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Round Four: Gregory Matthews

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Due to the abrogation of the confidentiality agreement by Harold Lance, the following communication is provided for your perusal.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Gregory Matthews
To:  Harold Lance, Linda Shelton, G. Arthur Joy, Bob Pickle
Subject:  RE: What's happening? No one said it would be easy
Date:  Sat, 16 Dec 2006 05:03:40 -0700

Let me correct a misunderstanding:

I do not believe that Bob has ever advocated "ascending liability." I seem to be the one who advocated that. Actually I did not but due to a failure to communicate clearly, it appears that I was perceived to have advocated such. My position is, and has been:

  1. If allegations should arise in the future against TS both 3-ABN and/or the IL Conference potentially place themselves in a position of liability for a failure to exercise due prudence in protecting children today due to past allegations made against him in the past, of which both the IL Conference and 3-ABN have been informed. Yes, I am not an attorney. But, I have discussed this position with those who are attorneys. I have been told that my position is legally correct.

  2. I do not now, and I have never taken the position that either 3-ABN, or the IL Conference, had any liability for any conduct of TS during a time when he was not employed by 3-ABN. However, it appears that I was not clear in my statement of my position, and that others have thought that I was saying what I did not intend to say. I apologize for my failure to communicate what I intended to communicate.

Gregory Matthews

P.S. Who is Art? I guess Art is Mr. Joy. O.K.

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