologize to me for the insults and threats he gave at ASI.

I have two more issues that trouble me a bit, but this is long enough, and so I'll close for now.

God bless, and have a good Sabbath.


When Walt Thompson finally did answer these questions, it was a shocker.

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