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Round Four: Gailon Joy

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Due to the abrogation of the confidentiality agreement by Harold Lance, the following communication is provided for your perusal.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
To:  Harold Lance
CC:  Linda Shelton
Subject:  Re: December 6 posting msg to 3ABN BOD members
Date:  Fri, 15 Dec 2006 00:14:40 +0000

Answers in Red:


An ASI Board member forwarded fyi what purports to be a message from you addressed to several 3ABN board members re mis management of 3ABN, Tommy Shelton removal etc.

Answer: We are still working on the language for a response but in summary will remind you that it is either 3ABN, you and/or ASI that has limited your jurisdiction to the marriage, remarriage, et siq. We have a firm belief that there are several issues that have been brought to the boards attention at various points that have been inappropriately handled or ignored. If ASI has opted out, and they clearly have, then there should be little concern by ASI as we continue to address those issues. Or maybe their should be plenty of concern, but not concern over the messenger but rather the content of the message.Wouldn't that be different!!!

I am also a firm believer that an educated constituency, just like an educated electorate, is the best guarantee that administrations will be accountable, open and transparent.As you know, I would like to see 3ABN all the above.

Also included was a copy of Bob's recent message to Ron Debbie and myself. Was this your message sent by you December 6.

Answer: Probable, but the URL would be the proper determinate...I would be happy to ratify that by sending one if you have their e-mail address. Why would that be of concern to you?

Is it your belief that we can proceed with consideration of the process with ASI while continuing this kind of interchange?

Answer: Let me reiterate, someone on your side has made it clear that ASI is limiting it's jurisdiction to the marriage, remarriage, et siq. We are not going to discontinue our probe and walk away from the other 22 issues you have identified that we have because ASI is hand-cuffed... something I am sure 3ABN would clearly prefer. In fact we have an e-mail from Danny that makes it clear he is only willing to put his eggs in one basket, believing that if he can get by the marriage issue then he is exonerated on all other issues. Pardon my paranoia but I am deeply concerned that any process that is not open and transparent and within 3ABN's sphere of influence could be "problematic" and spun by Danny and co any which way to sunday in much the same way he torpedoed Nicholas Miller when challenged within the board. If the 3ABN board would like to expand the mandate to ASI we would consider that, but given your stated position I do not believe they would be approached effectively.

However it would probably make better sense that the 3ABN board just meet with us and we can spell out to them what the issues are, they can answer our questions and we can explain our perception and why we feel so firmly it is time for a change. We would be happy to do so, but they have not seen fit to do that with us or several others. ANd if they had, again, you and I would not be talking. In fact, I would be happy to include Linda and Alyssa so they can finally hear the other side and query them, within reason. And if you wanted to be there and referee, I am sure that would also make good sense. Then the panel would be only a necessary alternative if they feel it essential to determine the marriage issues. (of course that may be better left to BRI) Now that's a process that would make good sense and we would consider -backing off- if they would continue to answer our questions so we can be fully prepared for such a meeting. That would require they be forthcoming with "the evidence" so we can plainly and appropriately answer their allegations and correct their view of some of this trash they have been fed. And isn't this what they should have done two and one half years ago regarding the marriage?? And again with Miller over a year ago?? And regarding the remarriage issue in January 2006???

That approach would allow us to put aside this positioning and bantering regarding "the process" and just sit down across the table, the way men ought to, discuss the issues and ask them to investigate themselves and take the proper steps to eliminate the "issues" that will plague them over the next six months or so. ASI can mediate such a discussion but there cannot be a time limit, and if it takes us three days, so be it.If it takes thirty days so be it. I just want to see the board act responsibly and actually pro-actively and not just accept the word and dictates of Danny Shelton. I just have never heard of a Chairman of the Board being afraid of the officers. Downright ludicrous in my opinion.

3ABN is an important ministry and our purpose can be summed as simply as "remove the tumor" but keep the patient alive and well. We are committed to that process and if you find that unpalatable or unacceptable in some way, then once again we simply disagree.

If this concept appeals to you, let me know as soon as possible and save me a whole lot of typing in our response to -round three-.


Thanks in advance for your guidance.


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