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Round Four: Harold Lance

Reply to Bob Pickle

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Due to the abrogation of the confidentiality agreement by Harold Lance, the following communication is provided for your perusal.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Harold Lance
To:  Bob
Subject:  Thanks for your note of response
Date:  Sun, 17 Dec 2006 09:09:44 -0800

Good morning Bob:


Thank you for addressing my question of the Biblical base of the process as being essentially a Mathew !8 effort. IN my round three note I made reference to how Jesus dealt with several(Judas, Simon, Mary M, and the woman at the well) people that he really "had the goods on" because of his divine insight. He was very careful not to spread the embarrassing facts to the others close by. I was trying to suggest that concept to your team. I truly have no knowledge of the true facts or a predetermined outcome on any of the issues or we (ASI) are attempting to resolve.

We are concerned that in the determinations made by 3ABN that the process may not have been complete, that information that should have been considered was not, that from what may have been a flawed conclusion against LS and that other inappropriate actions relating to employment and Church status were taken. On the other hand what was done may have been entirely appropriate. We don't know, but there perceptions out there that makes our process important. We believe there is a very logical connection between those issues and 3ABNs membership in ASI. There are several possible outcomes that could impact on their membership. None of the other issues under discussion relate in that way.

I suppose what troubles me personally is the tone of the efforts against 3ABN and its' leadership. There is a willingness to equate rumor with fact. Forget for a moment the methods of how Christ dealt with the guilty, even the civil process guarantees the accused the presumption of innocence that requires proof in a court before conviction. That seems to be absent here. I realize how strongly you folks feel your position is grounded in fact. But it may just not hold up as well as you think. On the issues ASI has agreed to address it is clear that ALL sides think they are right. The fact is that is not true, someone is WRONG.

I looked over your 3 memos(12 2-4 ) to me in response to "round three". You are right you did not mention ascending liability, in fact no one did, except myself as I grouped the issues of both you and Greg on the TS matter. In both your December 4 and 6 memos you did discuss information relating to a concern over the conference academy move to Thompsonville making for a potentially dangerous situation and expressed concern over the "interconnectedness" of the Church and 3ABN. Those concerns I believe relate to ascending liability issues. Greg wrote more directly his concerns on the conference "getting stuck" for 3ABN activities. Based upon the present information I have seen, if it's all true, there could be no ascending liability to the Church. Obviously, if the presently asserted information is true and new facts are built onto it liability could attach. But that is a lot of speculation.

There was a visitor yesterday from our community in the SS class I teach. He had been a patient in the local SDA hospital recently and was visited by a volunteer lay chaplain. He is a frequent viewer of 3ABN on the local cable hookup. This is a frequent occurrence in SDA Churches. Their impact is significant. It is important that they are properly operated, but there could well be a mistake of throwing the baby out with the bathwater too.



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